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Day 20

Sorry!  I haven’t been updating my fit life, probably because it hasn’t been too fit lately!  I know you are all going to be SHOCKED, but I CAVED a little bit over the weekend with my NO SUGAR challenge!  Those of you that know me  are laughing at me (:  All is well!!  I’m the creator of my own goals, so I will tag on a few days at the end and call it 100 DAYS!!!  Hee hee!  I’m not even going to list the many excuses for falling off the wagon.  I will say that I’m DONE and I’m running far away from that and it won’t happen again (:

Let’s talk about running.  I have reached the hardest week in my marathon training.  I need a 10 miler and a 20 miler this week.  A very small nagging pain has started bugging me a little too!!!  AHHHH!!!  Saturday we ran 15 miles after running 6 miles the day before and my right calf muscle started feeling it!  I rubbed it out, foam rolled it, sat in a cold bath, ibuprofined it, and took a couple days off.  Today we ran 10 miles up the canyon and it felt better, but the pain kind of moved a little to the side of my calf?  Anyway, I decided to try an old person thing (I shouldn’t say that) and buy some compression calf guards.  Here is what they look like:

mcXH4UAONSNxG8La4JUTpIwI’m gonna look sooo cool!  Can you guess what color I ordered?  HOT PINK baby, of course (:  I’m hoping to have them by our 20 miler this Saturday.  I’ll be posting about the success of them!!  This is no time to get injured.

Well, we’re on our last week of summer.  Mixed feelings about the changing of the seasons and schedules.  I’m still loving the warm weather as always.

Have a beautiful day!  After our 10 mile run, my friend and I hit ZUMBA in twinner outfits.  We are kindred spirits!!


Here’s a sweet song.  I want to play the piano on the beach (: