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7 daily health habits

Monday!  The day started off perfect with a beautiful run and a light snowfall.  We have a half marathon this weekend.  I don’t feel ready, but I’ll just keep running!!  It will be a fun girl’s weekend and I saw that the high will be 61 degrees.  Oh heavenly!  I can’t wait!

We had a wonderful weekend!  I wish I had more pictures to share.  Friday night we went to a yummy sushi restaurant.  It was so good.  I tasted every single kind and loved them all.  The only ones I don’t do are the super spicy!   Saturday morning our family had an amazing opportunity to help serve breakfast to the homeless.  We manned a line with even my youngest putting the fork on the tray.  When the doors opened it was nonstop.  We had to move fast!  There were two lines and each one served 300 people.  I felt so humbled and grateful to be able to serve.  The sweetest was watching my 15 year old son smiling and talking to them.  His job was to walk around the tables offering ketchup or salt and pepper and taking trays.  How grateful they were and what a blessing to us.  This will be a once a month tradition!

Sunday, we had our friends over for dinner.  We had the best time!  We’ve got the grilled pizzas down!  Here we are chillin’ after dinner.

securedownload I need to get going on dinner tonight but I need to give an update on the FIT LIFE challenge.  I’m going to have our group of 10 keep track of daily points for 6 weeks. The highest number at the end will win the grand CASH prize (: Here is my list of 7 DAILY HABITS!!!

1-Daily food journal
2-Don’t eat anything with 6 grams of sugar or more per serving.
3-No eating after 8:00 p.m.
4-Five fruits and vegetables every day!
5-Exercise 60 minutes 5 days a week.
6-64-80 ounces of water every day.
7-No more than 2 carbs a day. (1 slice wheat bread, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 c. brown rice, 1/2 c. quinoa, or 1/2 c. oatmeal)
I’m doing well.  Down 2 pounds from last week and I wasn’t really that good.  I need to be down 5 this week (:  I’m a little over achieverish sometimes!  Keep it up!
Here is my new wallpaper for the computer.  I love pink and red.  Valentine’s day is next.  I saw the baseball registration sign up today and it made me so happy!!!  Think Warm Happy thoughts!!!

6 weeks of pure discipline

Hello!  Back to the training world.  Today I started a 6 week program with a great group of ladies.  It’s going to be AWESOME!!  I stayed up late putting everything together and then woke up super early to run…in the cold…then it’s been non stop.  It’s good to keep busy.

This past weekend my sweet amazing friend had a little baby girl.  She worked out like no other during her pregnancy.  She had the greatest attitude and kept healthy the whole 9 months.  So sweet!  I don’t get to hold brand new babies too often! LOVE!!

securedownload-3January is not my favorite month so it’s good life has blasted ahead.  I need to be two people sometimes.  3 kids just started basketball and 3 kids started play practices.  Add my training and much more.  It gets a little crazy.  I’ll be short and sweet today.  Today is MONDAY MENU day and like I tell all my clients, EVERYTHING IS FOOD!!  Consistent exercise and weight training second.  I might give them a treat day once a week…maybe.  Right now, my big food advice is MORE PROTEIN, MORE VEGES!!!  I’m limiting CARBS.  The only carby things allowed are: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice and not that much.  Lots of SALADS and WATER!!!  I’m following the plan as well.  I ate Day 1’s breakfast of 1 egg and 2 egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1/2 apple.


securedownload-2Hold on…I’ll throw in a recipe too.  Cajon Salmon.  Very simple.  Buy frozen atlantic salmon from Costco.  Put fillets in tinfoil.  Drizzle with olive oil and cajon seasoning.  Wrap up and cook in a 500 degree over for 20 minutes!!  YUMM!!  I need to get my family on board with the salmon!

Remember this:


FASHION Friday with a side of hard core WORKOUTS and INSPIRATION

Good good morning!  Happy Friday!  I’ve been a little discombobulated this week with the New Year and kids going back to school on a THURSDAY?  I’ve been getting ready for another personal training session.  Today I need to create my GRAND 6 week diet plan!  We are not messin’ around this time!  I read a statistic that said about 48% of people make New Year’s Resolutions and about 8% keep them.  Well…that just motivated me even more to be the 8%!!  I don’t like to hear it can’t be done.  I have my goals by my bed so I can be reminded of them every day.  Today I have 3 things of interest to me!!  Fashion Friday, Workout Schedule, and WOM.

First, I’m going to have Friday be FASHION FRIDAY day!  Since I kinda like clothes a lot, I should post a different outfit each week.  Some weeks will be workout wear.  Other times I’ll post an everyday outfit or a Sunday outfit.  Whatever I’m in the mood for.  SO…today, this is what I wore to the gym.  My husband picked this out for me.  Lululemon.  Love it!  Only two improvements I would make.  The top needs to be tighter in the middle and a little higher in the neckline.  Other than that, perfecto.photo 1Another great idea with posting photos of me each week is to keep me from cheating on my diets and workouts.  Each week will just get better and better since I am not quitting (:

Second, as soon as the new year rolled over I started thinking about training for my marathon.  I need to get flights booked and plans made!  Here is a marathon schedule I’ve been following for several years now.

0001bnI’m on week 3 right now.  Pretty mild numbers for now.  This will soon change!  Several of my friends are training for different races too so I’ll have lots of company!  I made a rough draft of my new workout schedule.  I’ve been loving weights so much I can’t give them up!

Workout Schedule

 MONDAY-Early AM run/Legs and Shoulders

TUESDAY-Early AM run/My bootcamp class ABS



 FRIDAY-Chest and Tri ABS


O.K. last subject of the day or the month I should say.  I want to have a WORD OF THE MONTH.  One of my favorites came to mind today and that is INSPIRE.


The last couple days I’ve been feeling a little down.  Yesterday, several LIGHTS were given to me to LIFT me up.  Albeit they were small, they were significant to me.  A small thought left for me, an email of love and appreciation from an old friend, and a fun night with my daughter and her friends driving around town with the windows down and the music high.  Working out with my friends this morning also brought a smile and a laugh to me.

Notice the little things around you and remember WHO they are from.  HE knows us and what we need. (: