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Give me energy!

HI!!  This is how I feel today and what NO SUGAR is doing to me!  Notice the title of the book in the picture!

I obviously don’t remember this being taken.

Happy Fall!!  These pictures were taken Saturday on one of the most beautiful trails ever!!!  We are so lucky to have this in our backyards!

We always have a lot of fun.  This time we ran into several bikers, hunters, and campers.  Every time we get comments on how loud we are.  It’s a good thing!  All the wild animals will be scared of us.  We freaked out a few times thinking we’d come across a moose or cougar.  We lucked out, only a few deer almost mowed us over.  It doesn’t help either that we share insane stories about almost fatal pit bull attacks.  We had a BLAST!

This WILL be a GREAT week!! OCTOBER is here!  I can’t believe how fast the calendar rolls.  I have lots to look forward to and to be grateful for * Have a happy Day and week!