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A little bit of EVERYTHING!

We had an absolutely AMAZING workout today!  My arms are still shaky and it’s been 2 hours!!  I’m in a hurry to GET OUT OF TOWN so I’ll post it when I get back.  I LOVE TRIPS!!!  Forceful relaxation.  A MUST for me!  So,  I came across some BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING artwork.  The artist’s name is Donna Downey.  CLICK HERE!  So bright, colorful, and uplifting.  I will decorate my next house with several pieces of her work.  Here are a few examples!!

I found them in a cute boutique and took pictures.  So pretty!

Next, is my SONG of the day!!!  This is a bit teeny bopperish of me, but I’m around a lot of young people in my church and with my kids.  Apparently this is one of the IT bands and ALL these boys are SOOOOOO CUTE!!!  It’s a fun, upbeat song and they do SING WELL!!!  ENJOY!!

Hope everyone was a GREAT weekend!!