The JOY of Christmas!

Besides my crazy obsession with health and fitness, I have an equal passion for beautiful and inspiring music.  As Christmas approaches my heart is reminded of the REAL meaning of Christmas!  Take a break from the holiday rushing and festivities and enjoy two of my favorite Christmas videos this season and #sharethegift.

February outfits

Hi!!!  It’s the end of another month and I wanted to quick post the last 4 church outfits I’ve worn.  This month I had no color theme.  I think I’ll do that in March though, it was more fun!!  Cheers to GREEN for March!  Sorry if some of the pictures are whacked.  My favorite camera bit the dust and I’ve been using other methods that aren’t as good.


photo 3



I still need to post my 7 WEEKS TO BUFF program!  It will start on Monday and I’m looking forward to hitting it hard.  Several of my friends are going to do it with me too.  Just in time to get my arms in super sexy shape for short sleeves!  Check back Monday!!  I have lots of workout ideas and a HUGE list of smoothies and healthy treats to post!!  It was soooooooooo nice today that I had to vacumn and wash my car inside and out!  Today is the warmest it has been in a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG time!!!

Happy Dr. Suess day too!!  I LOVE Dr. Suess!  We’ll be reading several of his books today!

Be_who_you_are_and_say_what_you_feel_because_those_who_mind_don_large. You'll Miss the Best Things-01

Color me Christmas

Today I’ve been thinking about the color I want through my new house!  I’ve always loved interior design and I took several classes in college.  I’m not an expert at all, but I love putting colors together.  Soooo, my SITES topic today will be a few ideas for my house and my POWER TIP has to do with a very relaxing and desirable Christmas moment!!!

The four places I’ve been thinking of to decorate first in my house are the OUTSIDE, ENTRYWAY, GREAT ROOM, AND KITCHEN!  Here is an example of the colors I’d like for each one:

Gray house, yellow door. Not sure of the white, I might want to use cedar pillars.

Light gray entryway with white trim, flowers of purple with lots of greenery.

My sea and sun family room! Pale blue walls with orange accent decor.

White or antique white cabinets, wood floor. Yellow and Green decor

Easier shown than done!!  I’ll have to post pictures when we get in of the before and after shots!  We have a hallway to the bedrooms that I’ll probably paint a light yellow.  It’s the sunny side of the house and I think it would make it look so warm and bright.

Now, a change of thoughts.  First of all, I have a confession.  My KILLER dinner and dessert last night did me in.  I CHEATED big time!!  I think I made way too much food and I felt like I had to EAT it!!  So, two days into my diet plan and I failed.  I’m human.  So, I will add one more day to my GOAL and this time I will not give in!  HA!

As for my GREAT tip of the day.  Have a BETTER ATTITUDE!  This is for moi!  I know I come across as sooo positive and sooo upbeat.  Ha, I’m really NOT!!!  Just kidding.  I usually am.  I did make a negative Christmas comment this morning and realized I need a better attitude.  I thought of the BEST Christmasy moment I could think of.  Imagine a soft couch in front of a wood burning fireplace, a strand of Christmas lights above the mantel and a few candles.  A beautifully lit Christmas tree to the side and a little Harry Connick Jr. or Michael Buble Christmas music playing in the background.  *NICE*  Oh, and a view out the window of light snow falling.  Beautiful and Spectacular!

Have a GREAT football day!  Hope the boys WIN!


Well, I had great intentions of several exciting posts this weekend and it did not happen.  I don’t usually like to expound on my busyness but I think I have maxed myself out to about 99.9% capacity this weekend.  My brain is tired and I still have 3 more Halloween parties next week.  That doesn’t even include each classroom Halloween party that each of my kids have.  Hurt me.

Biggest surprise of the weekend was this:

Ha ha!  I love the scale.  I’m going against all trendy fitness mantras.  I’m not a secret anorexic either.  In fact, the day before I weighed myself I didn’t even exercise and I ate a slice of pizza and 2 slices of chocolate chip banana bread!  What a diet!  I did however run 9 miles the morning of my weigh in!  Either way, I did not cheat.  I let go of the counter and even jumped on the scale 3 times.  It did not change!  So….I didn’t have to send my hot pink “barbie” shoes back.  The girls at church nicknamed them barbie shoes!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to this POST!

Lately I’ve been eating crazy healthy all week and having a 24 hour eat whatever I want break on the weekend!  For the last 3 weeks it’s been great.  I don’t know why I have to binge because I feel disgusting every time, but it’s working.  7 sugar cookies for dinner is what I’m talking about!

Here is my power tip for the week.  Find 1 goal you’d like to work on for the week and DO IT!!!  Whether it be get to bed at 10 p.m., run 3 days a week, eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, tell your kids you love them and give them a big hug every day, whatever!!  It’s not so overwhelming when you choose ONE goal for ONE week to improve on.  See if you can do it 6 out of the 7 days!  You’ll feel so proud of yourself and be happier that you accomplished something important to you!!

Spiritual thought for this great day.  I was driving today and witnessed a most inspiring sunset to the west and then I noticed to the east the moon rising over the mountain.  I didn’t know how to take a picture of both of them at the same time, but it was a beautiful gift to see.

Enjoy this peaceful song that I love.  I’m teaching the girls in my church several of the Jenny Phillips songs.  They are exceptional!  I couldn’t decide which one to put on here.  Look up a few others if you’d like.

Lighthouse in the Night, Fit for His Kingdom, and Light Keeper.

Goodnight and sweet dreams *


Body fat test, Pinterest, Tips

Today for my SPT day I’m going to talk about STATS (namely my weight and body fat), post a couple pics. from my health and fitness page on Pinterest, and share a few Tips on how to have a GREAT day!!!

First of all, I’m giving me an A- or B+ for my weight loss goal.  Today I weighed 132 (I’m not going to mention 129 in this blog ever again unless I weigh myself one day and it just happens to be 129!)  I probably would have been 130 if I could have RAN!!!  I must have a few serious muscle tears in my quads because I STILL can’t walk down the stairs without them painfully tightening up.  Next week will be an easy week for me!  I WAS pleasantly surprised about my BODY FAT %.  I thought I would be 19 or 20 and the results came out to be %17.4!!!  That made me SMILE (:  I liked having it done.  It was fast and pretty easy, minus the fact you have to blow all your air out, hold really still, and then sit under water until you feel like you’re going to die!  Either way it increased my MOTIVATION to keep eating healthy and exercising hard.  I’d like to have it tested on a regular basis for awhile, maybe every 3 months.  I’m glad my friend suggested to have it done or I wouldn’t have done it!

Second, 2 sayings and healthy bods from my Pinterest page.  Sorry the first one is so small!

Love the move and love the outfit!!  I think I’ll do a few of those today!

Lastly, my “How to have a lovely day” tips.  Another one I might add is to not procrastinate.  I’ve put off too many things this week and today I need to get busy.  

Have a Happy, Lovely, and Magical weekend!

8 lbs. in 27 days to skinny jeans

Hi and Happy Saturday!  Lots of happy things to report today.  Saturday is my SPT (Sites and Power Tips) day (:  I was going to do a blurb on Roma (I say that with a rolled R) because that place was incredible! I have several work to do today so I’ll save that for another day AND I was really wanting to post that I weighed 1-3-0 today!  Eating healthy and exercising DOES work!

The day after I came home from our Europe trip I weighed 138.  8 lbs. lost in less than a month!!  I still have 1 more to go and yes I’ll have to wait a week to put on my hot pink sandals.  This is a side note, but this will be the next pair I might need!  Country Outfitter, cool website and TONS of the best cowboy boots!  Reasonable prices too!

Back to losing 8 lbs.  Here are a FEW vital tips!!!

  • Set a reasonable goal with a date and write it down.

  • Make an action plan.  For me this is usually eating super healthy all week with a few treats on the weekend (:

  • EXERCISE!!!!  Lift weights, do cardio, and SWEAT like crazy 6 days a week.  You’ll feel happier too!  It’s my natural high!

  • Stop eating after 7:00 p.m.  No brainer, you eat less.

  • Drink a TON of water!  Kinda gross, but you should drink so much that your pee is light light yellow.

  • NEVER give up!!  If you have a major “I can’t control myself” binge.  Start over strong the next day!!!

Last point to make about weighing yourself.  You should weigh yourself once a week, first thing in the morning and at the same time each week.  This will give you the most accurate weight.  One can easily fluctuate 5 lbs from day to day!  I also like to weigh myself after a HARD workout.  I know it’s water loss, but if that’s the time I weigh every week the number still ought to be right.  Today for example, I ran to the gym (2 miles) did a BODY COMBAT class and ran home.  Lots of cardio and water loss.  I’ll still take 130.  In a few days I’ll get to 129.

Today was a fun football day for my boys!!!  I was in charge of our biggest kid.  It was one of the best games of the season and that doesn’t have anything to do with he got the winning TOUCHDOWN!

Here’s the team warming up.  They practiced right in front of me as I sat in my warm car!  The final score was 23-19!

Me and my not so little duffer!

Happy to be in my skinny jeans and red boots!  Notice my son’s GIANT feet too.  I think he’s a size 11 or so.  We say his feet are skis!  It’s cool to have BIG feet (:  He’s so worried that they won’t stop growing and he’s dying to be taller than me!!  HA! HA!!

Enjoy your day and don’t stress over the busi”ness”.  Everyone’s busy and life is good!!  Make Life Happy!

I am pretty.









Yesterday we went to the High School football game.  Dressed up with ponytails and makeup my girls jumped out of the car.  My oldest daughter who is 11 looked at her reflection in a car window and said, “Mom, I’m so pretty.”  My first reaction was, “You can’t say that.  You should be more humble.  Please don’t say that to your friends.”

I turned around to look at my girls and my younger, 7 year old daughter looked up at me with her sweet smile and said, “Mom, I’m pretty too!”  My heart softened as I looked into the eyes of both my girls and said, “Yes, you are!”  I was glad they thought they were pretty!

Our world is full of constant criticism, you’re not good enoughs, what’s that on your face, why can’t you be like so and so, you need to try harder, comb your hair, and….be someone else.  My daughters are pure, innocent, and beautiful.  I want them to always know they are pretty inside and out!  As they get older, I don’t want the media or friends to effect how they hold their shoulders back and lift their heads up.  I want to teach them confidence in themselves and that they don’t need to look or be like anyone else.  They are their own BEAUTIFUL!  It’s o.k. to feel good and like the way you look.  To be humble, you don’t need to put yourself down or compare your weaknesses with another’s strengths.  Love and embrace who your are.   Be YOU and remember you are PRETTY!!


The Best of the Best

Many of the places we saw on our trip were amazing and beautiful.  I’ve pinpointed a few of my VERY favorites.  I know they are the BEST of the BEST because I would fly back around the world to visit them again!  One of those places was CINQUE TERRE, ITALY.  I knew nothing of this hidden and spectacular land.  It is 5 small cities along the northwestern coast of Italy.  We took a train from Nice, France to San Remo, Italy and then rented a car.  We drove for several hours along a windy, narrow highway that climbed through mountains and tunnels.  When we arrived at our “hotel”.  I can’t really say it was a hotel.  It felt more like a quaint bed and breakfast.  It was incredible.  Small cottages were built on the side of the mountain among grape vines.  We had to climb down a hundred stairs or so to get to our little abode.  Here is the view from our window.

This is me on the main road in front of the hotel!  The place felt like the seaside hotel from the movie Mamma Mia.

We for sure did not give ourselves enough time here.  We hiked all day between villages.  It’s all up and down along paths and stairs.  It was hot.  We took several shots along the way.


This guy ran a very successful business selling fresh lemonade along a steep part of the trail.  We were very grateful for the cool drink!!  We hiked till the evening and ate dinner on the pier in Vernazza.  About a year ago this area was hit by torrential rains and floods.  Several people died and they received very serious damage.  Many pictures of the aftermath and clean up effort were displayed throughout parts of the city.  I was amazed at how the villages and people overcame the disaster so well.  We saw very little effects from the storm.  After dinner we walked up a steep hill to our car.  It was pitch black, the stars were out, and we could hear the waves of the Mediterranean Sea crashing against the rocks.  Breathtaking and a definite “I love this moment” feeling.  Such a sweet and short time we were there.  I WILL return someday!!

Today was a perfect trail run for me and my friends too.  I’ll have to post pictures on Monday.  We were in awe and saying “Look at that” on every turn as we admired the fall leaves.  We caught them at the perfect time.  My body is a little creaky and sore now from the 11 miles.  It was so pretty.  Our theme for the day was, “This is the best day of my life!”

Tip for the day!  Make each day the best day of your life!



300 sit ups and 3 ways to keep you motivated!

Here are a few of my favorite motivators:

Pictures of Healthy People

Clothes that I feel good in

Positive comments from others 

  Here is an example of one of my favorite healthy pictures!

Today I tried an AB challenge.  I wrote that I’d do 1000 sit ups the other day.  This morning, I had 10 minutes so I thought I’d see how many I could do.  I did 300, but I finished around 11 1/2 minutes.  Very fun!  I’ll get to 1000 someday.

This quote makes me happy too!  Have a wonderful weekend!!

Class of ’92

Today is SATURDAY STATS and SENTIMENTS day!!  I was looking through some old letters and came across some measurements that I’d recorded of my body from March 1995.  I was 21 yrs. old.  I don’t really measure myself that often, but now I was curious to see the difference!  So, here it is:


5’7″ 130 lbs.

Chest 32, Waist 26, Hips 36, Thighs 20


5’7″ 132 lbs.

Chest 35, Waist 27, Hips 35, Thighs 21, Calves 14, Biceps 10

I saw this photo of a chick that is around my size that made me think of my measurements.  However, I don’t want the 13 inch biceps!

So, there you have it!  I actually like my body better now than I did in high school.  Go figure!  Speaking of HIGH SCHOOL, tonight is my 20 year high school reunion.  I rolled back the time in my mind and tried to think of a few thoughts from my teenage years.  Looking back, I have a different perspective.  I tell the many young people around me how fast time flies.  Enjoy each and every day!  Laugh, live, try new things, learn, work, and PLAY HARD!!!  You are OLD for a LOT OF YEARS!!  Don’t wish away your youth!  So, here are a few pics from the PAST!!

My cute little Sentra I drove!

Friends Forever!

Class of ’92!

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