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Day 12


Happy Monday and happy I need to start the week off better day!  I almost caved yesterday on my sugar challenge!  Sundays are the hardest.  I want to make yummy desserts or relax and eat candy while I read a book.  I subbed my CRAVINGS for WHITE FLOUR.  I made crepes for breakfast and breadsticks for dinner and I didn’t eat just one!  I was happy when my friend texted me at 10:00 p.m. last night and wanted to run 9 miles today!!!  I had plenty of energy to burn!  I’m also happy to say that at this point in my training 9 miles seems like nothing (:  Running has been great lately….knock on every piece of wood I can find!  I’ve been known for many injuries!  Let’s hope I can keep it up for another month!!

So, what am I tweaking this week?  Seriously, no white bread, pasta, or rice!   I’m also going to stop eating at 7:30 p.m.  To help with CRAVINGS, I’m going to make two of my favorite snacks.  My sister’s protein balls and Chocolate Covered Katie’s fudge bites.  Check HERE for recipes.

My cute kids are hopping on the healthy wagon too.  My two boys in football want to eat lots of good food and my daughter is feeling a cold coming on and asked for wheat grass today!  I guess I’m rubbing off on them (:

I’m also going to change up my lifting routine.  I’m getting sick of weights 6 days a week!  Imagine that, I DO get tired of exercising.  I found a good schedule I want to try.

MONDAY-Chest, Glutes, Abs

WEDNESDAY-Back, Biceps, Abs

THURSDAY-Shoulders, Triceps, Abs 


I’ll run 4 days a week too (:

SONG of the day is the NEW Katy Perry song!!  It was released today and I’m sure you’ll be hearing it all over the radios!


Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!


DAY 10

Okey dokey!  I’m a 10th of the way through my 100 TREAT FREE days!  I think I need to stricten up this week!  I’m not having desserts or candy, but I still have white bread now and again.  I do allow myself an occasional sugar free weight watcher chocolate raspberry bar or a RED MANGO frozen yogurt with berries.  I PROMISE this is SUPER healthy in my book!!!  Next week, I’ll set the goal of no white bread.

Well, today we ran 18 miles.  The longest I have run in over a year and it was FANTASTIC!!  I was super careful the day before to eat right and hydrate.  I carried a water bottle with me and divided up 2 STINGER WAFFLES and ate a half of one every 4 miles.  It’s WAY important to test out what you eat and drink BEFORE marathon day!!  The water and waffles helped because I never got tired.  Right now,  I feel a little muscle and joint soreness, but no INJURY SORENESS!  I only have one more BIG 20 miler in two weeks and then it goes down till the race.   YIPPEE!

I have a GREAT recovery idea to share!!  I’ve read in running magazines about taking ICE baths after long runs.  YIKES!  I’ve tried them and they about killed me.  I decided that COLD water is good enough for me.  So, today I went over to a creek near my house and soaked my feet and knees in the water!

IMG_0772 IMG_0767I was going to SIT in the water, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that!  The cold water on my knees was good enough!  I even made it through cleaning 3 bathrooms today without too much stiffness.   What I really want to do is take a moment to read a book and doze a bit!  I’m glad I have such good friends to run with.  It would be so boring without them!  And I’m glad I’m healthy and able to run!  What a blessing!



Day 5

Yes, I survived the weekend with no sugar!  It all comes down to habit.  I had plenty of opportunities to partake of many delectable desserts, treats, and candy!  We had parties with friends and family, a fun shopping outing with the girls where I even tried to order sugar free cheesecake and they were out!  Sunday night we played games and I still had loads of my favorite candy left over from 5 days ago when I started this 100 day challenge of NO SUGAR.  I’m keeping at it!  It’s always fun and motivating too when several people around me want to join in!

a11bbd4f906a115661dfc9e9c47d89de With weight loss and healthy living I think every individual needs to find out what keeps them from optimal health.  For me, it’s sugar.  For others it could be portion size, high fat foods, fast food, or soda pop.  Whatever it is, figure it out and find a way to control and conquer it.  Make your goal second nature.  I’m hoping my desire to stay off sugar becomes as easy as sticking to my exercise routine.  I never wake up and wonder if I’ll work out.  I work out 6 days a week pretty much ALWAYS.  The question is usually WHEN will I work out and WHAT exercise is on the schedule.  Today was a 9 mile run.  I’ll hit the weights later today too.  I need to run 18 miles this weekend, so I wanted to start the week off strong.

My life as always is very scheduled and busy.  It’s VERY important to have healthy food on hand at all times.  I like to make a BIG batch of something and eat it over 3 or 4 days.  I made a pasta salad that I ate plenty of all weekend and today I’m going to make a pot of SOUP!  It’s from a favorite website of mine called vedgedout.com.  I want to try the Moroccan Lentil Soup!


photos in this post courtesy of An Unrefined Vegan

Make Monday rock.  Song of the day FAR AWAY (: