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Let’s get this PT rollin’

My mind has been a rollin’ lately with starting my own personal training business.  Right now I’m working through a gym, but I’m leaning towards working out of my home.  I’ll start simple with a set of dumbbells and maybe work up to a full gym in my basement!  I know my family would use it!  I’m flattered when people ask me to help them lose weight.  It’s a bit overwhelming when you look on the internet at all the weight loss plans and gizmos out there.  Simple is KEY!  I’ve been able to maintain my weight for years and through pregnancies and getting older (:  It is not easy.  If it was, everyone would be thin and fit!  I’m going to put my life on paper and teach people what I do everyday!

97e1f97f16bf8686cbce4d9e179ccf90I’m going to start out with a 8 week fitness plan.  It will include 3 circuit workouts and 3 cardio workouts a week.  I will share weekly diet plans and recipes.  I’ll give my tips and advice on what I do every day.  Once a week I’ll meet with my clients to go over the weekly workouts and diet plan and track progress.  I believe in losing weight healthily and slowly.  If you follow my plan for 8 weeks, I guarantee you’ll lose 10-20 lbs.  (:

That sounds like an infomercial!  Ha ha!  I believe anyone can get the body they want with hard work and consistency.  It’ll be a GREAT adventure and I hope to help many people reach their fitness goals.  I’m going to follow the plan along with my clients.  Monday, November 4th will be my start date!  Just in time to stay in line for the holidays and be fitter than ever for the new year!

I have no exciting pictures to share today!!  I did make a stop at Lulu to buy a gift for a friend and ended up with 2 new outfits for me!  How did that happen???  (:


My weekly goal this week is to jumprope 1000 times every day!  Sounds fun!

My food goal is to weigh 130 by Halloween morning so I can have a few treats of course!

Train hard and Kick it up a notch!