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3 days of healthy eating

Hello again!  Today I’m talking food.  This week I diligently kept a food dairy.  It keeps me in check.  Quote of the day that I’m always ranting about!


Here are a few sample days for me.  I didn’t really write portions.  Think medium to small and I always stop eating between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. and drink lots of water.


Breakfast-Tropical colada smoothie

Snack-1/2 apple

Lunch-1 egg/4 egg white omelet with veggies, laughing cow cheese, and ham, small salad.

Snack-6 almonds, quest bar

Dinner-Stirfry (brown rice, veggies, and chicken), 15 grapes, and a low carb ice cream bar.


Pre workout-1/2 protein bar and C4 drink

Post workout-muscle milk

Breakfast-tofu whole wheat pancakes with blueberries

Snacks and Lunch-Veggies and hummus, emerge drink, quest bar, 5 cashews, 4 apple slices with 1/2 T peanut butter, 5 bites of Will’s lasagna

Dinner-Party food (chicken salad with lettuce, coleslaw, fruit, chicken and veggie shish kabob.

DAY 3 

Pre workout-1/2 protein bar

Post workout-muscle milk

Breakfast-Spinach, peanut butter and banana protein smoothie

Lunch-1 1/2 wheat roll, veggies, lettuce, chicken, low carb ice cream

Snack-1/2 luna bar

Dinner-broccoli, 1/2 c cottage cheese, sweet potato, 1 wheat roll


That was exciting I know!!  This will be short because I haven’t eaten much today and now I’m hungry!  My daughter put on a dance recital today for a class she teaches to 11 little girls.  We tried to make it really nice and professional.  She did a great job!  This has been a busy cooking and baking week for me.  Tonight and tomorrow we have family dinners and with the recital and various other activities, I tallied up making 4 desserts and 3 different kinds of salads, and a batch of homemade rolls.  Whew!  I can’t eat if all I do is cook!  I admit today I snitched and had one cookie and 1 peanut butter and chocolate rice krispie treat at the dance recital.  I’m counting that as lunch (:

Today while I was making a potato salad I thought of a picture I took when I was very young and newly married.  I was so proud of myself for making my first potato salad!  I still make this recipe that was passed down from my Grandma and it’s the only potato salad I’ll eat!  The best ever!  I’ll post the recipe on Monday even though it’s not super duper healthy.  At least it’s homemade!

ScanAnd the fashion photo of the week was last Sunday with my cutie pie!

Skirt-J Crew

Top-Banana Republic


securedownloadGotta go!  Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!  So grateful!  Next on my list is preparing for Girl’s Camp.  Yippee!

Meals, Moves, and a Movie!

Hello!  I’m back from a very memorable vacation.  School was out last Friday.  Monday we headed down to St. George for the 1st annual GIRL TRIP!  I took these 4 cuties:

securedownload-1We had the BEST time with an array of activities and emotions.  I’ll sum up the trip in a few words: Taylor Swift, laughing, crying, dancing, swimming, food, ice cream, movies, hiking, picture taking, boy craziness, heat, and adventure!!  We definitely bonded and would love to do this all over again!  As much as I love St. George for the blessed heat and beautiful red rocks, I love coming home and seeing the green trees and my flowers blooming like crazy.  Here are a few pics:

securedownload securedownload-2 securedownload-2My favorite outing was to a new place that’s really an old place!  About 15 miles outside of St. George is a natural springs pool in a city called Veyo.  I love to find hidden local favorites!  This place is an oasis!  We drove off the main road and then down a hill into a canyon of green trees, black rock, and a creek.  The bluest and clearest pool was situated underneath the trees and rocks.  A zip line was above us connecting two rock mountains.  I was told they drain the water and refill it every day.  It was the perfect cool temperature when it’s 100 degrees outside!  Definitely a new stop we’re going to have to hit on our future St. George trips!  We spent about 3 hours there and worked hard on our tans!  I was also told the BEST pie shop is close by too.  I’ll have to scout that one out next time.

As usual, I caved into a little bit of vacation food!  I was good for two of the days and not so good on the last two days.  Let’s just say the road trip home involved diet coke, kettle corn, ice cream, and Mc Donald’s.  I thought I was getting the flu as I went to bed last night!  New goal for me will be to have NO TREATS until my son’s 16th birthday which is in 19 days!  It will make his special day all the better!  I should say MY day all the better.  I’m more excited for him than he is!  To keep me motivated, I’m going to try a few recipe ideas from my favorite healthy Instagram friends.  Look them up!!

purefitpurefood and saraheevans_livingfitnclean

I love them!  They post delicious healthy food and amazing workouts!  Summer is actually the hardest time for me to stay on the healthy eating wagon.  Weird of course!  It doesn’t help when I get an email from my sister that says, “I just wanted to announce to everybody that I booked my plane tickets!  Everyone plan on going off your diets and eating all the yummy treats in town!”  Yes, this sugar fettish of mine is inherited!

Another way for me to stay FIT minded is to mix up my workouts!  Next week I’m going to try a new weight and cardio schedule.

Monday and Thursday-Chest, back, lats, and legs.

Tuesday and Friday-Tricep, bicep, abs, and legs.

Wednesday and Saturday-Traps, shoulders, abs.

Sounds like I’m going to die!  I’ll throw in running and Zumba too (:  My weeks are pretty choppy this summer with camps, Ragnar, and friend trips.  I think next week is my only full week of relative calmness for awhile.  I’ll let you know how this goes at the end of next week!

Also, here’s an ab workout I pinned on Pinterest last week that everyone keeps repinning.  I haven’t tried it, but I will!


Lastly, a movie to see!  I took the girls to MALEFICENT on our trip.  New favorite movie!  It wasn’t what I expected.  I’m not an Angelina Jolie fan and she was phenomenal.  I need to see it again!  When I love a movie, I want to go see it again with everyone I know who hasn’t seen it.  My boys saw it at home too and loved it just as much!  Worth the money!

Maleficent fan made poster Peter GilbertWell, I need to get busy!  Next on my list is getting my son ready for a high adventure camp, planning a girl’s camp, and helping my daughter with her student’s dance recital!  Make it a GREAT day.  Be (:


It’s all about the WEIGHTS

Hello hello!!!  I have a few things to be happy about today.  #1-I’m on DAY 6 of my new healthy lifestyle.  That sounds funny because most people think I’m already healthy.  I should say healthier (:  It’s going well!  I had a weird thing happen today.  I was making my daughter a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.  I’m adding a little bit of mayo and some chopped up dill pickles to my bowl of tuna and I start thinking this looks really good.  I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so I decided to eat the bowl of tuna!  I’ve reached a new level of cool fitness status.  I’m not just eating, I’m fueling my body (:  Laugh. Laugh.  I ate a cup of honey dew too.  #2 happy news is that I got my old piano teacher back for my kids!!!!  I have slacked off big time in the piano world.  I miss not hearing the piano.  Starting in June, three of my kids will be in lessons.  YAY!  #3 happy news is I taught my first (very weak) Zumba SONG today.  I told my morning clients that we’d do a Zumba song for our warm up.  I had the ipad all set to go and then it decided to NOT play any youtube videos.  Oh sadness, BUT I decided to give it a go anyway and taught them all I could remember.  I’m so proud of myself!  I’m going to have my cute cute Zumba friend video a few simple routines for me so I can learn more and do them with my clients.  I’m for sure not confident to EVER teach a Zumba class.  Only with my BESTY clients (:  #4 great day event was my workout of course!  After my clients left I had time to whip out an UPPER BODY BLAST workout.  Easy easy to do at home.  This is one of my favorite Jen Jewell workouts.  Next week I’ll be back on Jamie Eason for another 5 weeks!

Workout 2: Upper-Body Blast


Jump Roping-200

Plank-1 minute

Mountain Climber-1 minute

Standing Military Press-12 reps

Barbell Curl-12 reps

Burpees-12 reps


Lying Triceps Press-12 reps

Decline Push Up-12 reps

Incline Dumbbell Curl-12 reps

Burpees-12 reps

Side Lateral Raise-12 reps

This leads me into my short blurb about lifting heavy weights.  You will never achieve the results you want without lifting heavy weights consistently!  You can do all the cardio in the world for the rest of your life and you’ll still wonder where the hot bod is?  Lift Heavy, Eat Protein, Drink Water, and do a lot of other stuff and you’ll be a lean sexy machine!  And now for my last contradictory Happy event #5 my friends and I are running (what? cardio?) our favorite trail run tomorrow morn!  I don’t think we’ve been up the mountain yet this year.  I noticed today we still have SNOW.  We’ll see!!  We’ve had a little rain too.  Trail shoes and mud.  I’m also going to try this ISAGENIX energy shot before the run.


I’ve heard a few interesting things about it so I’ll have to report!  Oh, I almost forgot!  I have one more exercise workout to post.   This is a GREAT AB workout on the stability ball. I said to do 20 reps of everything 3 times. Try that! It is pretty intense. 12-15 reps would be fine too.


Doesn’t this look so professional.  My 5 year old photographer is the best!  Well!  I have lots of happy things in my life but I’ll end because I have one unhappy event I need to get ready for.  Junior High band concert.  Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  MOMS ROCK!!!  I have to share this photo of a few awesome WORKOUT MOMS I know.  We all showed up to class on the official wear BLACK to the gym day.  Which is most days!


I’ll be back tomorrow with a little bit o’ fashion for FRIDAY!!  Kick it up a GEAR!

Happy May! Make new goals!

Happy MAY MAY MAY!  Today was beautiful!  May and June are my favorite months of the year.

securedownload-3I love the ANTICIPATION of summer.  To anticipate something has to be one of the best feelings!  As I start my new healthy challenge I want to add a few EXTRAS to the mix!!

  1. Spend Less.  No more extra treats, food, and fun buying.  How boring and strict of me!
  2. Read the book WONDER to my kids each night.  My Mom is raving about this book and says every 5th grade boy needs to read it!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done this!
  3. wonder_socialmediaimage_2Work in my yard for an hour 3-5 days a week.  We’re getting ready to re-landscape the front of our house.  I’m looking forward to designing my flower bed, planting pots and hanging baskets.  I’ll be posting pics!

Today I took my two littles and friends downtown to look at all the flowers.  We had a great time!  I took lots of pictures.  I know I should be a photographer (:  I’ll fill you in on new workouts and healthy eating habits on Monday.  I need to cut sugar out of my life forever. That’s all I can say!  I’m exhausted.  Kids were all over today.  Have a wonderful and happy weekend!!

securedownload-4 securedownload-5 securedownload-6 securedownload securedownload-7


NYC and recommitment to WEIGHTS

Hello there!  Today was bless-ed!  It’s been a LONG time since I haven’t woke up early on a Friday or Saturday for a LONG run!!  I slept in, read a little, made bacon and eggs for the kids, and hit the gym for ZUMBA!!  I can still feel a run down feeling in my legs!  Another thing that makes me happy is cleaning my house!!!  It is all perfect right now and that feeling is right up there with my exercise high!  I love my house!  Everything is turning green outside and I have lots of windows.  Beautiful!

Anyway!!  I got an email from a friend of mine that I don’t see too often.  She invited me to join a fitness challenge for 8 weeks.  The timing couldn’t have been better.  I’m so excited!  It starts May 3rd through June 27th.  I’ll fill you in on the details ASAP.  I do much better with these challenges when someone else is in charge.  I’m looking forward to Monday and a re-start on my weights.  I’m going to start Phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program.  Here are my workouts this week, HOPEFULLY!!

Monday-Jamie Eason 9:15 a.m. (Back and cardio)
Tuesday-Attack 7:00 p.m. Jamie Eason 8:00 p.m. (Chest, Abs, cardio)
Wednesday-Jamie Eason 9:15 a.m. (Legs) Zumba 10:30 a.m. Possible Grit at 6:00 a.m.
Thursday-Jamie Eason 6:30 a.m. (Arms, abs, cardio)
Friday-Jamie Eason 9:15 a.m. (Shoulders, cardio)
Saturday-Body Combat at Gold’s 8:00 a.m. Jamie Eason 9:00 (Legs) Skills

I’ll share my diet tips later!  Nothing new, just cuttin’ out the crap!  O.K.  I’ll add a few photos here from the rest of my trip!  Such a great time with my lil’ sis!  We took her to Lululemon and helped her pick out her first lululelmon outfit.


She already sent me a pic. of her in her new favorite outfit and has received tons of compliments.  I really need Lululemon to pay me (:  We spent some time in Connecticut.  We shopped, went to the beach, and ate a lot of yummy food.  We spent the day in NYC too!!  I was singing “Start spreading the news…I’m leaving today…” as we drove in.  We parked at a super cheap lot near Central Park (I LOVE Central Park)  It was a little windy and chilly, but not too bad.  We walked to my sister’s favorite restaurant, Serendipity and visited the ultimate candy store!  The only candy I allow myself is dark chocolate and I tried a sea salt carmel dark chocolate!  Oh my!  Sea salt anything is my favorite lately.

securedownload-5Then, we spent some time at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art).  A tad bit overwhelming.  So giant, but it was great!  We thought about going to Canal street to find purses, but we spent too much money at Lulu, so we hopped on the subway to Times Square instead.


I LOVE Times Square too.  Crazy busy place!  I saw Hard Rock, so he headed there for dinner.  I’m a Hard Rock fan!  Not that I’ve been to a million, but I love the music and the fun environment.  Here we are!

securedownload-7We went through the Hershey’s store, M & M store, and Disney!  It started to get dark and cold so we returned to our car and headed back to CT.  The GPS system on cell phones is amazing.  Wherever we wanted to go, we plugged in the address and up popped the directions instantly!  On our last day we spent some time in Hartford.  We went to the Mark Twain house.  Super cool!  I love history and real people stories.  That was about it.  Sadness to say goodbye.  I hope some day my sister moves back.  I told her she could live in our house!!  I definitely love to travel, but I’m looking forward to relaxing.  No big trips in the near future!  Only SUMMER just around the corner.  That’s all for now!  Have a HAPPY day!

Hee hee!  I think that's me!

Hee hee! I think that’s me!

20 and a few favorites for the day!

20 miles Baby!  Well, as usual, time never stops.  My 20 miler came and went!!  The day before I was a little nervous.  I need to chill.  Everything was great!!  I ran with two awesome girls who will be with me in Boston.  It was a beautiful run!  Some of you won’t get this, but I want to write it down to remember the route.  We started at the top of 4th North and ran South until we hit a trail.  Then we kept going on the trail till it almost headed down to Salt Lake.  Turned around and ran the whole length back, till we hit another trail by the B.  We hopped on that one and ran through to the road.  Ran down 4th N. to Davis.  We were at 16 miles at that point.  We ran out 2 miles and back.  The run equaled 20.5 to be exact (:  My legs started feelin’ it when we hit Davis but I stayed with it and we made it.  Yay!!  Great feeling!  They want to run 20 next week.  I might do it in hopes that my body with be stronger and feel better prepared for the marathon.  With that, here is my FAVORITE quote of the day!!

power-clean-exercise-inspirational-quoteWe are getting ready to leave for a weekend getaway with friends.  A very much needed R & R for me!!  I’ll finish quickly with a few more FAVORITES for the day!!!  FAVORITE food suggestion:

59e6ed24f085e246a3ea42dbce8905b5This is a great reference.  I’m always telling my clients to eat more fiber and protein!  Next FAVORITE is a favorite workout I’ve been doing!  I found a ZUMBA girl I just love!!  Jessica Bass Byrge.  She’s on facebook and she’s making a Zumba video.  Here is my FAVORITE Zumba song right now!  Most early mornings after my clients leave I set up my ipad and go through a few songs with her all by myself in my gym!  Here I am after one early morning!

securedownloadI could also add that these are my FAVORITE shoes too!!  Most comfortable ever!!  Here’s the video!

I’m off!  Stay Strong and Committed Always!!  SticK to it!



Disneyland and a recommitment to WEIGHTS

Hello!!  Happy day after Disneyland vacation!  WOW!!  I still feel like I’m in a whirlwind.  We left on Friday to drive to Disneyland.  Spent the night at the half way point and then woke up at 5:30 a.m. to drive the rest of the way.  We hit the park ALL day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!!  I am beat.  Saturday and Sunday were rainy days.  We were prepared and it was so much better because the crowds were probably half of what they normally are.  Here are my fabulous pictures.  We love our great friends so much!!

Holy Ghirardelli store!

Holy Ghirardelli store!

Sunny day in Bugs Life land!

Sunny day in Bugs Life land!

We love legos!

We love legos!

My Princesses!

My Princesses!

Cars Land!  My FAV!

Cars Land! My FAV!

Highlights of the trip: Music everywhere you go. Cars Land, especially the ride Radiator Springs.  Amazing!  Space Mountain.  Splash Mountain.  California Screamin’.  Hollywood Tower of Terror. The lights at night.  Watching the kids, especially my youngest.  Ghirardelli chocolate store.  Yes, I totally love chocolate!  Churros dipped in chocolate.  Everything!!!

The absolute funniest though and the final note of our trip was during the drive home.  We caravanned with my friend.  She was driving solo with the kids because her husband stayed in California for work.  We stopped plenty of times for potty breaks, gas, food, barfing…TWICE.  Near the end of our journey home at about 9:00 p.m. on a stretch of nothingness road, her 6 year old daughter threw up for the second time in the car.  So, on the side of a deserted off ramp, my friend completely lost it with hysterical laughing.  My husband and I helped her clean up the car and her daughter and soon we were literally rolling with tears on the ground.  I LOVE that in a stressful situation she could LAUGH!!  Sometimes that is all you can do.  Between dry heaving and laughter we finished our road trip safely and happily!  (No, I didn’t take any pictures of the situation!)  Thinking of this will always bring a smile to my face (:

To fulfill my workout Wednesday post, I have a few words about exercise!!  Naturally when my friend and I get together we eat too much (:  So, we devise a plan to stay healthy!  I’m back to my WEIGHTS!  I found a girl that transformed her body with Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program.

znajdziecie-ja-na-fbsarah-e-evans-lI have followed it several times, but never completely consistently.  So, starting TODAY we are officially ON again.  DAY 1.  I even took before pictures that will probably never be seen on the world wide web.  12 weeks of Weight training or bust!


I need to finish this post and get back to my 10th load of laundry!  I’ll give more details about this AWESOME plan SOON!!!  Keep at it and don’t give up!!