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DAY 10

Okey dokey!  I’m a 10th of the way through my 100 TREAT FREE days!  I think I need to stricten up this week!  I’m not having desserts or candy, but I still have white bread now and again.  I do allow myself an occasional sugar free weight watcher chocolate raspberry bar or a RED MANGO frozen yogurt with berries.  I PROMISE this is SUPER healthy in my book!!!  Next week, I’ll set the goal of no white bread.

Well, today we ran 18 miles.  The longest I have run in over a year and it was FANTASTIC!!  I was super careful the day before to eat right and hydrate.  I carried a water bottle with me and divided up 2 STINGER WAFFLES and ate a half of one every 4 miles.  It’s WAY important to test out what you eat and drink BEFORE marathon day!!  The water and waffles helped because I never got tired.  Right now,  I feel a little muscle and joint soreness, but no INJURY SORENESS!  I only have one more BIG 20 miler in two weeks and then it goes down till the race.   YIPPEE!

I have a GREAT recovery idea to share!!  I’ve read in running magazines about taking ICE baths after long runs.  YIKES!  I’ve tried them and they about killed me.  I decided that COLD water is good enough for me.  So, today I went over to a creek near my house and soaked my feet and knees in the water!

IMG_0772 IMG_0767I was going to SIT in the water, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that!  The cold water on my knees was good enough!  I even made it through cleaning 3 bathrooms today without too much stiffness.   What I really want to do is take a moment to read a book and doze a bit!  I’m glad I have such good friends to run with.  It would be so boring without them!  And I’m glad I’m healthy and able to run!  What a blessing!