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Hollified Diet

Happy MONDAY!  I’m going back to a real schedule here.  Monday will be FOOD day, Wednesday is WORKOUT day, and Friday will be FASHION day.  Alright then!  Today I’m starting my WHOLE 30 diet.  I’m changing it a little bit.  It’s now called the HOLLIFIED diet.  Here are the RULES and DETAILS!!

30 days.  August 4th-September 3rd.

No days off!

Weigh Saturday mornings.

No eating past 8 p.m.

No grains or dairy.

Huge salad every day.

Protein powder for shakes is o.k.

Protein bars are o.k.

Sweet potatoes and beans are o.k.

Diet will consist of eggs, fruit, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and legumes.  

Pretty simple and straightforward.  I’m on!  This should be a pretty easy month to follow this.  My big summer plans are over.  I’m going to enjoy the last few weeks of summer by reading books, getting organized, and working out!  I’m anxious to up my running game too.  After I successfully finish my 30 days (: I’m going to buy myself a new ipod.  I’m in dire need of one!  Or a new pair of running shoes!

ipod NVO9W2-1

My advice for eating this week is to COOK!  My cooking has been weak this summer.  I’ll be checking out WHOLE 30 recipes on Pinterest, finding new recipes in my Cooking Light and Oxygen magazines, and always always having my fridge stocked with healthy options.  Keep at it!!  Wednesday I’ll be posting a killer lower body workout I’ve been wanting to try!  Be happy!

Run faster and burning arms and abs workout

Happy 4th!!  I’ve always loved the 4th of July and remember telling myself as a kid that it was my favorite holiday!!  We are leaving for a few days to go up to the mountains!  We’re going with a couple other families.  I’ll be sure to document!  I’ve been a little tired this week.  Yesterday I was going all day at breakneck speed.  Why?  This Manager job of mine is tough in the summer (: Aside from the kids, I push myself.  As always I need to work on more ZZZZ’s.  However, my nutrition plan is engraven in GOLD this go around!!  I’ll give more details on Monday!  Yesterday was our track workout!  Love it!  It was trash the arms and abs day!


Today I’m talking running!!  This morning a group of the BEST ladies in town ran up MY trail (:  We recruited one husband too!  I say mine because when we got there all these cars were already there AND the high school cross country team.  I said to myself, why are so many people on MY trail today??  Some days are easier than others to run up this mountain.  Today was a hard day for me!  I don’t know why and it bugs me.  I like using the Garmin because next time I’ll tweak a few things and push myself to get to the top faster!


Next, for your running pleasure, I created a page of interesting running statistics and INFO.  I have two events coming up!  August we’re hiking Mount Timpanogos.  I’ve wanted to do this for awhile.  I believe it’s 18 miles of heaven (:  Then, in September I’m running a half marathon in Huntsville.  If I’m where I want to be, this will be my best half ever!  Happy amazing 40th year to me!


Well, I’d better be off!  Last photo to share is from the 4th of July 18 years ago when I was a missionary in SPAIN!  Grateful beyond grateful for the U S of A!!  Have a wonderful weekend!