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The number of the day is 40!

HA HA!!  I thought that quote was funny!  Good advice!  I’ve come up with at least 80 workouts that I bring to my class each week in my pink binder.  It’s getting pretty full.  I usually make up a new one every week.  So, today I looked back to a year ago and found one I did on October 5th of last year.  It’s SIMPLE and HARD at the same time.  We did 10 exercises with 40 reps each.  3 ROUNDS.

40 Plank Jumps Knee to Elbow (hold a plank and jump both knees to one side up to your elbow)

40 Backward Lunge Steps

40 Tricep Pushups

40 Squats with weight above head

40 Situps

40 Burpees

40 Back Extensions

40 High Sumos

40 Tick Tocks 

40 Biceps

After each round we ran around the church 2 times.  It was awesome.  The sweat was stinging my eyes!  This is an easy at-home workout too.  Here’s another funny quote!  I find the dumbest things funny!  HA HA!!!

Make it an EXCELLENT day!!!  Work Hard!  Always *

Treadmill and Bootcamp KICKERS

Hi all!  I have a few minutes this morning to post a couple workouts I came up with on my trip.  I hope they are HARD.  Exercising in serious humidity made me feel like I was a MACHINE!!  I was dripping!  Here is the BOOT CAMP!!!

50, 40, 30, 20

Complete four rounds of the following exercises.  Start the 1st round with 50 reps, 2nd round 40, 3rd round 30, and last round 20 reps of everything!!!  You’ll feel awesome because you get the hard stuff in FIRST!!  It’s all MENTAL!


WALKING LUNGES WITH WEIGHTS (Double the reps.  The first half do straight walking lunges and the second half cross your front leg over the other leg as you step down.  This works your BUTT more).




DEAD LIFTS (Hamstrings)



Finish with 3 sets of 2 minute planks

There are NO cool pictures of people running on a treadmill!  Probably because it isn’t cool.  I don’t mind the treadmill.  I play little games with my speed to make it interesting.  It was cool to run on the cruise ship.  It felt a little funny, but the view was beautiful.  I felt like I was running on the WAVES!!!  Here it is:


Warm up for 2 minutes

1 minute at 6.0

2 minutes at 6.5

2 minutes at 7.0

2 minutes at 7.5

1 minute at 8.0

1 minute at 8.5

1 minute at 9.0

2 minutes at 7.5

2 minutes at 7.0

2 minutes at 6.5

1 minute 9.5


This should get you to about 4 1/2 miles.  Sprint the last 1/2 mile.  I ran between an 8 and 9.

I finished with a few weights (12-15 lbs):

Complete each exercise 3 X’s.

15 High Sumo

15 Lateral Raises

15 Front Raises

20 Tricep Dips

20 Situps

20 Side Ups (R)

20 Side Ups (L)

20 Supermans

That’s all FOLKS!!!  TIme to get REALLY motivated with my DIET, starting TOMORROW 🙂 Here’s a bit of MOTIVATION!!!


And, I just like this SONG *  Have a GOOD day!!

Death at the Bowery workout

Here are a few of my “peeps”.  They are the BEST!!  I’ll take a better pic this week!!

So, one of my workout friends nicknamed my workouts “Death”.  I take that as the highest compliment!!  Here is last Wednesdays workout.  It was a good one!

40 prisoner squats

10 burpees

40 pushups

10 burpees

40 sit ups


40 side to side lunges

10 burpees

40 triceps

10 burpees

40 side to side abs holding a weight


40 hip raises

10 burpees

40 high sumos

10 burpees

40 leg lifts

We did this 3 times.  On the second time we exchanged running up the hill 3 times for burpees.  On the 3rd time through we did jumping split lunges for the burpees.  We finished with a trio of butt exercises and the walking plank.  Here are a few pics of some of the exercises:

prisioner squats

high sumos

hip raises

side to side abs with weight

Side to side lunges

leg lifts

butt exercises

butt exercises

walking plank

ABS/CORE workout

Yesterday we had a GREAT workout with the 6 am crew.  Always nice to get a workout in first thing in the morning.  My abs are feeling it today!!  Here it is:


50 walking lunges

25 push ups

25 squats

10 burpees


Plank:  2o seconds on 10 seconds off.  20 SETS!! THE BEST!!!!

4 ROUNDS (10 reps each with 1 minute rest between rounds)

Prisioner Squats

Full Sit Ups


Walking push ups

Turkish Getups (5 each side)

Plank (KTE-knee to elbow 20 reps)

Side raises (10 each side)

Bent over rows


Back plank (alternate pulling knees to chest 20 reps)


Finish with 100 sit ups holding a weight and lifting it over your head when you sit up.  For added fun have your child stand at your feet and hold their hand up in all different spots.  As you sit up, touch the weight to their hand!!  


Prisioner squats




Turkish Getup


Plank knee to elbow

Side sit ups

back plank (hold this position and alternate pulling knee to chest)




In my AB searching I found a GREAT article.  Check this out!!!  It has about 20 different AB exercises with pictures and a few words on it’s really about the food you eat with how your abs look!  Here is another one!!  So good.  Changing up routines and finding new exercises will keep you motivated!!


Oxygen Mag. Workout (Holly style)

This week I was looking through Oxygen Magazine and I found several exercises I liked.  I added a few of my own and put the workout in a 40-30-20-10 rep countdown which we all loved since the reps got smaller and smaller.  I think we continued to work hard because mentally it got easier!  Loved it!  I am definitely sore from the skaters!!  Here it is:

Complete 4 rounds of the following 10 exercises starting with 40 reps on the first round and then moving down to 30, 20, and 10 on the final round.  After exercise #5 do 10 SPRINTS (100 ft) on each round.


2-Bear Crawl

3-Tricep Extension

4-Jump Squat

5-Cross Punch

6-Sumo Squat with dumbbell

Mountain Climber

8-Bridge with weight

9-Bicep Curls


After we did the 4 rounds we had 2 BIRTHDAYS to celebrate.  We take an exercise and do the number of reps of how old the person is!  So, we did 31 AB JACKS (hold a plank and hop your legs out and in). and then 37 of each of the next 4 AB EXERCISES.

1-Plank with cross crunch

2-Situps with side rotation

3-Windshield wipers

4-Crunch with leg extension

That’s all for now!!  Hit it hard!