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Know your triggers

O.K.  My blog posts have gone down since I’ve been training!  That’s o.k.  I LOVE what I’m doing!  Right now I have 11 clients.  The most I could take on in my life is 20, but maybe I could squeeze in a few more (:  I’m good at over booking myself!

Recap of the week!  I worked so hard Monday through Friday.  Workouts were killer, diet was super strict, and then…I felt my brain telling me to eat things I shouldn’t!  This is called a TRIGGER!  In my own non-scientific terms, our brain is programed to remember habits that we do consistently.  Sugar is known to mess up your brain and send off feel good hormones when consumed.  Your brain remembers that sugar made you feel good so when something sets you off, you want to eat it again!!  Make sense?  Everyone has different triggers.  It’s important to KNOW what they are so you can COMBAT them and KICK them to the CURB!!  Saturday started off GREAT!!!!  Early in the morning we went on a trail run.  It went pretty much downhill from there.  I had multiple triggers hit me!!!!

  • Weekend
  • Not enough sleep
  • Too busy to eat
  • 3 happy events to celebrate: kids grades, new job, and championship football game

Frustrating…so I’m going to slowly get better!  This week we have a TRIP!!  Arghhh!  Another trigger!!  This past weekend I messed up for 2 whole days!  This week, I’ll have a 24 hour treat day over the trip!  Then, the next 2 weeks I’m only going to splurge one day a week and finally, I hope to get where I can have 1 treat meal a week.  Sound good!?  This will work for me for the body I LOVE and want to MAINTAIN!  Our weather is still amazingly good and I hope to get in some FAST runs along with my weights!!

Sorry that was a lot of reading!!!  Diet tip of the day:  MORE LEAN PROTEIN AND VEGETABLES!!  I’ll be working on that after I detox myself with water and smoothies all day (:

We’ve been putting together our basement this weekend.  My husband laid the wood floor down and now I need to get the mirrors and carpet ordered and design MY gym!!  Yay yay yay!  I’m so excited.  I’ll have to post about the BEST MUST HAVE equipment for a home gym!!  Here are a few before pictures!!!

securedownload securedownload-1

The gym is about 18×22 ft.  My daughter would like to use it as a dance room too?  We’ll see if I can get creative with how I place things and find equipment that I could move around easily.

Here is my funny quote of the day!  Sooooo many women I’ve been talking to lately think this.

thHave a BeauTiful Day!!!