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Stay warm…exercise!

Happy Winter Wonderland Monday!  A funny thing happened yesterday.  Due to my “I am eating super healthy” mode, I hid a bunch of candy that I had WAY too much of around the house.  My son wanted to bring some to church for his class and I couldn’t remember where I put it!  I checked in every hiding place I could think of!  I guess that’s one way to stay on target. I had a really good eating weekend!  YAY me!  HOWEVER, my scale is up and keeps going up!  What the?  I weighed myself Saturday, Sunday, and today and each day I went up a pound.  Hello!  No scale for me (:

There is some good news in this story!  I found some old measurements I did in June and my weight was a little lower then and higher measurements.  Now, my measurements are lower and higher weight.  Hmmm…I think I’ll take the measurements over the scale any day!!  I tried on my skinny jeans that only fit me at 132 or less and they fit fine!   I hope my clients are reading this!!!  The scale is the LEAST accurate way to track losing weight!  I’m still hittin’ it hard at the gym and in the food dept.  This is what I had for breakfast today!  Sweet potato hash browns, orange slices, and 1 egg/3 egg whites with salsa.

securedownload-3Well, we were snowed in this weekend and stuck in an ice burg!!  The temperature this morning was 4 degrees!  Lots and lots of snow!!!  I’ve decided exercising is the only way to stay warm now!!  No one should have a problem getting off their butts!!  My friend and I were talking about a 1/2 marathon we want to run in January.  We’ve been lifting weights so much and the weather has been so awful we realized we haven’t even been running!  We want to start running 3 days a week.  One fast 6 miler, one serious hill run, and a 10 miler.  I’m sure at least 2 of these will have to be on the treadmill this week!  Here are my kids and the neighbors enjoying our hill in the front yard!

photo-50 securedownload-2I love “watching” them play in the snow!  All 5 of them still like to go sledding!  One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing the BEST movie that went along well with the theme of our weather.  FROZEN!!  Broadway style quality!  I even recognized one of the characters voices as Idina Menzel who played Elphaba in Wicked.  She is one of my FAVORITE singers!  Two of my kids weren’t with us so we’ll have to see it again this week!!  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and worth the money!!  My kids were listening to and singing the songs all weekend!  Here is one of the BEST songs from the movie.  Idina Menzel.

I need the piano music and it’s even a good running song.  I’d better get on with the day.  I have a lot to do this week!!!  Happy eating and working out.  NO EXCUSES!!!