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Love your body

O.K.  I did not fall off the planet.  As I look back on the last three months, I realize there is no way I can recap everything!  Here is a quick summary since December 18.  I had a birthday!!  I love birthdays and I hope to always be happy and not care about my age with each passing year.  Live it up!  Here we are on my birthday run to Sunshine Cafe.IMG_9933January was long, cold, and snowy.  My sweet sister came out to stay with me for 2 1/2 weeks with her 3 kids while she had a surgery.  I was Doctor Holly for awhile.  Her 7 year old was recently diagnosed with diabetes and that made everything a little more complex, but I loved having her visit.  She lives far away in Connecticut! IMG_0296 I’ve skied, but not nearly enough.  Here are a few pics. from a trip with my brother and another with friends!  Love to ski (:


IMG_0541IMG_0543Then, my 10 year old daughter has been in several too many cheer competitions.  One of them taking us to the beautiful city of Portland!  We had such a great time.  A few of my friends came with their daughters too.

IMG_0820IMG_0830IMG_0739IMG_0742We saw many sights including Pittock mansion, Old Town, Portland LDS temple, and my favorite, Multinomah falls!  We ate at wonderful local restaurants trying everything.  I should have taken pictures of the food!  We had gourmet salads, sushi, curry, thai, mexican, italian, and of course we had to try the famous Voodoo doughnuts and the best ice cream store in the world, Salt and Straw.

We even made time to teach a HIGH class and go on a dreamy, rainy run!  It was tough to go home! 

Right now, I’m keeping busy with kids plays and activities.  Hopefully I’ll be more consistent on posting from here on out!  Spring is in sight and has given me new energy.  My healthy topic for the day is this:


A friend of mine sent this to me and said it reminded her of me.  I’m so glad!  This is why I work out.  Of course I have my own body image issues, I think everyone does, but focusing on the positive is always my motto.

Quick story!  My heart just broke in a million pieces this weekend.  I came home Saturday night and went to talk to my 15 year old daughter in her room.  I could tell something was wrong.  This week we decided to start a healthy challenge together with some of our friends.  We made many wonderful goals and rules to follow.  Some of them were exercise 30 minutes every day, no eating after 8 p.m., 3-5 fruits and veggies a day, and no junk food such as cookies, candy, chips, etc…Well, when I asked my daughter what was wrong, her eyes filled up with tears and she said, “I just want to eat what I want, when I want, and not worry about it.”  Oh my complete sadness to hear her say these words!  Our precious daughters are in a world of high body image ideals and expectations.  Media and people all around them tell them they need to look a certain way and what they should be doing to look prettier, be skinnier, and have everyone like you.  How I hope and pray she continues to grow up with confidence and happiness when it comes to her appearance.  We had a good talk and both cried and I told her to stop the challenge right then and there and that we would modify it to fit her needs.  I’ve been doing things like this for years and I didn’t realize that it would be too much for her to take all at once.IMG_0176  Remember as you embark on your own fitness journeys to make a plan just for you and only you and to set realistic goals.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  If and when you mess up, do not beat yourself up about it.  Start fresh the next day and keep going.  I’m a pro at starting and restarting (:  If you can find one small thing to improve on each day then you’ve made your goal.  Love your body.  Eat.  Focus on the positive.  Never give up.  Smile.  You are unique, beautiful, and perfectly perfect just the way you are!     

Cut out these 2 things to shrink and a HIIT workout!

Hello!  Time to mix things up again.  I’m always looking for new and different variations of workouts.  Lately I’ve been working out with my friends.  We decided to do 30 days of NO SUGAR AND NO WHITE FLOUR.  I have to say I’ve been nailing it!  Today is DAY 9 and even with a trip to St. George and 2 family Halloween parties over the weekend, I’ve stayed STRONG!!  My one mess up was buying a bag of kettle corn at the gas station on the way home from our trip.  I’m notorious to fall asleep the second I get in a car so since I was driving for 4-5 hours I had to munch on food almost the entire ride home.  After the carrots, apples, nuts, and protein bar were gone I opted for a Diet Coke (which I don’t really like anyway) and kettle corn.  Not so bad!  Everything really is about FOOD!!  I saw this funny quote on Instagram today.  Ha ha ha ha!


When it comes to weight loss and muscle gains it’s about what you put in your mouth!  After that it’s about killer HIIT and weight workouts.  Here’s one I’m going to try with my friends this week!  Can’t wait!

Workout #1  This is weird.  I guess you have to click on it to open it up!  Makes it more fun that way.  My binge problem has been fine.  Challenges keep me motivated.  Along with my 30 days of no sugar I want to start a 4 week eat clean plan on Monday that Jamie Eason is hosting.  What better time to get rid of the garbage right before Thanksgiving (:  Next week I’ll post about all the GREAT food you CAN eat.  Sunday night I was looking for a snack and I cut up a pear and had some sweet potato chips with guac.  The pear tasted like candy.  Real good food tastes better when you take out the SUGAR.

Alright!  I’ll end with a couple pics. of my trip.  We saw this rainbow as we turned a corner and it was so bright and perfect.  A little gift of happiness for me to see (:  Have a good one.  Work Hard Always.


IMG_8884 IMG_8902 IMG_8905

Back At It

Hello and happy Saturday September 5th!!  I think this has been my longest break from my blog.  I didn’t even do it on purpose either!  What have I been doing?  What have I not been doing!?  Here are a few bullet points of the last 2 months!

  • Family family family.  July and August we had family in town and we were going going!
  • Injuries!  Probably my most major set back ever!  Stress fracture.  For some reason this one threw me back big time.  I started biking which helped A TON, but I wasn’t myself without my crazy cardio sessions and lifting and then of course I went WAY downhill in the food department.
  • First Bike Race!  Loved loved biking through the beautiful mountains where I live.  Absolutely breath taking.
  • Climbing back from my stress fracture and I strain my calf muscle!  Luckily it wasn’t major and I’ve been trying to stretch more!
  • Started running and training for a 1/2 marathon at the end of this month.  Never been more slow in my life except after pregnancies!  It’s killing me!!  I’ll get there.
  • Finally figured out a good eating plan for me!!  I’ve been trying to follow the Oxygen Challenge and I’ve had a hard time following the DIET of course.  I’ve started over many times and binged too many times.  My NEW challenge is 1 in 10 days.  Every 10 days I take 1 day off!!  So far, this has been a miracle for me.  I only struggle the first 3 days after eating crazy and then I’m fine with my healthy eating.  I’ve been loving cooking healthy meals and snacks lately and I feel much happier.  I crave healthy sugars like oranges, watermelon, and PEACHES (:  My body changes so quickly when I CUT out the sugar.  Eating healthy motivates me to EXERCISE.
  • Speaking of exercise…I’m addicted if you haven’t noticed.  Right now I’m following a Jamie Eason program that I love.  I’m lifting 5-6 days a week, running 3 days a week, and teaching my wonderful HIGH class!

Here are a FEW pics. of my latest and greatest events!

HIGH FITNESS crazy workout party!  How fun to be a part of a teaching crew for 300+ people!

HIGH FITNESS crazy workout party! How fun to be a part of a teaching crew for 300+ people!

Summer dates with my kids!

Summer dates with my kids!

Bike racing with my besties!

Bike racing with my besties!

Working the T25 on vacation with my sis!

Working the T25 on vacation with my sis!

My family !! <3 <3

My family !!

Summer family reunion!  Love them!

Summer family reunion! Love them!

School is in full swing now and my life is hopping and hopping!  We keep busy!  Now that I’ve caught everyone up with my life, I’ll share my FITNESS TIDBIT of the day!!!

DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF!!  Whenever I go too strict with my diet, I get in a big mess with my head!  Keep challenging yourself, make goals, fall off the wagon, and rethink your plan.  Work Hard, Lift Weights, Get Sleep, Eat Healthy, and SMILE!

I’ll share some meal plans next week!!  Hopefully, I can blog twice a week!  Meals on Monday and Workouts on Wednesday with pictures of life on both days!  Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


FALL right back to you

It’s rainy today and the first real DROP in temp!  I was in my daughter’s room today making her bed and I noticed how pretty it looked outside her window.  Our house is surrounded by many trees, which I LOVE!!!!  I also love the Fall colors and I can’t wait for all the leaves to change.  Here’s a shot I took out her window.


Here are a few more I couldn’t resist that I found on Pinterest (:  Much prettier!  YES!

e3cd08d8fdda20ac71908d9ee935f0b6 791ac1e1ade1851a88f84fb758cfc136 4639d155996704633fafbb825cad94c5And here is the FUNNIEST one of the day!!  You’ll get this if you live in Utah and you’re a football fan.  Ha Ha!  Love it!


O.K.  on to something real FIT LIKE!!  I’m officially accepted into the BOSTON MARATHON!!  I really can’t believe that.  I might want to see if I can push it to 2015 since some of my friends might run it then.  Either way, what an AMAZING experience!

I read an article today from OXYGEN MAGAZINE.  It was titled 6 Fit Habits.  Naturally, I had to see if I was doing all of them.  Here they are:

1-Stay hydrated, before, during, and after you exercise.  Keeps your kidneys healthy!

2-Hit the treadmill 4-5 times a week.  YUCK!  I think that could mean RUN outside too!!  Good for your heart!

3-Join an outdoor running group.  Super plus!!  Now, they get to the outdoor stuff.  Good for your brain!  

4-Skip “happy hour” with your pals.  Not a problemo.  I won’t be drinking alcohol anytime soon.  For sure.  Saves your liver!

5-Start your morning with yoga.  Uh-oh.  I don’t really like yoga.  Minus one for me.  I am not patient enough.  Good for your lungs!

6-Apply sunscreen regularly.  I am half and half on this one.  Always on my face, not so much on my bod.  Healthy skin!

This has been a GREAT workout and eating healthy week for me.  Here are 3 days of workouts.

Monday-6 mile easy run.  Back.

Tuesday-Chest and Abs.  Body Attack.

Wednesday-45 minutes Spin class.  Arms and Abs.  45 minutes Zumba.

I went to Spin with my “bed rest from exercise” friend since she can’t run and I LOVED it!!!  I could never sit in a room all by myself and bike for an hour, but with LOUD music, lots of buddies, and an instructor creating a visual outdoor course, it was a BLAST and I was shinily dripping!!

Best Advice!!  Mix up your workouts!  Do something different and keep your body guessing!!

That’s all I got today.  Happy Hump Day!

7 pounds in 10 days!


Happy Friday!  I about had a nervous breakdown yesterday and summer hasn’t even started.  Uh-oh…  I can’t even describe my running around chauffeuring day.  I haven’t been in a bad mood like that…ever really.  I like to think I’m usually a calm and happy person 🙂  I’m going to make the bus schedule clear to my kids this summer.  I will be leaving the house at 10 if they want to go anywhere and having two other pick up times during the day.  That’s it!  Last day of school today.  I love summer.  It will be great!!

So, my happy news of the day!  I weighed 130.6.  I was a little shocked and jumped on the scale 4 times or so to make sure it was right.  I’ll take it!  I have been sugar free for 10 days and I’ve lost 7 pounds.  I still have 7 1/2 weeks to go too!  It’s been fine.  Every once in awhile at the grocery store or something I see taffy or hot tamales or chocolate or cookies…and I want them, but the thought quickly leaves my head.  I was starving the other day at a baseball game and I grabbed a bag of carrots to curb my appetite until dinner.  Here are a few things I’m doing.  Yes, I exercise a ton, but it’s really about the FOOD!!!  Here is what I’ve been eating:

BREAKFAST-banana, protein powder, peanut butter, and spinach smoothie

LUNCH-turkey sandwich with tons of veges and an EMERGE drink.

SNACKS-handful of cashews, Zone bar, and an apple

DINNER-salads with chicken, salmon, or tofu.  Lots of veges and black beans.

I went out to eat once and ordered soup and salad.  One night I wasn’t too hungry and I made a batch of coconut chia seed protein pancakes.  Courtesy of my SISTER!!   I drink lots of water and mostly stop eating by 7:30.  Eating healthy actually works!

As for exercise, today we did a 9 1/2 mile run.  All of us were feeling a little sluggish this morning.  Long week I guess.  I was draggin’ a little, but at one point a rush of adrenaline came over me and I picked it up!!  Here is my exercise for the week (this includes tomorrow).

Weekly Running Mileage-25 miles

Weights-1 lower body workout, 2 upper body workouts, and a couple mini WOD’s.

Classes-Body Combat twice

I don’t have time for any fancy pictures today.  Let me check my pinterest page for a motivational quote and I did find a cute bootie short for me!

Nike-Printed-Tempo-Womens-Running-Boyshorts-519837_458_AHave a FANTASTIC weekend and LOVE the SUN!!!


Kick it up December

Happy 12-12-12!  What a fun day to be born!  Today we had a GREAT workout with the girls at the church.  I warned them that I was feeling guilty from my overeating and that it would be hard!  I’m happy to say my friend came up with a new name for my class-BEAST!  So, I am now DEATH and BEAST!!  I love that!  Next week will be even better though.  It’s my birthday workout and it will be KILLER!!  Why do I like this picture?

tumblr_magh5t5WMf1rn92z6o1_500Here are TWO workouts.  The first one is my TREADMILL workout from yesterday!  I loved it.

5.5 Miles/45 Minutes 

1 lap warm up

3 Rounds between 6.5-8.5 speed (adjust to your level)

6.5 (2 minutes)

7.0 (2 minutes)

7.5 (2 minutes)

8.0 (1 minute)

8.5 (1 minute)

Easy 7.0 run to finish mile 4

15 Tabata Runs (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

Keep your speed up (9.0-10.0).  Run for 20 seconds, hold onto rails and jump

off and rest for 10 seconds.  BE CAREFUL!!



3 Rounds (50 reps of everything on the 1st, 40 on the 2nd, 30 on the 3rd)

Walking lunges with overhead shoulder press

Hand release push up

BURPEES (20 on the first round, 15 second round, 10 third round)

Alternating Bicep Curls (R L is one)

Tricep overhead extension


Stiff legged dead lift

Mountain Climbers


Bicycle Crunches

Side Planks

 We did some leg and butt lifts after each round too.  Same reppage (50,40,30)


This was a tough workout.  I felt so loved by my friends (:  

December is a hard month to follow the diet and exercise routine.  I usually give up through the whole month.  This year, I’m determined to stay on track!  I’ve realized I’m an ALL or NOTHING person when it comes to eating sweets.  I do better with giving myself treat days instead of small treats every day.  I have given myself extra days for December since it is MY BIRTHDAY month too!!!  SOOOOOOO, I’ll take the 20th, 24th, 25th, and the 31st off.  (:  YUMMY!!  I’m conjuring up several awesome NEW YEAR’S goals that I’ll post soon.  I WILL make up for all those days in January!!  Happy Holidays!  Enjoy friends, family, food, and exercise!!!

My little first born is not so little anymore.  The day has come that I never thought would arrive.  I am the MOM of a giant CHILD!  Enjoy the day!  Work Hard ALWAYS *