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Workouts and Sweat

Hello!!  Today is mostly workout stuff!!  I’ve been a little forgetful this week!  Monday was my friends 40th birthday that I have been excited about forever!!  I made her a photo book and we surprised her with a friend lunch and lots of love letters.  It was perfect and she loved it.  I was so happy!  Because of all that, I forgot my daughter’s sewing class and volunteering with my kindergartner.  I also double booked a field trip on top of a literature group.  Geez!!  Oh well!  Here are a few shots!  They are a little grainy!

photo-61 IMG_2315


Yes, my life is super fun!  Alrighty!!  I talk on my blog and instagram about all the healthy meals and snacks I eat.  I have to admit, I’m not 100% healthy, not even close.  We went out of town over the weekend and made lots of yummy meals and treats.  Lots of birthday parties.  I had to make sugar cookies…and the list continues.  I did however keep my workouts up and the next 3 days I am pre race eating!  Can’t wait for my 1/2 marathon this weekend!

I’ll share the workout we did at the church yesterday!!  It was hard.  I love to sweat and almost always drip buckets twice a day with a run or a class.  We did each grouping 3 times before moving to the next one.  Notice this first one is a little crazy with burpees AND pushups.  I substituted biceps on a few rounds!

40 prisoner squats

20 burpees

40 pushups

20 burpees

40 sit ups

40 side to side lunges

20 jump squats

40 triceps

20 jump squats

40 side to side situps with cross punches

40 hip raises

20 split lunges

40 high sumos

20 split lunges

40 zombie situps

I’ve been doing an ab routine that I read in Oxygen magazine this month.  I’ve already done it twice this week!  My daughter took a few pictures of some of the exercises.  Once again, only a couple turned out o.k.  Look it up!  I did 3 sets of 15 reps.


swiss ball oblique crunch

swiss ball oblique crunch

medicine ball v-up

medicine ball v-up 

Well!!  I must be off.  FOOD talk will be Monday with the start of serious weights and strict eating.  Imagine!!  Love this time of year!  Happy sunny FALL day!!  Be back POST 1/2!!  Enjoy!!  (:

Full body love

Today was a run day.  I love running, but marathon training is a little more than I like, especially in the dead of winter!  I can’t quite figure out when or where I’ll be running 13 miles this weekend!  I ran 6 on the treadmill this morning.  Yesterday was such a great girlfriend workout.  It was a huge group and everyone was dying (:  My abs, legs, and arms are sore today.  Success.  This is a classic favorite of mine!

WARM UP-  20 rounds of tabata planks.  Hold the plank for 20 seconds and rest 10.  Do this 20 times!  It takes 10 minutes.

WORK OUT-4 SETS of 2 exercises.  Start with 50 reps of the first exercise and immediately go to 10 reps of the second.  Then do 40 of the 1st and 20 of the second and so on until you reverse it to 10 reps of the 1st exercise and 50 of the second.  

1-Air Squats and Overhead Press

2-Step ups with weight and Push Ups

3-Stiff leg deadlifts and Tricep dips

4-Scissor jump lunges and full sit ups

That’s a lot of reps.  We were spent!  I’m trying to clean up and organize my computer and folders and found this great saying for today’s speech!  Good advice.  I love training and giving people hope!

602129_445571315512667_233800067_nA happy part of today is that it’s my brother’s birthday!!!  We were always close…that is AFTER the younger years when we beat each other up.  He’s in Georgia and I don’t see him, but he always makes me happy!!!  Here we are every 20 years of my long life (:

47a1d600b3127cce9854f9a6e28d00000045100AcMnLhkzbNWPg Scan securedownload4Keep smiling and eating healthy.  Find ways to be happy every day!  I’m excited for the Olympics to start and hopefully I’ll find some moments to watch a few events!  On to help my last child get out the door today!  Work Hard!!


Change your body workout

POR FIN!!!  Wow!  The days have gotten away with me.  Deciding to set up a personal training program and putting everything together has taken all of my time over the last several days!  How happy I am that so many people want to get healthier!  Yesterday I had back to back appointments all day.  I loved it!  I’m excited to help everyone reach their goals!  I KNOW they will!  I’ve set a goal for myself as well and I’ll be following MY OWN plan like I should!  I have two goals.  The first is to get a 6 pack!  Yesterday I took a before picture and I’ll take one each week to track my progress.  The second goal is to hit 128 by my 4-0 b-day!  I’ve got about 6 1/2 weeks.  The program I started for my clients is a 6 week challenge.  We set a goal.  We talked about nutrition.  I’m going to analyze a week of their diet and give them suggestions and ways to clean it up.  I told them everything they should be eating and what they shouldn’t be eating.  We went over my favorite forms of exercise: weight training and HIIT.  I gave them two workouts for the week.  We’ll meet weekly to discuss ways to improve, weigh in’s, and to go over a new workout!  I hope I didn’t overload them too much.  It’s all about consistency, dedication, and learning how to keep NEW habits!  Today I’ll share a KILLER workout that my church class did this morning!  We had a great turnout!  LOVED IT!!!  Sometimes I don’t realize how hard they are until I do them.  I DIED!!


Front raises-15 

Bent over delt raises-15

Upright rows-15

Frog Hops-25


Bicep Curl-15

Arnold Press-15


Curtsy Lunges-25


Tricep Dip-15

Tricep Pushup-15

One Arm Deadlifts-15 each leg

Run 1/4 mile


Step Ups with weight-30

Walking Plank-20




50 Hip Lifts with weight

50 Leg lifts each side

50 backward leg lifts each side

I need to get better about showing a picture of each exercise.  It’s hard to know what it is sometimes.  I’ll get there!  

Here are a few pictures from the last couple days.  Yes, I have new hair.  I’m still not quite used to it but it’s fun for a change.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

So glad Halloween is over!  Way too much work spread out over several weeks for me!!  My FAVORITE holiday is coming up next!  Simple. Family. Food. Beautiful time of year!  

The next picture is one of my recent purchases from Lululemon!!  Way comfy and perfect for this time of year!

securedownload IMG955230The lighting is a little off.  I need a real camera!  Well!  I gotta get going.  On to laundry, dentist appointments, and MORE!!  Have a beautiful day!!  Mix it Up! 

Time to mix things up


Happy Workout Wednesday day!  I have a great overall body workout that I did with my friends yesterday.  Behold:

Tabata plank for 8 minutes (20 seconds on 10 seconds off)

8 stations 1 1/2 minute each for 3 rounds


High Sumos


Chest press or flys

Frog hops

Bicep Curls

Mountain Climbers

Side to side push ups

We finished with 100 walking lunges with a leg lift and 100 side abs (50 each side)

I love working out with my friends, but I workout harder when I’m solo!  I need to STEP up my game!  When I work out harder and I’m not talking MORE often, I eat a lot CLEANER.  I used to go to the BEST boot camp classes at Gold’s that left me completely fatigued.  I’m going to up my HIIT (high intensity interval training).  I’ve gained a few extra pounds and I’m bugged.  I’m giving myself 2 weeks to get to my goal.  Maybe sooner (:  This is what my workouts will look like:

MONDAY: 6 mile tempo run.  Legs.

TUESDAY: My full body workout.  3 mile interval run.  Body Attack

WEDNESDAY: Back and Bi’s  Zumba

THURSDAY: 4 mile tempo run.  Body Combat.  Shoulders

FRIDAY: Chest and Tri’s  Spin.

SATURDAY:  Long Run 8-12 miles

That looks pretty intense I know.  I’m going to try it for a couple weeks and see how it goes!  This weekend we have a little getaway planned with some of our favorite friends!  A couple days of hot tubbing, movies, hiking, games, karaoke, and more.  I soooooo need a relaxing break!!  I’m going on my favorite run tomorrow morning with my friends before we leave but then I’ll hit this schedule hard on Monday!!

Find what motivates you.  This chick’s body makes me what to keep at it.  Perfect arms.  Her top is one of my favorites too.  Under Armour.

e7b801155f57ef18fb5976dd461a6dbc Have a happy FALL weekend!!

Day 14


2 weeks in!  Excellent day and morning!  I have two workouts to share this morning.  I said a couple days ago that I want to lift 4 days a week.  Yesterday I put together my 1st workout of the week.  It was CHEST, GLUTES, AND ABS day.  It was harder than I thought.  TRY THIS!!!  I do everything superset style because I like it (:

3 x 12

Dumbbell Flys

Incline Bench Press

3 x 12

Cable Flys

Push Ups

3 x12 and 3 x20

Hamstring curls 

Step ups with 40-50# bar 

3 x 12

Abductor machine


3 x 12 and 3 x 20

Adductor machine

Weighted lunges

3 x 60 sec. and 3 x 30 sec. each side


Side plank

3 x 12 and 3 x 25

Reverse Crunch with ball between legs

Bicycle crunch

3 x 25 and 3 x 12

Abs on Exercise Ball

Roman Chair 

I was going to run after this, but I was spent!  It took about an hour too!  That is plenty!  Today’s workout was at an outside pavilion by the track.  Very fun!  We always do a little more talking and not enough workout out!

10 MINUTES AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

20 Burpees

20 Full Sit Ups

20 Bicep Curls

Run up a HILL and BEAR CRAWL down

20 Thrusters

20 Tricep Extensions

20 Planks Knee to Elbow

Run up a HILL and BEAR CRAWL down

20 Reverse Pull Ups

20 Hip Raises with weight

20 Push Ups

Run up a Hill and Bear Crawl down

20 High Sumos

20 Curtsy Lunges

40 Bicycles

Run up a Hill and Bear Crawl down


100 Walking Lunges

100 Sit Ups

 100 Leg Lifts each leg

My friends and I were talking about BALANCE today at the track!  I workout with a lot of VERY fit people and many times we wonder if our exercise fetish makes us unbalanced.  I was talking about dropping different things when school starts to help find more balance.  Yes, I talk a lot about exercise and health because this is a FITNESS blog, but life is FULL of so much more!  LOVE LIFE and keep LEARNING!  Don’t ever take anything for granted.  It’s o.k. to mess up once in awhile.  Try again tomorrow!  Be YOU and LOVE who you ARE!

Check out this CUTE CUTE picture.  These are the decals that people put on the back of their cars only exercise style.  LOVE IT!!


Lastly, a beautiful setting in SPAIN!!!  I think I want to blow up this picture for my house.  LOVE!


Kick iT always!  AWESOME!!

Hike it off and full body explosion workout


Hello again!  I am back after another camping trip!!  It was short and sweet.  2 days in the Uinta mountains of pristine beauty!  It has become a tradition with my brother.  We are on year #4 of annual campouts!  We enjoyed fishing and throwing rocks in the lake, yummilicious camp food, fires with smores, games, songs, and HIKES!!  My outdoorsman brother that I love to brag about being a marine, member of the SWAT team, cop, and detective took us on a tour of the wild outdoors!  We climbed up and down hills and rocks, hiked through fields of flowers, and overlooked a breathtaking view of the mountains and lakes below.  Truly a gift.  Here we are:


photo-20 photo-19 photo-21 photo-16 photo-13All this bopping in and out of town is rocking my schedule and my fit life routine!  It’s not about to stop either.  For the next 2 1/2 weeks we’ll be entertaining and enjoying LOTS of family time!  I’ve decided I need about 4 of me to get around from family outings to hikes and 15 mile runs with my friends.  We did have a beautiful morning at the track for our workout!  Here’s a pic and the killer workout.  Go fast and keep it heavy!



 20 front raises

20 upright rows

20 overhead press

20 mountain climbers


 20 narrow pushups

20 skull crushers

20 overhead french press

20 burpees


 20 bicep curls

20 reverse pull ups

20 pushups

One length of bleachers and sprint back


 20 hip raises each leg

20 side to side lunges

20 step ups with weight

20 deadlifts


 20 full sit up with twist

20 v-ups

20 hollow rocks


I will try to post again before one more trip we have next week to Bear Lake!  If not, keep it up!  Here is my new favorite song!  LOVE.  Run Hard!