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Wickedly Fabulous!

As usual, I have an overflow of music on my mind for MONDAY MUSIC day!!!!  Clearly, I need to talk about WICKED!  We were very fortunate to have gotten tickets for our family.  It was the third time I’ve seen it!!  I’m extremely grateful for each production I’ve been able to see.  Wicked is one of my favorite musicals.  I love the music, colors, and Elphaba!  It makes me smile, laugh, and cry.  I tried to upload a picture, but it got lost on my phone. ):

Later on that night, Rob and I went to my 20 year HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!  It was much better than I anticipated.  I’m slightly sentimental and what an incredible sight for me to see the many familiar faces that were so important to me over my adolescent years and to see us all together!  I loved catching up and hearing their voices again.  I lost my own voice from talking so much over all the happy conversations around me.

 I VERY much love my life NOW and want to ENJOY each stage of life, but there is something special about that time so long ago.  It’s a time we learn so much about ourselves and others.  We learn compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, patience, how to deal with frustrations, disappointments, and also how to succeed and believe in ourselves.  When I saw many of my friends, it didn’t matter the different paths we chose.  I instantly felt their love and friendship again as if no time had passed.  They will always be with me like “a handprint on my heart”.



One of the best, since 7th grade P.E. class! Love her!

As for my music selections, here is one from the past that meant a lot to me in my contemplative moments.  I’d go on a drive in my cute little Sentra and listen to this.

Next, one of my FAVORITE Wicked songs!  So, so good!!  

Class of ’92

Today is SATURDAY STATS and SENTIMENTS day!!  I was looking through some old letters and came across some measurements that I’d recorded of my body from March 1995.  I was 21 yrs. old.  I don’t really measure myself that often, but now I was curious to see the difference!  So, here it is:


5’7″ 130 lbs.

Chest 32, Waist 26, Hips 36, Thighs 20


5’7″ 132 lbs.

Chest 35, Waist 27, Hips 35, Thighs 21, Calves 14, Biceps 10

I saw this photo of a chick that is around my size that made me think of my measurements.  However, I don’t want the 13 inch biceps!

So, there you have it!  I actually like my body better now than I did in high school.  Go figure!  Speaking of HIGH SCHOOL, tonight is my 20 year high school reunion.  I rolled back the time in my mind and tried to think of a few thoughts from my teenage years.  Looking back, I have a different perspective.  I tell the many young people around me how fast time flies.  Enjoy each and every day!  Laugh, live, try new things, learn, work, and PLAY HARD!!!  You are OLD for a LOT OF YEARS!!  Don’t wish away your youth!  So, here are a few pics from the PAST!!

My cute little Sentra I drove!

Friends Forever!

Class of ’92!

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