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Pre workout snack and kick your butt

Hello!  I have got to write another post today because I can’t handle looking at the crazily amazing looking cookie from the last post!  I want to gobble it up!  O.K.  I’ll be leaving for DISNEYLAND in a few days and I won’t get back till next Wednesday!  3 things to share today!  Pre workout snack, kick your butt workout, and a SPRING workout outfit!

First off, I have been working out too much lately!  I got up this morning to do a 45 minute plyo and fast run and then I’m going back to do zumba.  Don’t hate me, but zumba doesn’t count as a workout!  It’s better than nothing, but really…?  So, it’s 9:00 a.m.  I had breakfast at 7:30ish and I’m hungry again.  What do I grab that is sitting by me right now:


Cut up veggies, a yogurt dip from Costco, and water of course.  I think water is what I need most.  I forget to drink sometimes!

Next up, Wednesday workout of the day!!  We did this at the church yesterday and I’m still exhausted.  LOTS of reps and sooooooooo awesome to feel completely wasted


I saw the SIDE PLANK KNEE TUCKS from a workout chick I used to follow years ago.  I need to do more of her workouts.  Here is a visual of the knee tucks.  They are hard.  This is one rep from starting to ending position.  She’s not on bodyrock anymore and I’m glad.  You can find her at bodybuilding.com.  She’s amazing!

SidePlankLiftKneeTuck1 Unknown SidePlankKneeTuck3

I’ve had a few teenagers jump on board with my workouts!  I love that.  The younger the better to learn how to love exercise.  I’m so glad I did gymnastics as a kid.  I was 11 and I remember being drenched in sweat and wanting to push myself so hard to keep up with the rest of the team.  I haven’t changed much (:

Yesterday, I had my first root canal and I feel so old, but the beautiful SUN shined the brightest it has all year!  I came home and sat outside on a blanket and read a book and played with my little one.  Later, my oldest came home and we played a quick game of Horse.  And I mean quick because he killed me and I was out like that!  The sun makes me happy!!

O.K.  SPRING is here!  It arrived a little early so I might have to eat my words, but SOON I’ll be running in shorts again!



securedownload-1 Well, I’ve got workouts to create and a bathroom to clean.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.  We’ll be heading to the park!!

Summer Duds!

Summer is not over yet!  I love the yellow and green in this outfit.  Great for any type of workout!





I should pretty much get paid by Nike for this one!

I bought this outfit at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

I also need to post the pics. from our Wasatch Crest run we did yesterday morning.  We had such a GREAT time.  We were literally on the top ridge of the mountain.  We could see clear over one side and then down the other side.  We even saw a ski lift!  In a few short months the mountain tops will be covered with snow!!

It was quite a bit chillier up there.  It started out in the low 50’s and maybe warmed up to 60.  I survived, but my hands were a little cold.   Keep at your Goals.  I KNOW I will achieve mine!

The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed-Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Keep climbing!!