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A weekend of food, family, and exercise

Hello!  Long time no blog.  I need to get back on a schedule here!  I have a few minutes over this wonderful Thanksgiving weekend to give a recap!  I’ll start with a few pictures from THANKSGIVING!!!  The day started perfect with a fast run!  I felt so good.  Then I ran to the gym with a quick change of clothes and did my favorite Body Combat class.  It’s a good thing I’ve kept up my workouts over the weekend because I’ve eaten my fair share.  We had two Thanksgiving dinners with both sides of the family.  I only took a couple pictures.  This first one with my twin has a little meaning.  Over the summer I talked about wearing white pants to my parent’s 50th anniversary party.  I thought they were too tight then.  Happily on Thanksgiving they fit me perfectly!  I haven’t even been weighing myself!  The other one is with my cute Dad.  He always gives me the greatest compliments.  He’s not biased in any way!

securedownload-1After making myself sick Thanksgiving night I got up bright and early the next morning to train 3 ladies.  I LOVE being a personal trainer.  It’s a great time for me to focus on someone else.  Very rewarding!  They inspire me!  I put together a couple sheets of basic exercises so they could understand what I was talking about!  I am so impressed with myself that I was able to transfer this over to my blog!!  YAY!  Don’t laugh at the light weights!  I tried to hold heavier ones and it was too hard to hold still.  We were laughing!

0001ISWe’ve also been living in a little bit of a mess!  We’re getting carpet through at least half of our house.  It’s been a little test on patience.  I love having everything in order and this is hard for me!  At least we got the tree up and my husband strung some blue Christmas lights around the house!!  I wanted everything blue this year.  My parents Christmas growing up was always blue!  This is very basic.  I need a few more things for my mantle and front porch!  I also need a coffee table!

photo-45I’ve been looking at picture ideas for various parts of the house as well.  Once again I’m happy I can convert a word document to iphoto.  (:  And I like flowers if you can’t tell.

0001YS 0001GuThis was quite the variety post!  Happy December coming up!  It’s going to be a wonderful month!!  I’m looking forward to the season!  Have a wonderful day.  So much to be thankful for!




3 ways to burn more calories in your workout

I am in heaven!!  I just got back from a great run with a friend and it’s sunny and almost 70 degrees in UTAH!  I remember a Thanksgiving a few years back when it was in the single digits and snowy!  I even ran a Turkey Trot 10k that morning!  I so much prefer the warm kind of Thanksgiving!

I know you are all dying to get your pre-thanksgiving workout in tomorrow morning.  Here is a great one that reflects my personal training studying!  Yesterday morning, I read about 3 ways to burn more calories in your workout!  I’ve tried to put all of them in today’s workout.  They are:

  1. Perform the exercise standing up
  2. Use more than one muscle group per exercise
  3. Little or no rest between sets

The workout is VERY simple, fun, and can be done anywhere!  Think of a random number of reps you’d like to do for each exercise.  I suggest 10-20 for beginners.  I’m going to do 42 of everything (:









I haven’t even tried this workout but it looks like a TON of fun!  I’ll do it for my workout class next week!!  If you don’t feel sufficiently sweated out, go run SPRINTS or do 100 BURPEES and 100 KETTLE BELL SWINGS!

Eat up and a have a WONDERFUL Holiday weekend!  *I’m so grateful for my life and the many people who inspire and lift me up!  They are the BEST!  Surround yourself with people that make you want to be better!*