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10 healthy habits to live every day

Happy Green Day!  To celebrate St. Patrick’s day I’m going to buy some primroses like these and make flower pots for my front porch!  I’m hoping the deer STAY AWAY (:

3666633030765697b396320384b434acI have had too much going on this last week!  That’s all I need to say about that!  Here I am again on a MONDAY, ready to be better, prioritize, and say no to requests I get every day.  I LOVE them all and wish I were 3 people sometimes!  How nice would that be!!!

This morning started out great with a warm morning run!  Exercising in the early AM is my favorite time to exercise.  I come home with energy and more time to tackle the house and projects.  So of course, here is my NEW and improved 3 week goal.  I was looking at my list of healthy habits that I’ve had taped to my bathroom mirror for months now and realized that I’m not really doing them!!  Hello!!  This is what I preach!


I’m pretty good for a short time at following all of these but then I want to quit (: So, for 3 weeks this is what I’m doing.  I will take ONE day off over Spring Break!!  We’ll be with friends partying and that is legit to me!  I have a reward of course in my little brain if I succeed!  AND YES I WILL!!!  I talk big I know.  One thing I have kept up for almost 3 months now is NO CANDY (:  I’m thinking next year might be my year for no TREATS at all!

I’m also going to chill with my exercising for the next 3 weeks.  My running will be first.  I’m not worrying about weights until after the marathon.  I’m sure I’ll still go to classes and find time to do a least one or two good weight workouts a week.  Exercising is the ONLY habit I always consistently keep!  I loved training this past week with new clients.  I have so many workouts all over my computer, I need to work on organizing that today too.  I also need to go EAT because it has been 2 1/2 hours already since I ate last.  This will be interesting!

My two pictures for the day were taken yesterday.  A sunny Sunday outfit and a pic. with some of my favorite people.  We had dinner together with our families and noticed we all had the same color on.  I love having friends over for dinner!

securedownload-3This week is play week!!  Every night we’ll be busy.  So much fun.  I’m blessed to live where I do!  Have a great one!!

FALL right back to you

It’s rainy today and the first real DROP in temp!  I was in my daughter’s room today making her bed and I noticed how pretty it looked outside her window.  Our house is surrounded by many trees, which I LOVE!!!!  I also love the Fall colors and I can’t wait for all the leaves to change.  Here’s a shot I took out her window.


Here are a few more I couldn’t resist that I found on Pinterest (:  Much prettier!  YES!

e3cd08d8fdda20ac71908d9ee935f0b6 791ac1e1ade1851a88f84fb758cfc136 4639d155996704633fafbb825cad94c5And here is the FUNNIEST one of the day!!  You’ll get this if you live in Utah and you’re a football fan.  Ha Ha!  Love it!


O.K.  on to something real FIT LIKE!!  I’m officially accepted into the BOSTON MARATHON!!  I really can’t believe that.  I might want to see if I can push it to 2015 since some of my friends might run it then.  Either way, what an AMAZING experience!

I read an article today from OXYGEN MAGAZINE.  It was titled 6 Fit Habits.  Naturally, I had to see if I was doing all of them.  Here they are:

1-Stay hydrated, before, during, and after you exercise.  Keeps your kidneys healthy!

2-Hit the treadmill 4-5 times a week.  YUCK!  I think that could mean RUN outside too!!  Good for your heart!

3-Join an outdoor running group.  Super plus!!  Now, they get to the outdoor stuff.  Good for your brain!  

4-Skip “happy hour” with your pals.  Not a problemo.  I won’t be drinking alcohol anytime soon.  For sure.  Saves your liver!

5-Start your morning with yoga.  Uh-oh.  I don’t really like yoga.  Minus one for me.  I am not patient enough.  Good for your lungs!

6-Apply sunscreen regularly.  I am half and half on this one.  Always on my face, not so much on my bod.  Healthy skin!

This has been a GREAT workout and eating healthy week for me.  Here are 3 days of workouts.

Monday-6 mile easy run.  Back.

Tuesday-Chest and Abs.  Body Attack.

Wednesday-45 minutes Spin class.  Arms and Abs.  45 minutes Zumba.

I went to Spin with my “bed rest from exercise” friend since she can’t run and I LOVED it!!!  I could never sit in a room all by myself and bike for an hour, but with LOUD music, lots of buddies, and an instructor creating a visual outdoor course, it was a BLAST and I was shinily dripping!!

Best Advice!!  Mix up your workouts!  Do something different and keep your body guessing!!

That’s all I got today.  Happy Hump Day!