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Maintain your weight and be a rising STAR *

Yello!  I survived Girl’s Camp…barely.  It was Wednesday through Saturday about an hour away in the mountains.  The first day was super cold.  I had on 5 layers and my winter coat (: I didn’t sleep much any of the nights and we were busy having fun every day.  It was probably the best camp I’ve been to.  Very well thought out, inspirational, and fun.  Everything went smoothly with meals, activities, and everyone getting along.  I ate pretty well.  We did have the most amazing food so I had to splurge a bit.  I got up early 2 of the mornings and did yoga and pilates (: Not my usual, but it was good considering my lack of energy.  I was drained on all levels.  Good to be there and good to be home!  Here are two pics.  One of my wonderful leader friends and the other with my besty and our daughters!

securedownload-1 securedownloadToday is Monday!  I’ve been thinking about my lack of stick-to-it-ness on my goals.  I need to make better goals AND be happier with my body!  I have perfectionist tendencies, which isn’t all bad.  I love a challenge and thrive on goal setting.  Now that my 8 week challenge is nearing an end, I need to reevaluate my plan.  Here is my realistic MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT plan (:  I say maintain although in the back of my mind I still want to increase muscle tone and lower body fat.  With the way I work out and eat, I’m sure I can do BOTH!  (I did say realistic, right?)

  • Clean eating 6 days a week.  (This is my weakness)
  • 4 hour eat whatever I want window one day a week.  This will be Sunday.
  • No eating past 8:30 p.m.
  • Workouts 6 days a week.  At least 3 days of heavy lifting and 3 days of fast running.  (This is my strength)


I’m going to work on this for the rest of summer, even when my little sis is in town!  Next on my bucket list (I just thought of this today) is to send in a photo of me to Oxygen Magazine under the future of fitness section.  Let me explain!  I was looking through my favorite magazine today and reading through this section.  Most of the girls are my size.  They feature 4 girls in the back of the magazine and a little blurb on each of them explaining why they are fit and advice etc.  I don’t want to be famous or anything, but I think it might be a FUN challenge.  I’m 40 and this would add to my year of firsts!  Boston marathon, Ragnar, and Oxygen magazine (:  One of my clients is a great photographer.  I’ll get a photo shoot from her!  To prepare for the event, I want to do a 12 week super strict plan starting in August.  This is very much in the initial idea phase.  Details will follow.  

Back to MAINTAINING WEIGHT!  I’m big on weight loss, but I think maintaining weight is just as important.  I’ve kept my weight (minus 5 pregnancies) within 10 pounds of my weight in high school.  I must be doing something right or I have really good genes.  I don’t believe the genes thing!  I do LOVE exercise, which helps!  Here is my simple ADVICE:

Weigh yourself weekly!  If your clothes get tight and your weight is going up, STOP what you are doing and evaluate your EATING habits.  Exercise habits are second.  Cut portion size and eliminate white flour and white sugar.

Don’t go off the wagon for long!  I’m notorious for messing up my healthy diet plan, BUT I never do it for long.  At the most, I have 1-2 weeks of crappy eating and I NEVER slack on exercise unless I’m sick.

Be conscious of what you eat or write it down!  Think about what you eat.  Never go too long without eating or you’ll most likely make an unhealthy food choice.  Writing it down cuts calories drastically.

Never give up!  Don’t talk yourself out of being healthy.  Of course everyone has limitations, but make it a priority.  Don’t say I’m too old, I’ve had too many kids, I work, I’m a stay at home Mom, I have a broken leg…you get it.  You can do it! 🙂 

I could ramble about this for awhile, but I think these 4 are the most important.  This is what I do.  Make it fun.  Be creative.  Find a friend.  I’ll end now!  

I haven’t posted a SUNDAY shot for awhile.  My cutie middlest child needed a pic. with me!  Dress is Boden.  I love summer!


I’ll be back on WEDNESDAY!!!  My oldest is turning 16!!!  I can’t believe it.  PARTY PARTY!!!

Inspiration Monday

Good Morning Monday!  A new week, new goals, and new perspective.  Lately and most often in my life I feel the need to SIMPLIFY (:  It’s as if I’m always saying we’re only busy for this one short time, it will be over soon, or life will calm down…I’ve come to the reality that it never does.  That’s o.k. as long as perspective and priorities are in check.  Sometimes in the early morning hours random thoughts and ideas come to mind.  My lucky husband gets to listen to me think through my half sleepy 4 a.m. inspirations!  Right now my brain is focused on training for Boston, helping with the school’s musical, and personal training.  After the marathon I really want to change my schedule.

I look at my kids and my friend’s kids and we’re starting to send off our oldest and most of our kids are all in school.  I’m not one to dwell on the past or wish my kids would stay young forever, but I want to look back and know that I was there for them and that they knew and felt how much I loved them!  My oldest will be out of the house in just a little over two years and though it brings tears to my eyes, they are happy tears of wonderful memories.  I want to have more remembrances of going on walks, playing outside, and reading books rather than times of rushing from place to place.  I want to be healthy and teach my kids the importance of eating well and exercising but I don’t want to be remembered as the crazy Mom who was always exercising and making them eat weird food (:  That makes me laugh because I might need to claim that one!


Here’s to TODAY!  Another new day and week to work hard, accomplish more, and LOVE every minute of it!  I need to put some quotes and pictures in my weight room and here are a few of my favorites that I might be using!  Never forget (:


I’ll add a couple songs for Music Monday too.  Wednesday I’ll be ALL talk about my fitness and health challenges for the next MONTH!!  Florida is coming up and I’m trying to be a bit of a perfectionist with how I want to look (:  Can’t wait!!!

I heard this song on my ipod the other day during my workout.  I HEART music!!

This one reminds me of Pompeii of course.  We visited that town a year and a half ago.  The movie was amazing as well.


3 month plan

Hello!  It’s Sunday night!  This is really my Monday post.  Last night, my Mom, sister, and my life long friend and I had a wonderful evening!  We attended an excellent church meeting.  Then, we ate dinner at Zupa’s!  We loved talking, reminiscing, and being together!  Here we are:


I had a great healthy week until about 4 p.m. on Saturday night and then I had a few extras and a few more today, but of course it’s that time of the month to start over again!!!  It’s also that time of year to really nail my New Year’s Resolutions since I haven’t kept them all year!  I’m talking about the 3 treat days a month goal.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to finish up the year strong and hit my 4-0 birthday better than ever!  For my birthday, I want a personal trainer (:  Mostly, to help my own business, but also because I want to see what I can do with a strict diet, hard core lifting, and knowing I need to report to someone each week.

I really don’t waver too much from a healthy lifestyle.  I think my weight fluctuates 3-7 lbs. at the most.  Here are my TO DO’s for the next 3 months:

  • 3 treat days a month
  • Keep a daily food log
  • Weight lift 5-6 days a week
  • No eating past 7:30 p.m.

Much of the same!  To help me stick to this little plan, I’m going to post pictures of me and my weight each week.  Maybe I’ll even flex my biceps…maybe…just once (:  I need to get back to my workout clothing reviews again anyway since I’m done with my Sunday outfits for now.

Hit it STrong!!!  



Well!  We had a FUN weekend!!  Saturday was especially nice as I was with my youngest scalawags for most of the day!!

securedownloadThe weather was so nice!  The day started out with my daughter and her friend running a 5k!  I do believe this was the first race she has done.  Later on that day she told me,”Mom, ya know, I really don’t like running.  I thought I would, running with my friends, but I really don’t.”  Ha ha!  I’ve told her many times that it’s o.k. if she doesn’t like to run.  She sees how much I like it and she thought she would like it.  That might change.  I didn’t really like to run at 12 either!

securedownload-1I didn’t run.  I cheered them along the race course and yelled as they ran through the finish line!  This morning however, I thought I’d give my 6 miler a go!  My body didn’t like that and my brain was remembering what I did a little over a week ago.  My heel started bugging me and my legs still felt rather weary.  I gave it a good effort, but I think I’ll be spinning and lifting this week.

I ate WAY too much this weekend and I am SERIOUS this time about not giving in on my goals!!  Only healthy eating for me.  I MIGHT give myself a 3 hr. eat whatever I want window on Sunday!  Here is the usual list (:

  • Write down what I eat
  • 5 fruits and vegetables a day
  • No eating past 7:30 p.m.
  • Jamie Eason weights 6 days a week

And of course NO SUGAR!!!  I want to keep this up till the last 3 days of October.  AND…if I do, I’m going to the GAP and buying myself a new outfit.  They have the cutest stuff right now!

Back to my fun weekend with the kids!!!  After our 7 am 5k, I hurried home to gather up my 2 kidlets and we went to brother’s football game, which they LOST!!  First loss of the season and the other team was super awful!  We had a yummy lunch after and then we went home for a bit.  I had to sit out back in the sun for a half hour or so!!!  We ran up to Lagoon a little bit later and had such a fun time riding the rides, walking around, and enjoying all the Halloween decorations!  AFTER Lagoon, we made a quick stop at a new shopping center close by.  Loved it!!!  I need to go back with my girlfriends.  We bought pumpkins at the grocery store!  We didn’t get home till dinner time.  The BIG football game was at 8:30 and we went over to the cousins to watch that.  Fun times with a bunch of little league football boys rooting for the wrong team (:  UTAH won (as usual)  Hee hee!

2 songs I LOVE today.  An oldie Bon Jovi-Always * and the funniest video my daughter showed me.  Makes me smile (:  Brave by Sara Bareilles.  Love it!!  Be BRAVE!!


To workout or not to workout

Do you work out when you are sick?  What if you have a marathon in less than 3 weeks and you REALLY want to do well?  What if you feel soooooo much better on drugs?  Are you really better?  (:  This is the boat I am in.  I’ve got a head cold or maybe a sinus infection.  I don’t like to take time off.  I want to run fast this week.  I have an 8 and a 12 miler to run  and I’m hoping to keep my pace at an 8 or under for most of it.  Nutrition and wellness are key here.  SO, I will be eating VERY healthy till the race and striving towards at least 7 hours of sleep each night.  I’m also hoping my order at bodybuilding.com will help keep me fueled with energy.  I was in need of protein powder and vitamins and I found this awesome deal!

image_prodprod220034_largeImage_X_130_whiteIt includes 5 lbs. of chocolate coconut whey protein, 2 lbs. casein, 60 multi vitamins, and 30 servings of essential amino acids for energy!  You can pick between tons of flavors.

I was talking with my friends today at the park and one of my fastie friends just signed up for the marathon!  Now, I feel pressure to keep up with her (:  She wants to have a goal for the month of September to go off Diet Coke.  I’m going to do it with her, except I’ll go off SUGAR for the month!  30 days sounds better than 100!  Baby steps here.  For the rest of the year I’m going to try a different one month goal.  We’ll see how it goes.

We were also talking about what to wear for the race.  That’s a big deal you know.  We have twinner red shorts and I think we’ll purchase matching tops!  So far there are 4 of us signed up and I think one more will join us!  PARTY!!

Here are the lululemon shorts we have:

199e890a-3f86-40c2-801e-7e82e181e240-LW7413S_0847_1-mediumMy husband gave me a gift card to Athleta and I think I’ll use it for the top!  Which one should we wear?

I know this is green but I like it (:

I know this is green but I like it (:

I gotta see if this is the same red.

I gotta see if this is the same red.

This one looks like the best one.  I don't love black, but it does go with everything!

This looks like the best one. I don’t love black, but it does go with everything!

Looking through the website, I found out Athleta sells TONS of running accessories too such as sunglasses, water bottles, reflector vests, socks, and headbands.  Love that!

Keep moving and plugging along!  It’s all worth it.  Time to go clean my fridge out and figure out dinner before the CREW comes home!


100 day goal

It is time to reclaim my former life!  We have been in a whirlwind for the last week or so!  My parent’s celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and it was spectacular!  To see them so happy was wonderful to me!  I must say we know how to throw a party.  It was perfect!!  Such a great reunion of past friends and family!  Here are my parents and their 7 kids and a cut out picture of them 50 years ago!

47a3d908b3127cce98541b6aedad00000035100AcMnLhkzbNWPgMy oldest brother and I played the part of MC.  My Dad sang “Some Enchanted Evening” to my Mom and it was so sweet!!  I’m grateful for these parents of mine and proud to be a part of our family!

Now, it is back to REAL life!  I’m completely disoriented from my normal, predictable routine.  The only fit thing I’ve been able to keep up on is my running!  We had a great 16 miler down Immigration Canyon over the weekend and today our usual 6 miles felt like a walk in the park!  I want to get back to eating healthy and lifting.  I have to SAY to my dear friend that will be reading this…I did not keep our 9 week fitness plan.  If you remember 9 weeks ago we were gung ho on shaping up!  I wanted to be at 125 and all ripped (:  HA HA !!!  July has been worse than the Christmas season!  So….that brings me to my next goal of course.  After talking with a cousin at the party this weekend, I have decided to go without sugar for 100 days!!!  Officially starting on AUGUST 1st!!!!  That means: no cookies, brownies, white bread, or candy!!!  It’ll be awesome!!  I also need to spend less money!!  So, that will be part of the plan too!!  I’ll be SERIOUSLY on this time!!  🙂  Today is hopping!  I’ve got to get moving in many directions!  Have a happy and smiley day!!  Two songs to lift you up ***


A Peaceful Refuge

Last night my son and I went on a little walk to the MOON!  I was expecting to see something like this, but what we really saw was…a normal moon.  Either way I had a great time with my little PEANUT who

thcelebrates his 15th birthday this week!!!  I have a extra soft spot for my first born.  He was my whole life and all I thought about for 2 1/2 years until the next one came along!  LOVE!

15 years ago!

15 years ago!

What a whirlwind weekend as usual.  I had a break from the strict diet and it felt GREAT!!!  I’m not beating myself up about it either.  Of course I have a new set of commitments laid out, but I enjoyed a food filled weekend.  We had a wonderful all you can eat work party on the same night of the biggest fancy pants wedding reception I’ve ever been to.  We felt like we were in a movie!  We had a wonderful night visiting with FAMILY!   Sunday was especially AMAZING!!!  I have to share so many pictures.  We got together with our greatest friends and enjoyed the beautiful summer night while the kids played and ran around the yard.  We cooked smores and I saw the most incredible garden they built in their back yard.  My friend is Martha Stewart and I have to brag about her to everyone!!!  First off, she has herb boxes on her deck and along the side of her house she has corn and tomatoes.  They’ve planted many fruit trees, all with keep away deer and squirrel fences and at the top of their yard my jaw dropped when I saw this:

photo-7This picture doesn’t even do it justice.  They excavated a big section in the yard, fenced the whole thing, put a small barn like shed on one end and a chicken coop on the other.  They’ve planted beans, squash, zucchini, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and cucumbers.  I know I’m forgetting something.  Everything is plumbed with water hoses and she uses all organic ingredients to tend to it.  As we talked she explained to me how peaceful it is for her to get up in the garden and work and see the plants grow.  Ohhh…I have a something new I want to do now!!  I’m so lucky to have her to teach me everything I need to know.  The chickens were the funniest.  They got out at one time and were running around trying to eat the plants.  We had to corral them back in.  What  a beautiful and rewarding refuge I hope I can do at my own house!!  These little guys are the cutest!

photo-7 photo-7 photo-7 photo-7 It was a happy night for me!  I love family and friends!

Here we are at the start of a new week.  I’m going to try to make a goal one week at a time!  This week I want to work on eating every 2-3 hours and drinking a gallon of water a day or close to it!  I really want to stay sugar free again for 5 weeks.  I can do it!!!  I found a GREAT website through one of my followers!!  THANK YOU!!! Its called Cross my Heart Fitness!  She’s a little bit more of a runner than me, but the part I loved was a HUGE list of healthy food options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.  I’m going to print it out for myself and my clients!  Here is an example of just the breakfast part!

Eat-Clean Sample Breakfast Menu

1 cup melon
with ¾ cup low fat cottage cheese
cinnamon and ¼ cup Kashi granola

¾ cup cooked oatmeal
with cinnamon, ½ cup diced apple
2 tbsp chopped walnuts, ½ cup lowfat milk

½ Cup Nature’s Path cereal
1 Cup greek Yogurt (plain non-fat)
½ sliced banana
½ cup blueberries

1 oz diced ham, scrambled 2 egg whites
1 Tbsp Mexican blend shredded cheese
1 slice rye toast or Ezekiel bread
6 oz Orange juice or peace of fruit

½ cup lowfat ricotta cheese mixed with ½ cup
lowfat cottage cheese and 1 tsp 100% pure Maple Syrup
Top with ½ cup frozen unsweetened cherries or berries,
Thawed, and ½ tsp sesame seeds

1 whole wheat tortilla with 1 Tbsp peanut butter
and ½ slice banana

¾ cup cooked oatmeal mixed with ¼ cup lowfat
milk, 1oz chocolate protein powder, ½ chopped banana
¼ cup frozen unsweetened cherries, thawed

Scrambled 3 egg whites with 3 cups fresh spinach
And 1 chopped roma tomato topped with 1 Tbsp
Fat free feta cheese, 1 slice Ezekiel break toasted

¾ cup cooked oatmeal, 1 Tbsp chopped nuts,
½ cup thawed frozen unsweetened berries, dash
of cinnamon and drizzle of honey, 3 hard boiled egg whites

Cream of Wheat made with water, ½ cup thawed frozen berries
3 egg whites cooked to your liking

Ezekiel English muffin toasted, topped with cottage cheese
Fresh spinach, tomato slices, 1 poached egg, 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

Granola with nonfat plain yogurt  and frozen, thawed berries
Layer in glass bowl, sprinkle with  cinnamon and chopped nuts

Ultimate smoothie: 1 cup ice cubes, 1 cup non fat, soy , rice or almond milk
¼ cup low fat cottage cheese, ½ cup fresh or frozen berries, 1 kiwi peeled and chopped
½ cup chilled green tea.  Blend all in blender until smooth.

WOW!!  Check it out!


So…here we go again.  Recommitted to health!  I ran 5 1/2 miles today and it felt so good.  Then I met a friend at the gym for a back workout.  I know I change my mind a lot, but my new exercise schedule is running 3 days a week, one of those on the trail, Jamie Eason weight program 6 days a week.  I keep trying to follow my weight program and I keep failing.  It’s 8 weeks long and I don’t want to miss a day!  So far so good on DAY 1!!!

Here’s a song the kids were listening to last night.  Love the hard core guy video to go along with it from Fast and Furious.  So funny!  NAIL IT THIS WEEK!!!