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What to eat before a run

Happy Memorial Day and Happy Birthday to my cutie pie girl!

Holly's camera 052securedownload-6We had plenty of time to celebrate all weekend.  The kids have loved the tramp, we had a fun BBQ with family, enjoyed the sweetest cake ever made, shopped, made pizzas, played in the sprinklers, had cousins over.  I’m ready for bed.  5 am comes quick!  My workout will be fun tomorrow.  I’m thinking we need to run up my basement stairs and down my steep driveway for part of the workout (:  They’re going to love it!

Alrighty!  I’m committed to serious goals this week.  Exercise and eating will be ABOVE ON!  This morning’s workout was just what I needed.  I have to admit I made myself sick and ate too much birthday cake.  I got up and went to the gym and did a back and ab workout and then met a few friends for a run!  I have to laugh!  We ran a little later than usual, it was hot, I didn’t eat because I was burning off birthday cake, and who do I wind up running with?  My friend that is 12 years younger than me and my 3:00 hour marathon speedy pants friend.  I was singing the song “Which one of these things doesn’t belong” in my head!  Yes, the run was hard for me today!  I did talk to my speedy friend about what she eats before a run!  If she goes out for an average length normal run she drinks a muscle milk.  She’ll also have toast or a banana.  She loves POWERBAR products.  She specifically mentioned this applesauce.


I’m going to experiment with a few of them.  I need to be faster!  I’ll let you know how this week goes on Saturday and if I reach my goals that are in my head (: I’m excited to RUN with the weather so nice.  We got our patio furniture out and my husband brought home several flower baskets.  I love it!  Keep working hard every day!!

Workout song of the day!

The Phoenix-Fall Out Boy