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Run faster and burning arms and abs workout

Happy 4th!!  I’ve always loved the 4th of July and remember telling myself as a kid that it was my favorite holiday!!  We are leaving for a few days to go up to the mountains!  We’re going with a couple other families.  I’ll be sure to document!  I’ve been a little tired this week.  Yesterday I was going all day at breakneck speed.  Why?  This Manager job of mine is tough in the summer (: Aside from the kids, I push myself.  As always I need to work on more ZZZZ’s.  However, my nutrition plan is engraven in GOLD this go around!!  I’ll give more details on Monday!  Yesterday was our track workout!  Love it!  It was trash the arms and abs day!


Today I’m talking running!!  This morning a group of the BEST ladies in town ran up MY trail (:  We recruited one husband too!  I say mine because when we got there all these cars were already there AND the high school cross country team.  I said to myself, why are so many people on MY trail today??  Some days are easier than others to run up this mountain.  Today was a hard day for me!  I don’t know why and it bugs me.  I like using the Garmin because next time I’ll tweak a few things and push myself to get to the top faster!


Next, for your running pleasure, I created a page of interesting running statistics and INFO.  I have two events coming up!  August we’re hiking Mount Timpanogos.  I’ve wanted to do this for awhile.  I believe it’s 18 miles of heaven (:  Then, in September I’m running a half marathon in Huntsville.  If I’m where I want to be, this will be my best half ever!  Happy amazing 40th year to me!


Well, I’d better be off!  Last photo to share is from the 4th of July 18 years ago when I was a missionary in SPAIN!  Grateful beyond grateful for the U S of A!!  Have a wonderful weekend!




Amp your workout

Well!  I love to amp my workout, but now I can barely lift my arms to type.  I have a couple workouts to share this morning.  My faithful 5:15 a.m. clients showed up this morning a little draggy (:  On Tuesday we went through a pretty EXTREME workout.  I did most of it with them and I’ll say it was a doosy!  Try this one on for size (:

0001wrOne of my clients was especially dizzy and tired so I thought of a supplement that was recommended to me.  It’s a pre-workout drink to boost your energy. I put half a scoop in her water and put 3/4 of a scoop in my water since I was heading to the gym afterwards.  I also made them a THURSDAY TREAT.  Search for GRANOLA BARS on my blog and the recipe will pop up.  I left out the chocolate chips.  They are SOOOOOO yUMMMy!  Anyway!  I went to the gym without much time and cruised through 35 minutes of weights and 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill.  I LOVED this workout drink.  I AM absolutely positive I could feel a difference especially since I was running on 5 1/2 hours of sleep.  NO excuse to start downing caffeine!  I will be better at my sleep, but this drink definitely helped.  I didn’t have to rest as much and I could lift heavier and quicker.  Loved it!!  Here’s a PIC!!  It’s called C4.  It’s at bodybuilding.com  Click to read about what’s in it!

image_prod130042_original_X_450_whiteThis is what I did today.  ARMS and ABS!  It’s from Jamie Eason’s workout.  I did this superset style.  Do each set of exercise three times before going to the next one.

Arms, Abs, Cardio

Barbell curl 3×12  Overhead cable curl 3×12

Cable Hammer curl w/ rope 3×12  Alternate hammer curl 3×12

Tricep dips on benches 3×15  Skull Crushers 3×15

Seated Tricep Press 3×12  Tricep Pushdown w/ rope 3×12

Air Bike 3×25  Jackknife Situp 3×12  Hanging Leg raise 3×12

30 minutes cardio


I’ve enjoyed the change of pace without my marathon training.  I am looking forward to being a spectator this weekend at the Ogden Marathon.  Several of my friends are running and it will be so NICE to watch!!  I’m going to try to run the last few miles with one of my friends who wants to qualify for Boston…again.  She’s amazing and could do it without me!

Well I must be on my way.  I need to stop and help my daughter at the junior high.  Last but not least, a couple pics. from the Mother’s Day kick ball game with the 3rd graders.  We kinda killed em’  It was a lot of crazy fun.  I love this time of year.  ENJOY!!

securedownload securedownload-1P.S.  I forgot to say…THIS IS DAY 13 of my challenge.  I had to count that out too.  I’m kickin’ butt.  Don’t give up!!


Get your ABS and ARMS ready for summer!

I have to add my FAVORITE workout song!  Makes me happy for warmer weather.  Work Hard!  The BEST!

I will be doing this on the beach in a few WEEKS!!!!  I cannot wait!  The weather is soooooooooooooooooo nice lately.  I’m in heaven!  I have TWO killer workouts that are PERFECT for this time of year!  Whip your arms, abs, legs, and your WHOLE BODY into shape!


Monday night I subbed at our gym for a guy teacher.  It was a boot camp class.  I am glad I was prepared because I was a little intimidated.  There were about 20 people and half of them were guys!  Luckily, I chose well.  I revamped my ipod and the music was awesome, but the workout was the BEST!!  Several people were texting the teacher about how great the class was and yesterday many people told me how sore they were.  I LOVE MAKING PEOPLE SORE 🙂  So, it looks like I got a job!  It was FUN.  Everyone wanted to work hard and I like that.  Here is what we did Monday and the second one was today with my workout Moms.  THEY ROCK!!!  We killed our arms!


20 sets of TABATA planks.  20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

5 ROUNDS (20, 18, 16, 14, 12 reps each round)










I’m working on them. One day they’ll be cross fit worthy!



SPRINT (1 1/2 minute)

Dumbbell flys

Frog Hops

Tricep Extensions

Mountain Climbers

Ab lifts holding a weight above head

Lunge Switches

Plank with alternating rows


SPRINT (1 1/2 minute)

Single Leg butt lifts (1 1/2 minutes)



Bicycle Crunches

TABATA pushups with hand release at bottom

13 sets for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off


This workout will make your arms feel like this and eventually look like them too (:

Who wouldn’t want Cameron Diaz arms!