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Monday turn around

     So far Monday has left me a little unorganized.  My alarm didn’t go off this morning and I was planning a 10 miler with my Boston bound buddies!  I hate it when that happens and I stare at my clothes all laid out that didn’t get RUNNED in!  Then, it’s off to the races with getting kids ready for school, one home sick, and the window installers showing up at 8:15 a.m. and I didn’t even know they were coming.  Hmm…  I wanted to eat a whole plate of sugar cookies by this point and start being FIT tomorrow!  I’m good, I didn’t do that.
     I will get out sometime today for a run and weight workout.  I’m starting WEEK 8 of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program.  It looks like I’ll be doing a lot of bi’s, tri’s, and abs.  I might throw in a little back and rear delts too since I missed that workout on Saturday.  Sometimes I need some slack when people think I workout too much!  I analyzed my daily life and I get a H*%@ of a lot done in a day.  My proudest claim to fame is that I don’t watch a stitch of t.v.  I’m sure most of the world watch at least an hour a day.  I’d rather use that hour to exercise.  Better for me (: That’s what I love!
     I also love making FOOD!  We had our good friends over for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner.  If I was a foodie blogger I would have taken more pics.  It was yummy!!!  I made Honey Lime Green Chile Enchiladas, mexican rice, fresh black bean salsa, and a couple GREEN desserts, Oreo mint fudge ice cream and shamrock sugar cookies!  I ate a little more than I should have from about 3:00-7:30 p.m.  But that was all for the whole week!  Here we are with our girls!
MOTIVATION part of the day is this AB workout I found on bodybuilding.com.  Get your abs on for summer!  I’ll be doing this 3 times this week for fun (:
Abs Workout
  • Old School Sit-Ups Old School Sit-Ups

    Old School Sit-Ups

    1 set to to burning (about 15-30 reps)

  • Hands on Hammie Sit-Ups Hands on Hammie Sit-Ups

    “Hands on Hammie” Sit-Ups (standard sit-up shown)

    1 set to to burning (about 15-30 reps)Place hands on hamstrings to assist with sit-up motion.

  • Sit-Ups To Each Side Sit-Ups To Each Side

    Sit-Ups To Each Side (shown with feet elevated)

    1 set to to burning (about 15-30 reps)Place hands on hamstrings to assist with sit-up motion.

  • Labor Sit-Ups Labor Sit-Ups

    Labor Sit-Ups (crunch motion shown)

    1 set of 10 repsSit up fully and reach throw to touch your feet.

  • Ab Wheel Ab Wheel

    Ab Wheel

    1 set of 15 reps

  • Leg Raises Leg Raises

    Leg Raises (shown two-legged)

    1 set of 15 reps per leg

  • Knee-Ups Knee-Ups


    1 set of 15 reps (be sure to focus on the eccentric)

  • Sit-Up With Oblique Twist Sit-Up With Oblique Twist

    Sit-Up With Oblique Twist

    1 set of 10 reps each side

And…classic MUSIC for your workout!!   I LOVE DEF LEPPARD!  I remember this video from MTV!  Long live the 80’s (: