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Try something NEW!!

Do you like to exercise?  From what I hear, many people dread it.  I’m lucky that I love everything about it.  I seriously get that endorphin, natural high from physical exertion.  I love feeling strong and healthy.  If you are in an exercise rut think about trying something NEW!!!!  Get out of your comfort zone and get to some new classes at the gym.  No one is looking at you because they are all looking at themselves.  To get results, lose weight, or tighten up, you NEED to change your routine.  Do not think that the same 5 miles you run 3 days a week is going to do anything for you.  Yes, it is better than nothing, but you need to trick your body and work it out of the comfortable zone.  You’ll FEEL so much better….after.  I promise!  Here are a few of my FAVS at the gym.

BODY PUMP.  Do not be intimidated by weights.  They are the best way to get lean, toned muscles!


Love this quote!!

Super funny!!

When Zumba first came out I thought it would be the lamest, easiest “workout”.  It has now become one of my favorite classes that I always look forward to.  PLEASE give it a try!  I’m lucky one of my good friends is a Zumba instructor and I think she’s the BEST!!  You will have so much fun you won’t notice you’re sweating like CRAZY!!

A must!!

BODY COMBAT!!  If you love to workout with loud, awesome music you will love this class!!  Works your entire body and you feel totally tough and fit.  Once again, don’t be afraid to try something new.  Find workout buddies to help you motivate each other.  Download new songs to your ipod and MIX it up!!  Have you ever finished exercising and wished you didn’t do it?