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It’s all about the FOOD!

Happy FOOD day!  I am officially on DAY 3 of my healthy challenge and I feel freakin’ awesome.  That sounds lame but I feel great for two reasons. One, because eating good food makes you feel better DUH?! and two, because I feel good about myself for stickin’ to the plan!  Today, I thought I’d talk about random things that I’ll be eating over the next 8 weeks. This is what we bought at Costco today: strawberries, pears, peppers, and this awesome veggie mix:


I also bought a rotisserie chicken, hummus, shrimp, carrots, deli meat (that’s not really the greatest choice), and this cool lookin’ vegan dish!  I tried it already.  So yummy!

securedownload-6I think that’s all of the GOOD things I bought.  I’ve been keeping a mental note in my head today of what I ate.  Sometimes healthiness can get a little boring so here are a few ideas:

BREAKFAST: I cooked up this Steel Cut Oats recipe on Sunday and saved half of it.  This morning, all I did was add a little almond milk and heated it up!


LUNCH:  1/2 a Veggie and Grain bowl, 5 shrimp, 1/2 c honey dew.  I was still hungry so I had a small bowl of wheat chex with almond milk.

SNACKS:  While playing UNO today I snacked on veggies and hummus and ate a hard boiled egg.  I also had a couple handfuls of lite air popped kettlecorn.  If I’m craving something sweet or salty and crunchy, I eat 1/2 protein bar and 6 cashews.

securedownload DINNER:  After a baseball game tonight (I’ll pack a bag of carrots to munch on) I’m going to stir fry up some of my kale and red chard super foods with a little rotisserie chicken!  That will be all for the night.  If I need an extra snack I LOVE these probiotic healthy ice cream bars or a casein protein shake!

pGNC1-5837106dt caramelBox

Today on my run I could feel that I had more energy although right now I’m utterly exhausted, but I will keep going…

Wednesday I’ll talk about my workouts for the week.  To end this beautiful day, here’s a song I’ve been hearing lately that I like to crank up and listen to with the windows down!

That’s all for now.  Gotta get to a game.  EAT ON!


Keep it simple

Hello!  I have a few minutes to update my life.  We are back from Bear Lake.  It was beautiful and we stayed in a perfect little bed and breakfast!  One whole day in the sun and on the lake is all you need.  So fun to ride the waves!!  Here  are a few pics. from the trip.  I’m happy I got another handstand shot and on the beach!

securedownload-1 securedownload-2Bear Lake has a great running and biking path around the lake and I was excited to get out for a run in the quiet morning air.  I’ve decided to not stress about  my lack of exercise and mess ups with eating healthy 100% of the time.  Keep it simple and don’t stress is my motto for the next week!  I had a great workout.  I ran out 20 minutes and then ran back.  Then, I tried the burpee/situp combo.  I did 100 of each divided into three sets of 33 and of course one round was 34.  So I did 33 burpees immediately followed by 33 situps.  Loved it!!  It took about 15 minutes.

 We got home and went right back into family mode.  My brother and his family came in from Georgia and he’s staying with us for a few days.  We love having him here!!  I made a yummy dinner for everyone with the help of my sista!  I love the 4 of us!  We are the four younger kids in the fam and we tease my brother that he was one of the girls growing up!  

securedownload securedownload-3Today is a full day at Lagoon amusement park and then it’s getting to work on making 400 treats and decorating for a very fun and memorable anniversary party!  We’ll see if I get back to the computer.  I will be burning off some of the shakes I enjoyed at Bear Lake tomorrow on my 16 mile run!!

Love summer!  Here is the perfect song that I’m adding to my phone today!  Don’t you worry…SMILE (: