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Smoothies are bogus and time to refocus!

Hello from the Tundra!  This is what our weekend looked like:

Only half of the snow!

Only half of the snow!

Awesome son!  He got up before everyone else and started shoveling!

Awesome son! He got up before everyone else and started shoveling!


So comfy!

Backyard shot at the new house

Backyard shot at the new house

3 topics of interest today!  Diet recap, new focus, and MUSIC!!

1-Green Smoothie challenge was a bomb (in a bad way).  I’ve tried several diets and this one was the worst!  Lack of protein made me hungry all the time and smoothies and salads got really old in our arctic climate.

2-I don’t even want to admit to what I ate all weekend.  Slacker Is Me!  New focus diet will include eating every 3 hours, WATER forever, no white sugar or white flour, and no eating after 7:30 p.m.  That’s it!  My addiction to sugar is difficult as always.  I originally said I was only having 1 treat day for January, February, and March.  That is unrealistic for me and I’m plain weak!  I’m back to 3 treat days a month.  January is gone and that’s all I’ll say about that!  I also want to weigh myself every day.  It keeps me motivated!  No worries!  I will get to my goal BF%!

3-Music makes me happy.  We’ve been listening to lots of music as we go about painting and packing up!  Here are 3 great songs that I’m loving right now.  Pink is especially awesome.  She’s an athletic chick and I read recently how she lost 55 baby weight pounds.


How she did it?  Hard work and stick-to-it-ness!  She did serious cardio and weight training!  She also said her diet is mostly vegan?!  I believe that!  She did add protein sources from chicken and fish now and again.  Check out the article HERE. Turn it up and work it out!  Plan on Strict Rules from now on! This will be it for the week!  Next post will be from the NEW HOUSE!!!