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Olympic workout

Happy Friday!  This week flew by with the holiday so I didn’t get to post my OLYMPIC WORKOUT we did at the church on Wednesday.  I have loved watching the olympics, whatever event!  I watched the men’s cross country relay skiing the other day and was amazed by the sheer endurance and stamina of that sport.  When they switched guys, the one racing to the hand off literally falls to the ground in exhaustion.  I’m impressed by that type of athleticism.  Seriously strong!


Soooooo, for all you olympic hopefuls, give this workout a try!  We did it station style.  I had 6 events and we repeated the exercises for as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes and then we rotated through them all.  At the end we had a few contests to see who could do the most of certain exercises in 1 minute.  Loved it!



I’ve been extra tired this week.  I don’t know why except maybe my tooth deal.  I’m still taking ibuprofen round the clock.  Oh well.  I did accomplish a 14 mile run today with two of my friends.  It wasn’t easy.  At this point in my marathon training I tell myself this will be the last one!  As for my fit life challenge, I weighed in at 132 today.  I wanna be 130 by the end of the month or sooner (:  I shouldn’t care.  I feel great.  The diet has been a little challenging but thats to be expected!  I’m hangin’ with it.

I’m finishing up my second 6 week personal training program.  I’m going to take a short break and start it up again.  I love it.  Each round I think of something to improve on.  I’m going to be more organized with my clients information this go around.  I also want to add a few items to my gym.  I’d like a bench, water tank, some sort of shelving to hold towels, and a few more sets of dumbbells.  A barbell and a treadmill would be nice too.  We’ll see (:

One more picture for fashion Friday.  This was on Valentine’s Day!  Love my red boots (:


Well!  I need to go rest my weary bones before the onslaught of children.  I’m glad I got my long run in today.  I can enjoy Saturday and Sunday!! Have a wonderful weekend and Work Hard!!!  Always.


Best workout videos and places in my dreams

Hey!  I’ve missed a few days.  I needed a break from the fit life.  I haven’t been in the mood to get out and exercise this week.  Imagine that?!   Sooooooo for all of you hibernating folk out there, here are my FAVORITE workout videos to do at home!  Some of these go back several years!  Don’t laugh.  They are all awesome!


1-The FIRM

2-Kathy Smith



5-Karen Voight

Well, the last few days I’ve realized I LOVE CHOCOLATE!  I think it’s genetic in my family.  I really am going to get back on the “I want to be ripped” way of thinking.  I talked with a girl at my husband’s work today that is training to compete in a body building contest.  I think I want to go and see what it’s all about.  It’s so motivating to listen to her diets and workouts.  She has a personal trainer too.  I might want to hire my own trainer.  I figure it would only help with my own personal training I’d like to do in the NEAR future!  This Friday I’m going to post a serious 6 week training program for myself.  It’ll be AWESOME!!!  I think (wait, I KNOW) the weather is going to get better in March and just a little SUN gives me so much more energy and motivation!!  Stay tuned!  You’ll want to do this with me!

Lately, I’ve been looking for a picture I want that is of my favorite place we visited last Fall on our trip to Europe.  Just looking at this makes me relax.


We ate dinner on the little pier by the boats.  It’s a city called Vernazza and it’s one of 5 cities that make up Cinque Terre, Italy!  So far, it is my most favorite place I have ever been to!  I want a really cool picture similar to this to hang in my entryway!

Other pictures I love are of cool places to run!  Here is a favorite I have on my Pinterest page!!!  Let’s go for a RUN!

BE  Bright Optimistic Fun Friendly and Awesome**

And, BTW, Paradise Bakery makes the BEST Chocolate Chip cookies!!