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I love REAL food!

Minus the creepy fish eyes, I LOVE this picture!!!  What is REAL food?  Most of the above food options have ONE INGREDIENT!  Many people ask me about HIGH FIBER and LOW SUGAR foods.  They don’t think they can eat enough fiber in a day or they can find food low in sugar.  ANY of the foods above are legal and I believe GOOD for you!  

So….we know what to eat.  Here is what NOT to eat.  I am not a nutritionist, but a complete health nut!  I am FOR SURE not perfect and very much LOVE sugar, just like everybody!!!

I do know for a fact that SUGAR is our #1 ENEMY in preventing us to lose weight and gain a FLAT BELLY!!  For years I thought FAT made you FAT.  I was SOOOOO wrong.  Sugar is the real culprit.  READ LABELS!!  I am trying to select food choices that have no more than 6 GRAMS OF SUGAR PER SERVING!  It is possible.  I hate to hear this, but if you have a SUGAR CRAVING, eat a piece of fruit!!  Ha ha!!  What I usually want is candy, ice cream, cookies, and chocolate!!  These foods create a temporary state of happiness for me.  My BODY is much happier though when I’m fueling it will GOOD, REAL FOOD!

As you go about your grocery shopping, try to buy foods that contain only ingredients you can pronounce.  That being said, PROCESSED FOODS are your #2 ENEMY!!  These are any foods that are packaged, microwaveable, or in a wrapper (yes, even store bought protein bars are processed).  

You will be so PROUD of yourself when you take the time to create yummy, healthy, and simple meals that are so GOOD for you!  Keep at it!  Fill your fridge with TONS of fruits and vegetables!  In my label reading search for low sugar foods, I did find  63% cocoa dark chocolate chips that have 6 grams of sugar in 1 tablespoon!  Yeah.  I will train my brain to enjoy it fully!!  

Here are my lists of high fiber and low sugar foods!







black and kidney beans

bran cereal






sweet potatos


winter squash


meats and eggs


whole grains (barley, oats, millet, quinoa)


dairy (plain yogurt and cheese)

nuts and seeds

There are MANY more!!  You will come to find out for yourself as you conquer the next 6 weeks on your quest to 


Day One!

Hi there!

I hope everyone is on board with our healthy habits challenge!  I have already thought of lots of motivating and helpful posts to get started on.  I just want to start with this one and say, WOW!   One of my goals is to look this good in itty bitty white shorts!

Tomorrow I will post a list of HIGH FIBER FOODS and LOW SUGAR FOODS.  To clarify, 6 grams of sugar means in any one thing you eat, not for the whole day.  That would be near impossible.  Milk is o.k too.  It is higher in sugar, but I think a little skim milk will not hurt you!  Almond milk is a yummy alternative. 

Here is something I ripped out of Oxygen Magazine and put on my fridge.  The question was, “I rely on about three cups of coffee a day.  How can I increase my energy without caffeine?  The answer was to munch on snacks that combine a slow-digesting carbohydrate with protein.  Here are a few options:

6 almonds + string cheese + 1 medium pear

1 orange + 12 cashews + 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese

2 slices whole grain toast + peanut butter + 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese

high-fiber dry cereal (8 grams of fiber) + skim milk + fruit

They also said to sip green tea.  It has about 1/3 the amount of caffeine per cup and green tea has fat-burning antioxidants!