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Strengthen your core and abs

Hello!  Today is workout day.  As I said earlier this week, I’m working on abs.  Here are a few ab workouts to choose from.  Lately I’ve been alternating a few.  My ball workout that I posted a couple weeks ago and this one:

3-4 Rounds

25 Kettlebell side to side abs: While holding the kettlebell in both hands, twist from hip to hip touching the kettlebell to the floor on both sides.

male_kettlebell-trunk-twists_220 Reverse crunches with stability ball between legs:



15 Ab crunch machine:

225_215 Roman chair legs raise:


I also found this gem of a workout I’d like to try!

ee96760e5b2ed201d61d82b3cd142304In the next few days I’m going to post an updated workout song list.  Yesterday I posted a song called Phoenix by Fall Out Boy.  Something weird happened with that song.  It shows up on my cell phone as a totally different song.  I only meant to post Phoenix.  Look it up.  It’s good!!  Have a wonderful day!  Run hard!