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3 most important rules for weight loss

Well hello there!  This has been a week of GET IT DONE.  I told my family I’ve turned into a complete perfectionist OCD person and they said I thought you already were.  I had my lists and I kept busy every second of the day.  I went a little crazy on the cleaning and cooking.  I’ve always liked to cook and bake, but that’s going to be my new thing now next to exercise.  Keeps my mind happy and I love feeding people (:

O.K.  workouts were insane too.  My whole body hurts and I’m running a half marathon this Saturday!  For the rest of today and tomorrow I’m going to make myself SLOW down, if that’s possible.  I have the high school kids coming over for lunch in an hour so this will be short and sweet!!

3 things in this ORDER:  DIET, WEIGHTS, CARDIO.  Remember that and all your dreams will come true!

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Diet focus today is VEGGIES and LEAN PROTEIN.  You must UP UP UP your protein to see your hard earned muscles.  Eat protein with every meal.  Egg whites, chicken, shrimp, turkey, any lean meats, protein powder…  Get used to it.  Veggies all day and with every meal if possible.  Stay away from breads and sugar and you’ll be happy happy!  I’m working on my goal for October and THIS is key!!  I’ll post my results on HALLOWEEN!!

OK!!  Weights.  I’m not talking 2 lb. weights.  Lift as heavy as you can to complete your reps and maintain proper form.  I lift every day pretty much.  I’m going to take a break next week.  The following week I’ll be hitting Jamie Eason Phase 3 for 4 weeks.  Scary.  Here’s my workout from my class this week.  It was awesome!  Great group!

Killer All Around FUN

 (3 people in a group.  Burpees is the timer.  When they are done, rotate.  Complete 3 times.)

25 burpees

Bicep curls

Sit Ups

25 Tricep Extensions


Tick Tock Abs

50 Walking Lunges

Push Ups

Curtsy Lunges

5 MINUTES OF POWER-Complete each set as fast as you can in a minute for 5 minutes.

8 Overhead Press

5 Burpees

8 Sit Ups

Sweaty mess is all I can say.  Alright.  What did I say was last?  Oh Cardio!  I love cardio.  I’ve been doing these HIGH intensity aerobics classes and they are awesome!  I feel like I’m burning a million calories, BUT if you have more muscle you will burn more calories throughout the day, meaning a higher metabolism.  So, if you are crunched for time drop cardio first, weights second, and diet LAST (:  Most important according to ME!

Well, I better be off!  I did want to add a SWEET compliment my husband gave me.


I posted this dream body on my last post and he told me I already looked like that!  HA HA HA HA HA!!  I think he was just being nice (:  Not quite…until next time.  Train Outstanding and don’t Underestimate yourself!  Have a beautiful day!

Kill it Monday workout and RAGNAR

Hello!  I have survived another sleepless weekend!!  I ran my first Ragnar race.  We ran the Wasatch Back from Logan to Park City.  It was an experience!  We were pretty lucky being in Van 1.  Crazy huge event!!  I was super lucky to run one of my legs during sunrise and the other during sunset.  Favorite times of the day!!  Overall, we had a great time.  Loved my friends and the laughs and fun.  Some of us felt very and slightly sick, but for the most part we stayed strong.  Everyone loved our RAGDOLL team and cute sparkly skirts.  Here is a collection of pictures from the event!

0001Qp 0001Zh

I was SUPER tired Saturday night and most of Sunday.  I felt great this morning and ended up following a HARD workout.  Just what I love for Monday!!  This is what I did at the gym!  It was hard and I was sweating.  I had to cruise to get this in under an hour!  And then, I wanted to get a 4 mile run in while my kids went to piano.  I’ve been using my Garmin lately and it’s been a fun added challenge to try and keep under a certain pace or run a distance faster than normal.  I felt worked after all that!


Tricep Pullovers

Decline Pushups

Smith Machine Squats

Hamstring Leg Curl

Bent Over Barbell Row


Bench Press

Pull Ups

Step Ups With Weights

One Legged Squats


Pushups to Side Plank

Kettlebell Swing


Dumbbell Flys


Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown

Renegade Dumbbell Rows

During my run, something must have been in the air because I was sneezing and runny nosing for most of the day!  Later in the evening my daughter and I had a date and went to see A Fault In Our Stars.  My allergies went along well with the movie.  Puffy and crying eyes and a runny nose.  We had a fun time!

I’ll end with two beautiful songs from the movie.  So pretty!  (:

Weight lifting 101 and 4 workouts

O.K!  I stayed up a little late last night and put together 4 workouts for a couple of my friends.  I suggest lifting weights 3-4 days a week.  These workouts are full body workouts with abs and cardio as well.  First off, I have a little bit to say about lifting weights.  To get seriously lean and toned , you MUST eat clean FIRST and LIFT WEIGHTS second.  And I’m not talking 5 lb. dumbbells.  For best results, you should follow a routine where you lift 8-12 reps of an exercise for 3 sets.  You NEED to lift heavy enough that the last 2 reps you can barely lift!!!!  THIS IS KEY!!!  





I did workout #4 with my friends this morning.  It’s probably the hardest with the most cardio.  On the first three workouts, do the 3 exercises together one after the other and do them 3 times before moving on to the next set of three.  This is called a triple set.  Rest 30-60 seconds after each set.  HAVE FUN!!

4 Full Body Workouts


 Dumbbell squat 3×12 

Dumbbell bench press 3×12

Mountain Climbers 40


One Arm Dumbbell Row 3×12

Standing dumbbell curl 3×12

Bicycle crunches 40


Tricep Extensions 3×12

Push ups 3×12

Snow boarders 40


Dumbbell Deadlift 3×12

Lateral raises 3×12

V-ups 40


 Dumbbell Step Ups 3×12

Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift 3×12

Jump squats 40


Overhead press 3×12

High Sumos 3×12

Dumbbell side bends 40


Bicep curls 3×12

Bent over rear delts 3×12

Side to side lunges 40


Tricep pushup 3×12

Burpees 3×12

Planks 3×1 minute



 Dumbbell lunges 3×12

Dumbbell chest press 3×12

High knees 40


Renegade rows 3×12

Front raises 3×12

Leg lifts holding weights 40


Hammer curls 3×12

Skull crushers 3×12

Ab jump overs 40


Hip Raises 3×12

Tricep extensions 3×12

Full sit ups 40



30-25-20-15 workout.  Start with 30 reps of each exercise.  Then do 25, 20, and 15 of each exercise.  Complete each set of 4 exercises 4 times before going to the next one.

Hand release pushups



High Knees


Chair dips

Step ups

Dumbbell side bends

Mountain climbers


Side to side pushups

High Sumos

Full Sit ups


I should put a few pictures for examples on some of these.  If you don’t know what a term is, google it in images and you’ll see!  Here is some motivation to eat your VEGES too!!  Strive for Undefeated Motivation to Move More!!! (:




Lock yourself in the bedroom workout

Alright!  I have been itching for a HARD workout.  Life has been busy, snow is everywhere, and I sold my treadmill!!  So…when I had an open hour in the middle of the day I took it!  Here is a GREAT, do at home workout when you are short on time or SNOWED IN!!!

WARM UP- 100 walking lunges

Complete 3 rounds of each exercise before going on to the next set of exercises.


20 front raises

20 upright row

20 overhead press


20 narrow push-ups

20 skull crushers

20 overhead french press


20 sit ups

20 right side ups

20 left side ups

20 Superman back extensions


7 bottom to half

7 half to full

7 full

I used 12 lb. weights and they felt like lead!  I feel out of shape and it makes me mad.  I need to be better.  Next month will ROCK!!!  February sounds so much better than January right now!  I’ll post NEW goals for the month on Friday.  If you are a beginner, use 8 lb. weights and cut the reps in half.  I got this workout from gppfitness.com

But wait…I’m not done yet.  I’ve been craving cardio since I can’t run much in our weather.  So, here is the cardio part:

Alternate Jump rope and burpees for 5 rounds

100 jump ropes

20 burpees

I finished with another set of 100 walking lunges.  I had very minimum rests throughout the whole workout.

LOVED THIS!!!  I’m awesomely sore today.  It was a great workout that took just under an hour to finish.  I told me kids to pretend like I wasn’t home, locked my door, put in the earphones, and got it done!!  After, I had a yummy bowl of cottage cheese and went on with the busy day.

Hope everyone is happy and well!  Remember to slow down and not be in such a hurry all the time and don’t get mad about things you can’t change (3 feet of snow every other day!)

I really wish I was here.


Or RUNNING here.


One day we’ll warm up!!

Rip it uP!  Stick to at least 4 workouts a week and fruits and vegetables a day.  

I did it!!! Wednesday Workout VIDEO

I have to start out with this cute little doggy.  He did our track workout with us today!!  JK!  I am sooooooooooo proud of myself though.  I actually videoed a workout and figured out how to put it on here.  Let’s hope I don’t forget.  HERE IT IS!!!

I KNOW it is not very professional.  I am completely being myself.  I guess that’s good.  I’ll try to be more Jillian Michaelish next time.  Here it is in writing too.  We did the workout in groups of threes.  While one person ran the others did pushups and thrusters and then we rotated through completing each exercise twice.  If you are alone, I suggest doing 30 reps of each exercise.


400 m run (1 lap around the track or 90-120 second sprint)




400 m run

Sit ups

Split lunges with biceps

THEN, it was our cute friend’s 23rd birthday!  Yes, she is a baby.  I mean that in the nicest way!!

We did 23 walking lunges (each leg), 23 burpees, 23 kettle bell swings, and 23 hamstrings, TWICE!

 She had the cutest shirt on today with a super awesome mantra on the back!  Here she is:

She has an awesome, awesome blog too!!  Check it out at helpinghappilyeverafter@blogspot.com.  It was an awesome morning!  I took a picture when I first got there and it was still a little dark and no one was around.  Very peaceful.  I’m a morning person!

Speaking of mornings, I’m in need of a 5 AM RUN (20 yr. reunion and all)!!  I think I’ll go Friday morning, then I can sleep in a little on Saturday.   I’m sure no one else says that!  If you do go that early, remember to bring along a friend or a dog!  Then, you’ll be fine!

I LOVE the start of a new month and YES, I have NEW goals to replace the ones I didn’t keep last month!!  Hey, I’m very determined and NEVER give up!!  I’ll post them tomorrow on my THURSDAY THOUGHTS DAY!!!  I like to change my background pictures up every month too!!  I  FLOWERS!