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HELLO!!!  Happy happy day!  August 1st is here!  From today on, I will be naming my posts by what day I’m on in my 100 day goal of NO SUGAR!!!  I will not be eating white bread, candy, desserts, treats, ice cream, or anything on a box that has more than 6 grams of sugar per serving.  YIPPEE!!!  Another great thing about me is when someone tells me I CAN’T DO SOMETHING, I want to DO IT EVEN MORE!!  Stick around till about the 1st week of November and you’ll see my end results.

O.K!!!  Yesterday’s run entered my list of TOP FIVE runs!!!  I’m so glad because it was on the exact race course I’ll be running in September.  My SWEET little running POSSEE ran 14 miles down BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON!!  It was breathtaking!!  Mountains huge on both sides, a beautiful stream following alongside the road, and the morning sky filled with reds, pinks, and purples.  Best of all, I felt great!!  I’m actually not even that sore today and it was some serious downhill!  My yummy icey limeade was waiting for me in the car at the bottom.  I’m glad I have crazy friends to share in this JOY!!  Here’s the awesome pic. that I took at our starting location!


With the start and end of a month, here are my beautimous SUNDAY outfits.  My cute little (not so little anymore) son wanted to be in many of them!  I’ll be back soon with great tips on how to stay sane without sugar!!  Have a happy day!

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