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Merry Happy Birthday Christmas!

Last night as we set the last Christmas presents out and cleaned the house up I felt a huge relaxing relief lifted from me.  The past few weeks of a constant schedule and lists and lists of things to get done were finally over!!!!  Naturally on this beautiful Christmas day I took the most BLESSED nap!!!  We had a wonderful Christmas!  OH how much I love seeing the kids so happy Christmas morning!

I need to back up just a little bit.  I have a few pictures from the last several days to post!  5 days ago I celebrated my 4-0 birthday!  It was one of the best days of my life (: I’m getting over a cold and it was still buggin me on my birthday.  So, being the 40 year old that I am, I could barely stay awake that night with my friends!  We celebrated all day long.  I feel so loved and grateful to so many people in my life.  Here are a few pics starting with the early morning run in night!

A beautiful run after a snowfall!

A beautiful run after a snowfall!

My friend and I with the whopper cake she made me!

My friend and I with the whopper cake she made me!

Best friends always!

Best friends always!

We had lunch with lots of friends in the day and then we went out with the husbands to dinner and played games and ate cake and laughed and played till I started to fall asleep at 10:00! (:  I love my friends.

The next night my husband and I went to one of my favorite concert traditions of the season.  The Piano Guys!!!  I love every minute of it!  They are amazing and truly gifted with a talent from on High!

Piano Guys

Piano Guys

The next night, we had a Christmas party at my parents that involved FOOD yet again, the nativity story, and cookie decorating!

photo-50Lastly, I haven’t posted a Sunday outfit for awhile!  I loved my beautiful black birthday dress and new shoes that I’d been anticipating for quite some time!!  I feel like I should be going to a dance or something in this snowy one!

securedownload-1Christmas eve was spent with family.  We saw my favorite movie FROZEN again and had lunch at my sister’s house.  That night I hosted dinner with my husband’s family.  We sang carols and read the Christmas stories!  No wonder I had to crash today!  And the holiday is just beginning too!  Tomorrow morning we head to Heber to snowmobile and sled with our dear dear friends.

I am blessed beyond measure.  Have a beautiful Christmas day with loved ones.  Life will get fit again.  January always comes next!


What is the most popular favorite color?

Merry Christmas EVE!

246149935852979996_08Bf5HDu_cIn doing my home decorating research, I read a study that said the most popular favorite color is BLUE!!!  I’m not surprised.  It is a very calming color and has a million different shades.  Blue reminds me of my Mom.  We always had blue Christmas decorations and blue lights on our tree.  Her kitchen is blue and she always wears blue!  Here are a few pictures that come to mind when I think of BLUE!


Tranquility-blue sky and blue water


I love birds


Power food-Yum

I want this blue coat!

I want this blue coat!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas!  MENU for the day is Christmas Eve dinner which includes: Ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, green salad, acini di pepe salad, rolls, and brownies with hot fudge and peppermint ice cream.  I am obviously not on my regular diet regimen!  And NO ONE should be!  ENJOY!

Oh, I almost forgot!!  Another great 9 mile run today with my pony friends.  Beautiful morning run in the SNOW!


Have a MerRy Christmas!


Cozy Christmas

Our days are numbered…and I’m not talking about the end of the world!  7 days until Christmas Eve!!  With a big snow storm heading our way I’m in the mood for coziness.  I found a blog the other day called Content in a Cottage.  It is simple and beautiful.  She posts random home scenes, old fashioned decor, nature, and everything relaxing.  Here are a few pictures I found most DIVINE!


window lights

Christmas doorSo beautiful!  We had a nice weekend of Christmas music and family parties.  I need to get serious about the wrapping TODAY!  I’ll most likely end up at the mall in the next day or two picking up my last minute items.  Hopefully, this weekend I can get Christmas cards out and make candy for the neighbors.  This is what I want to make this year!


img_7690-2I found the recipes from browneyedbaker.com.  I hope they turn out just like these!  My birthday is coming up in a few days and I REALLY don’t want anything.  We have so much we will be buying for our house that it would be silly to buy anything!  All I want is a kitchen faucet (:  That’s what my husband says he’s getting me anyway!  I did think of a few non clothing and shoe items that would be nice.  Here they are:

Jon Schmidt piano book

Jon Schmidt piano book

I love oatmeal cookbook!

I love oatmeal cookbook!

The one thing I really want for my house is a fire and wood for our wood burning stove!  Here is the BEST coziness picture *  The fish above the fire is my favorite!!

th-2Off to Mrs. Claus’s workshop with me!  Have a wonderful day!!

Wishing you Wondrous Holiday Cheer throughout the BEST week of the year!  Stay Warm!