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Never never give up!

O.K.  Time to get serious here.  I have a few clients that are eating healthy all the time and exercising every day.  Why are they not losing weight?  Today one of them even said something like I’M READY TO GIVE UP!!  Ouch!  That hurt my ears! (:  I typed in NEVER GIVE UP on Pinterest.  My favorite sayings popped up!


There are multiple influences on losing weight.  What works for one does not always work for another.  Everyone has opposite views on weight loss.  It’s dizzying!  One thing for certain is losing weight is NOT EASY!  If it was, everyone would be doing it! 🙂

I’ve summarized one of my favorite fitness icons program for exercising and losing weight.  Jamie Eason Live Fit.  This is killer and it you follow it and I mean FOLLOW IT to a T, you will lose weight and gain energy!  I asked my girls what the hardest thing was about losing weight.  First answer: PATIENCE.  Second answer: FOOD.  I asked some others what their tips were for losing weight.  After the stress and flu, I got portion size and clean eating.  I can’t stress enough that DIET is everything in losing weight, second is WEIGHT TRAINING.  As you age, you lose muscle mass, stop burning as many calories, and put on weight.  Keep building your muscles and feeding them clean food and protein.

Alright, off my soap box.  Here are the workouts I’ll be doing for the next two weeks.  Jamie Eason Phase 2 weeks 1-2 .  Here is her nutrition plan.  Print it, stick it on the wall, buy everything you need and do it!!

0001ls 0002IL 0001Q9We had a great workout today at the church!  Lots of sweating goin’ on.  I’ll post it on Wednesday!  Happy eating and exercising.  You can do it!  No matter what!



20 and a few favorites for the day!

20 miles Baby!  Well, as usual, time never stops.  My 20 miler came and went!!  The day before I was a little nervous.  I need to chill.  Everything was great!!  I ran with two awesome girls who will be with me in Boston.  It was a beautiful run!  Some of you won’t get this, but I want to write it down to remember the route.  We started at the top of 4th North and ran South until we hit a trail.  Then we kept going on the trail till it almost headed down to Salt Lake.  Turned around and ran the whole length back, till we hit another trail by the B.  We hopped on that one and ran through to the road.  Ran down 4th N. to Davis.  We were at 16 miles at that point.  We ran out 2 miles and back.  The run equaled 20.5 to be exact (:  My legs started feelin’ it when we hit Davis but I stayed with it and we made it.  Yay!!  Great feeling!  They want to run 20 next week.  I might do it in hopes that my body with be stronger and feel better prepared for the marathon.  With that, here is my FAVORITE quote of the day!!

power-clean-exercise-inspirational-quoteWe are getting ready to leave for a weekend getaway with friends.  A very much needed R & R for me!!  I’ll finish quickly with a few more FAVORITES for the day!!!  FAVORITE food suggestion:

59e6ed24f085e246a3ea42dbce8905b5This is a great reference.  I’m always telling my clients to eat more fiber and protein!  Next FAVORITE is a favorite workout I’ve been doing!  I found a ZUMBA girl I just love!!  Jessica Bass Byrge.  She’s on facebook and she’s making a Zumba video.  Here is my FAVORITE Zumba song right now!  Most early mornings after my clients leave I set up my ipad and go through a few songs with her all by myself in my gym!  Here I am after one early morning!

securedownloadI could also add that these are my FAVORITE shoes too!!  Most comfortable ever!!  Here’s the video!

I’m off!  Stay Strong and Committed Always!!  SticK to it!



Winter activities

Life has been a little bit of a blur lately!  We’ve been enjoying the Christmas break!!  I have many thoughts running through my head of new goals, organization plans, and ways to be better and get more done.  I will share some of my thoughts and New Year’s Resolutions on December 31st!!

What I really want to talk about today are the highlights from our Christmas break trip!  The day after Christmas we left everything behind and headed up to Heber City to stay with friends for a few days!  The days were filled with fun and relaxation.  Thursday we went snowmobiling!  This was my first time snowmobiling.  We dressed warm since the temperatures were in the teens and twenties.  We had 6 snowmobiles between our families and followed the many trails across the mountains and valleys.  It was beautiful!!  It felt like trail running to me and I loved being outside.  Here I am with a couple kids after we took a break at the warming hut!  It was pretty cold!

photo-53Day 2 was not my favorite activity!  We went sledding on the lazy man sledding hill!  It was a hill that had a cable that pulled you up on your tubes and then you picked between 5 or 6 hills to go down.  O.K….let’s just say, I am not a lover of speed!!  I went down the first time holding onto my smallest son in his tube and about had a heart attack.  I remained calm and smiled as I went down only a couple more times.  Each time I went down I tried to feel better about the situation!  I did NOT like spinning out of control down an icy hill at speeds that felt like I would never stop.  That’s enough I’ll say about that.  Most people looked like they were lovin’ it!

Yay sledding!

Yay sledding!

We always eat well when we get together too.  It’s a tradition to eat at the local train restaurant.  It’s a fancy burger joint that has a train running around a track over head.  Yummy food and always a favorite for everyone in the whole city too!  On another night, we had fondue for dinner!  First we dipped bread, celery, shrimp, chicken, and apples in a cheesy sauce and second we had a toblerone chocolate fondue where we dipped rice krispie treats, cream puffs, pretzels, marshmellows, strawberries, and pretty much everything in it.  Soooo good!!

Everything is good dipped in cheese or chocolate!

Everything is good dipped in cheese or chocolate!

The last day was a spur of the moment decision to go cross country skiing.  This one was my favorite by far!!  I’ve always wanted to try cross country skiing.  I know how to downhill ski and have been many times, but I’ve never loved it.  I’m thinking that has something to do with the speed thing!  Cross country skiing is totally different in a completely different environment too.  Once again, I felt like we were hiking in the mountains only it was more like skating.  I loved the exercise part of it too.  It works every muscle group in your body!  So much fun!!

IMG955094What a great trip!  It’s good to be back.  I’m looking forward to getting my house back in order and sorting out my new year plans.  On Christmas day we saw the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  It was an interesting movie and had some really good meaning.  Here is a quote I liked.  This is LIFE magazine’s motto!  Be happy!  Work Hard…


Kick your trash time saving workout

I LOVE a day when I stay home and get stuff done around the house!!!  Minus my SWEET birthday workout with my girlfriends, one training appointment, and a lovely birthday lunch with my parents I’ve been busy with laundry, cleaning floors, organizing, and getting all my last to do lists together for Christmas!!  We have so many fun events in the weeks to come.  I am also thinking through a new and improved 6 week get fit program that I will be following to a T come JAN 1.  My New Years Resolution is to make resolutions that I WILL keep this year!  One part involves looking like this:

Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason

I’ll reveal how this can be done ASAP and before December 31st!

We had a GREAT turn out for our workout today!  For my birthday I asked my friend to teach Zumba for 1/2 of the class and the other half I did a fast paced weight workout I found at fitnessrx.  Lift heavy is all I can say.

AMANDA-HOLIDAY-WORKOUT-CHARTI only did the first 2 sets because I wanted to end with 40 donkey kicks against the wall, 40 v-ups with weights, and 40 burpees!  Three kick your trash exercises.  That’s what I get for turning 40 this week!

jump both legs on the wall and jump back down as fast as you can.

jump both legs on the wall or tree and jump back down as fast as you can.

Unknown-1 Unknown-2

Keep working hard and eating clean.  Patience.  All things come to those who wait!  Happy holidays.

I love this!

I love this!

30-25-20-15 workout

GREAT workout day today!!!  I am 3 days into my 7 week challenge and I feel sooooo much better already.  Imagine how I’ll be 7 weeks from now.  Getting more sleep is the only struggle sometimes.  The weather is turning and it’s nice to see signs of spring!  I can’t wait to see more of this!

crocanthemum-bicknellii-ha-atalI was contemplating quitting my Wednesday workout class with my favorite Moms and so many of them said how much they loved and missed it when I don’t do it, that I decided to make it work.  It really is a nice break.  So, here’s the WOD!!

30-25-20-15 workout

Do each circuit 4 times going down in reps 30-25-20-15 before

moving to the next circuit

Circuit 1

Hand release push ups

Sumo squats


High Knees

Circuit 2

Chair dips

 Step ups (each leg)

Tick tock abs with weights

Mountain Climbers

Circuit 3

Side to side pushups

Inner and outer thigh lifts

Full sit ups


REWARDS are very important 🙂 in helping me stick to my goals.  Lululemon is sporting all the beautiful spring colors right now!  Here are a few rewards I am loving right now.  After 7 weeks, I’ll narrow it down to ONE…maybe TWO (if I’m really good) things to give myself!

LW3904S_010603_1 011329_RSG_24-333x500 LW8329R_010059_3 V359932 0e05fe201871656d23202c13005498bd

Have a happy, springy day!  Looking forward to Working Hard tomorrow**



Week of workouts and what to eat

Hello!  We woke up to more snow!  February has pretty much been like January around here.  I was able to shovel my driveway first thing this morning for a pre-workout workout!

So, the other day a fit chick (Christmas Abbott) caught my eye on the Yahoo news page and I looked her up.  Of course she’s a Cross Fit girl.  I admire the hard work and effort it takes to stick to those workouts and strict eating.  Impressive.  I want her abs!


tumblr_m6tk41tkcp1rsqd7fo1_500-f9db85f3-sz500x534I’ve never really tried Cross Fit long term.  I do live in a VERY fit town.  We have several cross fit gyms along with a half a dozen regular gyms.  When spring and summer hit we have several great running and biking roads and trails.  I can’t wait to hit them!

I’m RARELY an excuses girl.  I have to say though that being a Mom of 5 kids at this stage in my life makes it pretty hard to keep up my “wanna be a rockin’ cross fit girl” physique.  Here’s to reality!  However, I do believe that one can achieve amazing results with sheer stubbornness and dedication.  We did this workout yesterday and all my friends were telling me how sore they were today.  Give it a try!

Hit it Hard Tabatas

20 seconds on and 10 seconds off of each exercise.  8 rounds of each exercise before moving to the next.


Dumbbell stiff leg dead lifts

RUN (2 sets of ladders in the gym)

Jump Squats

Ab twists holding a weight

RUN ladders

Push Ups

High Sumos

RUN ladders

Mountain Climbers twisting knee to opposite elbow

Reverse lunge with front kick

RUN ladders

Butterfly sit ups

Curtsy side jump lunges

RUN ladders


I have 1 week to lose 3 pounds.  Today I weighed 130 and that was before any workout.  I thought I’d share what I’ve been eating.  I don’t think you need fancy and complicated recipes to eat well.  This is what I’ve been loving lately.

BREAKFAST: 1 egg, 2 egg whites with veges and ham sauteed up or a protein shake.

LUNCH: Salad with cottage cheese, veges, chicken, EMERGE drink from MAX MUSCLE.

SNACKS: Cottage cheese and greek yogurt with stevia, cinnamon, and blueberries, nuts and raisins, ZONE bar, pear or apple.

DINNER: chicken and veges.

I found this pre-cooked chicken at COSTCO the other day and it is SOOOOOO good!  10 minutes in the oven.  So easy!


I like being strict and seeing results.  Workouts are more fun and I have more energy when I’m eating well.  Here are my workouts for this week:

MONDAY: 7 mile run

TUESDAY: Jamie Eason Live Fit Legs and Back workout

WEDNESDAY: Tabatas and 5 mile run

THURSDAY: Body Combat and Jamie Eason Arms, Abs, and 20 minute sprints

FRIDAY: Shoulders and 30 minute sprints

SATURDAY: 7 mile run and body combat

Does that seem like a lot?  Advice: Find what you love and do it!  I haven’t modeled any workout clothes lately so I thought I’d add a pic.  GOOD workout clothing is ESSENTIAL to me 🙂  This outfit is very comfy!

TOP: Albion 

BOTTOMS:  Lululemon

2013-02-20_12-02-03_455 2013-02-20_12-04-35_443-1

Hope you all have a Terrific, Magnificent, Beautiful, and Awesome day!  


15 ways to lose belly fat and the workout to help


HELLO!!  Happy Workout Wednesday!  It was so great to see my workout friends again this morning after a long break.  Winter is when we need exercise the most, yet it’s the hardest time of year to keep it up!  Today’s 15 tips to lose belly fat and a workout to boot will jump start your fit mind set!!  I read an article that you can find HERE about the ways to lose belly fat.  Here is my condensed version of the article.  Good to remember and review.  As you age (and everyone is aging every day) our bodies lose muscle and store more fat, specifically, belly fat.  Yes, it is true!!  Follow these tips (FOREVER) and you will be well on your way to washboard abs in no time!!


1-Keep cortisol hormone low!  This is a fat storage hormone that is released during stress.  Ways to keep it low: Get enough sleep, decrease stress, and avoid crash diets.

2-Don’t just diet.  Exercise increases metabolism while cutting calories slows down metabolism.  Do both!

3-Add muscle.  Full body strength program 3 days a week.  As we age, we lose muscle mass which slows down metabolism.  

4-Interval training 2-3 times a week.  High intensity for short bursts is better for burning fat than steady exercising.

5-Boxing.  Great for core and abs.  Try Les Mills Body Combat class.  The best!!

6-The more weight bearing the exercise the more belly fat you’ll burn.  Examples are running, eliptical machine, dancing, and basketball.  Non weight bearing exercises are swimming and bicycling.

7-Post workout meals.  Consume a combo of protein and carbs immediately after a workout.

8-Improve posture.  Do pilates.

9-Cardio after weights.  Burns more fat than doing cardio first.

10-Work back exercises and ab exercises.  Performing counter muscles will help strengthen both and improve posture and back pain.

11-Drink water.  People who drink more water, consume less calories.

12-Eat every 3 hours.  Maintains steady energy levels so you don’t crash and binge.

13-Cut out sugar.  Major stressor and increases fat storage in the body.

14-Chew your food thoroughly.  Aids in digestion.

15-Eat quality whole grain carbs.

Whew!  That was long.  Got all that?  Here is the WOD!

Complete AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 10 minutes for each set of exercise 

20 burpees

20 sit ups

20 biceps

20 thrusters

20 lunge switches

200 m run (1/2 a lap)

20 pushups

20 tricep extension

20 mountain climbers

20 side lateral raises

20 side lunges

200 m run (1/2 a lap)

20 walking planks

20 v-ups

20 tick tock abs


The best advice!

Have a great day!  I’m so grateful for Good Food and Friends*