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Rainy 1/2, fitness pal, and birds

Happy MAY!!!  We have sure had a cold and wet month.  It’s almost funny how much it’s been raining around here.  Last week we planted some flowers for an older couple in our neighborhood.  He was so happy and grateful and loved having us there to show off his garden to.  He had irises all along his back fence.  He started cutting them and giving them to me and the girls that were helping me.  I’ve had a vase full of irises all week on my kitchen table!  I’ll have to remember to plant irises and holly hocks along my fence in the backyard!

yellow-tulip-and-purple-iris-bouquet e02d19cbe2d0e6ac3d38e3fceaec61b5Another week has gone by and I’m glad it’s not last week at this time!!!  Number one reason for that was the 1/2 marathon that I ran last Saturday!  Let me be positive first!  Everything around me was beautiful!  The mountains, trees, green, rainbow, canyon, sky, smell, etc…only one MAJOR mother nature issue was the torrential downpour that we ran through the entire time!  I felt good even though I hadn’t ran that slow in years, 2:02.  The energy was great!  Here is ONE pic. that my friend and I took at the end.  We look so happy, but that’s only because we were done!  I ran with a garbage bag the whole time and I’ve never been more soaked.  I was home by 10:00 a.m. and in my steam room.  Heaven!  It always feels good though to run a race.  Major high for me!

IMG_6876After the race I really wasn’t that sore.  My body seemed like it was recovering well so when Monday rolled around and my friends wanted to run our usual 6, I said SURE!  Apparently my body wasn’t recovered because now my right achilles tendon has been bugging me all week.  I should really stay off it, but that’s not possible (:  I started my Jamie Eason 8 week program and I’m happy to say I lifted every day this week!  Back, Chest/Abs, Legs, Bis/Tris/Abs, Shoulders, and tomorrow will be Legs again.  Legs day was killer.  People that think running is enough for your legs, think again.  I hadn’t lifted like that for awhile and I’m still super sore two days later.  You want Carrie Underwood legs, you have to do lunges and squats and a lot of them (:

UnknownMy last exciting fitness topic of the day is I started using MY FITNESS PAL!  Yes I know I’m super slow to get on board with that one!  I have loved it!!!  I am on Day 4 and already down 3 lbs. and only 2 away from my goal.  I want to eat healthier and it holds me accountable.  Check it out!  It’s a FREE and easy app to navigate right on your phone.  I type in my weight each day, everything I eat, and what I do for exercise.  Maybe this will help with my binge problem!

Alrighty, I gotta get packin!  I’m leaving for St. George for a girl weekend with my daughters and their friends.  I guess I’ll just have to lay out by the pool to recover (: I’m making an awesome CD to listen to in the car too.  I’ll end with something small that’s been making me smile lately.  The other day I went to water my hanging baskets and something rustled out of the basket causing flowers and leaves to fall and I noticed a baby bird skitter across my porch and hide behind a flower pot!  I didn’t realize a bird was in the basket!  I peeked inside and noticed two other birds hanging out in there.  I hope the little bird made it back to it’s nest o.k.  Over the next few days I’ve been watching birds flying in and out from under my porch.  They hang out on the chain of our swing and then hop in the baskets. I love my flower garden and I’ve been wanting a bird bath for awhile so the birds would come around and now they’ve decided to visit me anyway!  I’m not sure how I’ll water my baskets, but I know the birds are happy to be out of the rain storms.  Stop and enjoy the little things around you!

IMG_6905 (1)

I tried to take a picture with the birds, but my dogs scare them away.  They understand the word bird and want to chase them!  Last pic was taken last night at my daughter’s choir concert.  Fun and crazy time of year with performances every night!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Keep sticking to the plan and enjoy the golden sunshine!

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