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The JOY of Christmas!

Besides my crazy obsession with health and fitness, I have an equal passion for beautiful and inspiring music.  As Christmas approaches my heart is reminded of the REAL meaning of Christmas!  Take a break from the holiday rushing and festivities and enjoy two of my favorite Christmas videos this season and #sharethegift.

What is the most popular favorite color?

Merry Christmas EVE!

246149935852979996_08Bf5HDu_cIn doing my home decorating research, I read a study that said the most popular favorite color is BLUE!!!  I’m not surprised.  It is a very calming color and has a million different shades.  Blue reminds me of my Mom.  We always had blue Christmas decorations and blue lights on our tree.  Her kitchen is blue and she always wears blue!  Here are a few pictures that come to mind when I think of BLUE!


Tranquility-blue sky and blue water


I love birds


Power food-Yum

I want this blue coat!

I want this blue coat!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas!  MENU for the day is Christmas Eve dinner which includes: Ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, green salad, acini di pepe salad, rolls, and brownies with hot fudge and peppermint ice cream.  I am obviously not on my regular diet regimen!  And NO ONE should be!  ENJOY!

Oh, I almost forgot!!  Another great 9 mile run today with my pony friends.  Beautiful morning run in the SNOW!


Have a MerRy Christmas!


Savor each day!

The LONG Thanksgiving weekend has come to an end…thank goodness!  Hopefully everyone has the house all decorated and beautiful for the Christmas season.  We only have ONE month!  I want to SAVOR each day and make the most of the short season, the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!  I’ve mentioned before and my kids sense it as well (thanks to my husband) that I DON’T LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!  That is NOT true!!!  I have to love Christmas because I am a Christmas baby!  I came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve.  I love Christmas!  I have a few annoyances with the season, but OVERALL it is WONDERFUL!  Here is my small list of LOVES of Christmas!!!

  • Christmas Lights
  • Holiday Music
  • Christmas Stories
  • Gift Giving
  • Treat Sharing
  • Jesus Remembering

It is a hectic time of year not just because of the holiday, but because we officially closed on our new home!  It’s straining on me physically and mentally to wrap up life in our old neighborhood and to get started remodeling on the new home.  It will be fun and I’ll post lots of before, during, and after photos!  Yes I do have a life other than thinking about what I eat and when I’ll get my workout in!  This blog is definitely a FITNESS blog but one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of a FIT LIFE is BALANCE!!

It’s Monday!  First of the week when everyone wants to go to the gym and eat right.  One way to keep focused on eating healthy is a fun eating challenge!!  My friend invited me to follow one called EAT TO LIVE.  I ordered the book but it hasn’t arrived yet.  I researched a little on the internet, but mostly it is eating WHOLE foods and…no DAIRY or MEAT!!  I’m sure the phrase FAD DIET comes to mind with that one!  In ALL honesty though this has been the easiest diet for me to follow.  We do have a few alterations.  We can have yogurt.  The healthiest one is plain greek yogurt.  Mostly, it’s TONS of fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains!  For my MENU day, here is a sampling of what I’ve been eating lately:

BREAKFAST: Oatmeal with flax, protein powder, berries, cinnamon, unsweetened coconut, almond milk, and a few almonds OR a Banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, spinach smoothie (I have one of these EVERY day.  I love them!)

LUNCH: Salad (a huge one) with black beans and a little low fat poppy seed dressing.

SNACKS: fruit, cashews, protein balls, yogurt and berries, popcorn.

DINNER: Veges with sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, or a big bowl of soup.

I will never say that I don’t crave sugar, but you do stop thinking about it.  Good food tastes so much better when you’re not eating sugar and processed foods.  It’s been great!  I’ve lost 3 pounds and I have TONS of energy (minus the 2 days around Thanksgiving when I ate everything in site).

Our challenge is to see who can go the LONGEST!!!  HA HA!  I will WIN!  We have 1 day off a month.  During December we get 3 days off with all the holidays.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  I’m sure people think I’m crazy.  I know, I think vegetarians are crazy too!  After the challenge I think I’ll go back to eggs and fish once a week, but really I think it’s healthier to eat this WAY!!  Here is a photo from my dinner tonight.  Very simple STIR FRY!  Lots of veges (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper, green onion, yellow squash, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts).  I made chicken for the husband and kids and we ate it over brown rice.  SO YUMMY!!

AND for your happy MUSIC day, here are a couple of “MY” songs!!

And the beautiful voice of Michael Buble!