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Back At It

Hello and happy Saturday September 5th!!  I think this has been my longest break from my blog.  I didn’t even do it on purpose either!  What have I been doing?  What have I not been doing!?  Here are a few bullet points of the last 2 months!

  • Family family family.  July and August we had family in town and we were going going!
  • Injuries!  Probably my most major set back ever!  Stress fracture.  For some reason this one threw me back big time.  I started biking which helped A TON, but I wasn’t myself without my crazy cardio sessions and lifting and then of course I went WAY downhill in the food department.
  • First Bike Race!  Loved loved biking through the beautiful mountains where I live.  Absolutely breath taking.
  • Climbing back from my stress fracture and I strain my calf muscle!  Luckily it wasn’t major and I’ve been trying to stretch more!
  • Started running and training for a 1/2 marathon at the end of this month.  Never been more slow in my life except after pregnancies!  It’s killing me!!  I’ll get there.
  • Finally figured out a good eating plan for me!!  I’ve been trying to follow the Oxygen Challenge and I’ve had a hard time following the DIET of course.  I’ve started over many times and binged too many times.  My NEW challenge is 1 in 10 days.  Every 10 days I take 1 day off!!  So far, this has been a miracle for me.  I only struggle the first 3 days after eating crazy and then I’m fine with my healthy eating.  I’ve been loving cooking healthy meals and snacks lately and I feel much happier.  I crave healthy sugars like oranges, watermelon, and PEACHES (:  My body changes so quickly when I CUT out the sugar.  Eating healthy motivates me to EXERCISE.
  • Speaking of exercise…I’m addicted if you haven’t noticed.  Right now I’m following a Jamie Eason program that I love.  I’m lifting 5-6 days a week, running 3 days a week, and teaching my wonderful HIGH class!

Here are a FEW pics. of my latest and greatest events!

HIGH FITNESS crazy workout party!  How fun to be a part of a teaching crew for 300+ people!

HIGH FITNESS crazy workout party! How fun to be a part of a teaching crew for 300+ people!

Summer dates with my kids!

Summer dates with my kids!

Bike racing with my besties!

Bike racing with my besties!

Working the T25 on vacation with my sis!

Working the T25 on vacation with my sis!

My family !! <3 <3

My family !!

Summer family reunion!  Love them!

Summer family reunion! Love them!

School is in full swing now and my life is hopping and hopping!  We keep busy!  Now that I’ve caught everyone up with my life, I’ll share my FITNESS TIDBIT of the day!!!

DO NOT DEPRIVE YOURSELF!!  Whenever I go too strict with my diet, I get in a big mess with my head!  Keep challenging yourself, make goals, fall off the wagon, and rethink your plan.  Work Hard, Lift Weights, Get Sleep, Eat Healthy, and SMILE!

I’ll share some meal plans next week!!  Hopefully, I can blog twice a week!  Meals on Monday and Workouts on Wednesday with pictures of life on both days!  Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


Laguna Niguel Heaven

O.K.  I’m officially deciding to blog once a week on Fridays!!  Let’s see if I can keep this up!  Today is all about our Laguna Niguel trip!!  We had a great time!  Staying at the Ritz Carlton all week made me feel completely out of touch with the world.  How nice to have water given to you all day long and someone to clean your room nearly three times a day while leaving chocolates on your bed.  Not to mention how beautiful the surroundings are!!  I took these pictures off the internet, but it looked exactly like this:


Lucky me, the weather wasn’t my favorite.  Everyone kept talking about the 80-90 degree heat wave that we’d just missed the week before.  It was mostly cloudy with a few sun bursts here and there.  Every morning and night I’d wrap up in a blanket and sit by the fire!


This is a view of the hotel and the path that I’d run down.  The glass part of the hotel was the gym.  It overlooked the ocean.  I’d workout and watch the surfers!  I loved running at sea level and feeling like a hot shot!  This morning as I ran back home with my friends I realized how much of a hot shot I am not!  I did get a good 4, 9.5, and a 5 miler in this week.  I’m hoping to get another 6 miler tomorrow!!  I’m crash running for my 1/2 marathon next Saturday!  I’m looking forward to it.  My sister is running it too and we haven’t ran a race together in a long time!!!

Here are a few selfies from the trip in the fancy pants bathroom.  I love my little birdie swim cover up!  The second one is an outfit a 17 year old would wear!  My husband picked that one out for me to wear around Laguna Beach!  Oh geez!!  I’m too old for that (:  The last one is my LBD for the fancy party that we had on the last night.

IMG_6826photo 4-2photo 5My favorite day was the 1st day because of the anticipation for the rest of the week!!  I always think that way (:  Love anticipation!  Here are the rest of our pictures!  I loved the fancy theater we went to one day!  It had reclining chairs and they served you food.  Very fun.  We saw the movie Age of Adeline, which I loved too!

Sitting by my fire!

photo 2-14 photo 2 photo 3-2 photo-4One of these days I’ll get a better camera too (:  O.K.  we made it back home last night.  I’m all confused getting back into the groove of things!  I felt like it was Monday!  I had to be reminded again about what I do all day!  Laundry, dishes, driving children all over the world (: It’s always good to come home!

I slid off my eating regimen near the end of the trip, but I’ll get back on!  I’ve loved my healthy challenge that I’m doing with my friends.  It’s fun to hear of everyone’s successes!  Next week, I’ll be concentrating on my 1/2!!  I love running, but I think I like lifting more!  My body changes more with weights!  Last week I had my body composition done at the gym!  I was surprised when my body fat came in at 14.3%.  It actually suggested that I gain body fat!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  It showed all sorts of numbers and stats too!  Interesting!

That’s all I got for today!!  I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend celebrating Mom’s day!!!  Make a yummmy treat with lots of Sugar in it!! (:  And then tell yourself this:

images images-1


Happy Groundhog Day!  We’ve had such a mild winter that I don’t even mind having more winter!!  I’m finally back from nothing (: just been busy and working through January!  Today’s post will be a report on my New Year Goals.  Yes, I still remember them.  I’m giving myself a B.  My goal for January was to only have treats on ONE day.  My other two goals that I’ve made for myself have some conflicting difficulties with them!  I made a financial goal to only go out to movies twice a month, but then I told myself that ONLY at the movies could I have candy and an ice cream (:  Not a good combo right?  Cuz if I wanted a treat, I said, “Let’s go to a movie”  I think 5 was the number for January!  Yikes.  Oh well, new month!  I’m back to only two movies for the month.  I have to say however, that my little movie treats did nothing to derail me.  I didn’t gain weight and I got right back on after the movie.  My successes for the month are 5 lbs. down (that’s just because of a little holiday indulgences) and better muscle tone.  I’d like to push it a little more for February.  My one week goal for this week is NO GRAINS and NO EATING AFTER 8:00 p.m.


O.K.  here is my speech on weight loss for the day, not that you haven’t heard it already.  It is almost everything WHAT YOU EAT!!!  I have worked out like a maniac for many years and ONLY when I combine my workouts with clean eating do I see changes in my body!  Lately, I’ve been addicted to this super intense cardio workout called HIGH, which I just got certified to teach!!!  Yay me!!!  It’s the best cardio for me and I love it.  I also lift weights 4-5 days a week and run.  Yes, I workout a lot!  1 1/2 -2 hours a day.  That is normal for me and I like it.  Eating well gives me more energy and I feel better, but even with this intense schedule, I’d be doing it in vain if I wasn’t eating well.  In other words, WASTING MY TIME!!  Don’t stray too far from the CLEAN and HEALTHY eating path!

When I first started personal training, one of my clients asked me to train her and she said, “I need to lose X amount of weight and get in shape, but I can’t do what you do!”  I’ve been thinking about that a little.  Already she is giving herself an out.  I thought, well I should give her half of what I do and then of course she’ll get half the results.  If you want to do it, DO IT!!  No excuses AND it is WORK!!  A work that you will come to LOVE!!!

Enough of the soap box.  I’ve found a new hobby that I can’t get enough of.  SKIING!!!  I need a bumper sticker (not really, I have too many already) that says, I’d rather be skiing (:  It gives me such a RUNNER’s high I call it.  I went with my friend last week and I told her one of the  reasons I love skiing is the feel of the environment and the positive happy energy of the other skiers.  It reminded me of the feeling of race day when you’re surrounded with a crazy bunch or endorphin seeking runners!  Love it!!  It has made the winter months so much happier for me.  Here I am with my cute daughter.  I need to take a few action shots next time!  I’m not really good either (:

photo 1

I’ll end with a few more pics. from the last couple weeks.  This one is me and my bestie teaching HIGH for the first time (:  We love to match!!

photo-79And a colorful church outfit!!  Skirt is Boden and top is Ann Taylor.  Boots are Express.  I have many workout outfits I need to share too.

photo 3One of these days I’ll get it together and be more consistent again with my fun blog.  Right now I’m just getting through the days.  Never a dull moment around our house!!  Something is always keeping us on our toes such as my 16 yr. old slamming his car into our house last night (: Oh the lessons we learn…Have a wonderful day!!  Keep at it!!!  It’s worth it!!  GO FOR GREATNESS!!  This is for my football kids!  My son was a little sad his team didn’t win last night!



Maintain your weight and be a rising STAR *

Yello!  I survived Girl’s Camp…barely.  It was Wednesday through Saturday about an hour away in the mountains.  The first day was super cold.  I had on 5 layers and my winter coat (: I didn’t sleep much any of the nights and we were busy having fun every day.  It was probably the best camp I’ve been to.  Very well thought out, inspirational, and fun.  Everything went smoothly with meals, activities, and everyone getting along.  I ate pretty well.  We did have the most amazing food so I had to splurge a bit.  I got up early 2 of the mornings and did yoga and pilates (: Not my usual, but it was good considering my lack of energy.  I was drained on all levels.  Good to be there and good to be home!  Here are two pics.  One of my wonderful leader friends and the other with my besty and our daughters!

securedownload-1 securedownloadToday is Monday!  I’ve been thinking about my lack of stick-to-it-ness on my goals.  I need to make better goals AND be happier with my body!  I have perfectionist tendencies, which isn’t all bad.  I love a challenge and thrive on goal setting.  Now that my 8 week challenge is nearing an end, I need to reevaluate my plan.  Here is my realistic MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT plan (:  I say maintain although in the back of my mind I still want to increase muscle tone and lower body fat.  With the way I work out and eat, I’m sure I can do BOTH!  (I did say realistic, right?)

  • Clean eating 6 days a week.  (This is my weakness)
  • 4 hour eat whatever I want window one day a week.  This will be Sunday.
  • No eating past 8:30 p.m.
  • Workouts 6 days a week.  At least 3 days of heavy lifting and 3 days of fast running.  (This is my strength)


I’m going to work on this for the rest of summer, even when my little sis is in town!  Next on my bucket list (I just thought of this today) is to send in a photo of me to Oxygen Magazine under the future of fitness section.  Let me explain!  I was looking through my favorite magazine today and reading through this section.  Most of the girls are my size.  They feature 4 girls in the back of the magazine and a little blurb on each of them explaining why they are fit and advice etc.  I don’t want to be famous or anything, but I think it might be a FUN challenge.  I’m 40 and this would add to my year of firsts!  Boston marathon, Ragnar, and Oxygen magazine (:  One of my clients is a great photographer.  I’ll get a photo shoot from her!  To prepare for the event, I want to do a 12 week super strict plan starting in August.  This is very much in the initial idea phase.  Details will follow.  

Back to MAINTAINING WEIGHT!  I’m big on weight loss, but I think maintaining weight is just as important.  I’ve kept my weight (minus 5 pregnancies) within 10 pounds of my weight in high school.  I must be doing something right or I have really good genes.  I don’t believe the genes thing!  I do LOVE exercise, which helps!  Here is my simple ADVICE:

Weigh yourself weekly!  If your clothes get tight and your weight is going up, STOP what you are doing and evaluate your EATING habits.  Exercise habits are second.  Cut portion size and eliminate white flour and white sugar.

Don’t go off the wagon for long!  I’m notorious for messing up my healthy diet plan, BUT I never do it for long.  At the most, I have 1-2 weeks of crappy eating and I NEVER slack on exercise unless I’m sick.

Be conscious of what you eat or write it down!  Think about what you eat.  Never go too long without eating or you’ll most likely make an unhealthy food choice.  Writing it down cuts calories drastically.

Never give up!  Don’t talk yourself out of being healthy.  Of course everyone has limitations, but make it a priority.  Don’t say I’m too old, I’ve had too many kids, I work, I’m a stay at home Mom, I have a broken leg…you get it.  You can do it! 🙂 

I could ramble about this for awhile, but I think these 4 are the most important.  This is what I do.  Make it fun.  Be creative.  Find a friend.  I’ll end now!  

I haven’t posted a SUNDAY shot for awhile.  My cutie middlest child needed a pic. with me!  Dress is Boden.  I love summer!


I’ll be back on WEDNESDAY!!!  My oldest is turning 16!!!  I can’t believe it.  PARTY PARTY!!!

Be specific and accountable to lose weight

O.K!  I have given myself a new goal.  Shocking I know!  I had a few triggers get to me this week with my St. George trip, husband buying my favorite non healthy food, neighbors over for dinner…the list goes on and on.  Here is my new PLAN (:  I’m still working on my Great in 8 challenge.  We have 3 weeks left of that.  This one is an add on to keep me motivated.

First of all, it’s important to be SPECIFIC when attempting to lose weight, gain muscle, eat healthier, or whatever your fitness goal is.

My goal is to lose 5 pounds.

 I’m going to eat 100% healthy for 25 days.

 I will keep a food journal of what I eat every day.

A friend of mine has a goal to be more toned or lower her body fat %.  For her, I suggested she up her protein and lift HEAVY weights 6 days a week.  I told her to have a CASEIN protein shake every night.  It’s an easy and yummy way to increase protein.


The second part that’s necessary in being successful at weight loss is to be accountable to someone.  Find a trusted friend to cheer you one.  Send them your weight every week.  Many times we keep our weight loss secrets to ourselves and when the opportunity arises to eat a few donuts we have no one to stop us.  I gave my husband strict guidelines that he is not to buy kettlecorn, Backer’s cake, Pizza Factory breadsticks, or homemade cookies from Cutler’s or Paradise Bakery.  I have a big list.  Candy is no longer an issue for me.  I’m thinking of cutting out all treats for my 2015 goal since the no candy one was easy.  That’s a toughie because I love to bake.  What I really need to do is learn to only have ONE!  I’ve yet to master that skill.

I have one last helpful tip after you’ve reached your goal.  Reward yourself!  My reward this time will be a new ipod.  I have needed one for a long time.  I can’t even read the screen on it!  I’ll probably post my food journal once a week too.  Sorry that might be boring but it’ll keep me honest and on target.

Make it a great day.  Run fast, lift heavy, and be happy!  I heart SUMMER!!



It’s all about the WEIGHTS

Hello hello!!!  I have a few things to be happy about today.  #1-I’m on DAY 6 of my new healthy lifestyle.  That sounds funny because most people think I’m already healthy.  I should say healthier (:  It’s going well!  I had a weird thing happen today.  I was making my daughter a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.  I’m adding a little bit of mayo and some chopped up dill pickles to my bowl of tuna and I start thinking this looks really good.  I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so I decided to eat the bowl of tuna!  I’ve reached a new level of cool fitness status.  I’m not just eating, I’m fueling my body (:  Laugh. Laugh.  I ate a cup of honey dew too.  #2 happy news is that I got my old piano teacher back for my kids!!!!  I have slacked off big time in the piano world.  I miss not hearing the piano.  Starting in June, three of my kids will be in lessons.  YAY!  #3 happy news is I taught my first (very weak) Zumba SONG today.  I told my morning clients that we’d do a Zumba song for our warm up.  I had the ipad all set to go and then it decided to NOT play any youtube videos.  Oh sadness, BUT I decided to give it a go anyway and taught them all I could remember.  I’m so proud of myself!  I’m going to have my cute cute Zumba friend video a few simple routines for me so I can learn more and do them with my clients.  I’m for sure not confident to EVER teach a Zumba class.  Only with my BESTY clients (:  #4 great day event was my workout of course!  After my clients left I had time to whip out an UPPER BODY BLAST workout.  Easy easy to do at home.  This is one of my favorite Jen Jewell workouts.  Next week I’ll be back on Jamie Eason for another 5 weeks!

Workout 2: Upper-Body Blast


Jump Roping-200

Plank-1 minute

Mountain Climber-1 minute

Standing Military Press-12 reps

Barbell Curl-12 reps

Burpees-12 reps


Lying Triceps Press-12 reps

Decline Push Up-12 reps

Incline Dumbbell Curl-12 reps

Burpees-12 reps

Side Lateral Raise-12 reps

This leads me into my short blurb about lifting heavy weights.  You will never achieve the results you want without lifting heavy weights consistently!  You can do all the cardio in the world for the rest of your life and you’ll still wonder where the hot bod is?  Lift Heavy, Eat Protein, Drink Water, and do a lot of other stuff and you’ll be a lean sexy machine!  And now for my last contradictory Happy event #5 my friends and I are running (what? cardio?) our favorite trail run tomorrow morn!  I don’t think we’ve been up the mountain yet this year.  I noticed today we still have SNOW.  We’ll see!!  We’ve had a little rain too.  Trail shoes and mud.  I’m also going to try this ISAGENIX energy shot before the run.


I’ve heard a few interesting things about it so I’ll have to report!  Oh, I almost forgot!  I have one more exercise workout to post.   This is a GREAT AB workout on the stability ball. I said to do 20 reps of everything 3 times. Try that! It is pretty intense. 12-15 reps would be fine too.


Doesn’t this look so professional.  My 5 year old photographer is the best!  Well!  I have lots of happy things in my life but I’ll end because I have one unhappy event I need to get ready for.  Junior High band concert.  Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  MOMS ROCK!!!  I have to share this photo of a few awesome WORKOUT MOMS I know.  We all showed up to class on the official wear BLACK to the gym day.  Which is most days!


I’ll be back tomorrow with a little bit o’ fashion for FRIDAY!!  Kick it up a GEAR!