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Stay warm…exercise!

Happy Winter Wonderland Monday!  A funny thing happened yesterday.  Due to my “I am eating super healthy” mode, I hid a bunch of candy that I had WAY too much of around the house.  My son wanted to bring some to church for his class and I couldn’t remember where I put it!  I checked in every hiding place I could think of!  I guess that’s one way to stay on target. I had a really good eating weekend!  YAY me!  HOWEVER, my scale is up and keeps going up!  What the?  I weighed myself Saturday, Sunday, and today and each day I went up a pound.  Hello!  No scale for me (:

There is some good news in this story!  I found some old measurements I did in June and my weight was a little lower then and higher measurements.  Now, my measurements are lower and higher weight.  Hmmm…I think I’ll take the measurements over the scale any day!!  I tried on my skinny jeans that only fit me at 132 or less and they fit fine!   I hope my clients are reading this!!!  The scale is the LEAST accurate way to track losing weight!  I’m still hittin’ it hard at the gym and in the food dept.  This is what I had for breakfast today!  Sweet potato hash browns, orange slices, and 1 egg/3 egg whites with salsa.

securedownload-3Well, we were snowed in this weekend and stuck in an ice burg!!  The temperature this morning was 4 degrees!  Lots and lots of snow!!!  I’ve decided exercising is the only way to stay warm now!!  No one should have a problem getting off their butts!!  My friend and I were talking about a 1/2 marathon we want to run in January.  We’ve been lifting weights so much and the weather has been so awful we realized we haven’t even been running!  We want to start running 3 days a week.  One fast 6 miler, one serious hill run, and a 10 miler.  I’m sure at least 2 of these will have to be on the treadmill this week!  Here are my kids and the neighbors enjoying our hill in the front yard!

photo-50 securedownload-2I love “watching” them play in the snow!  All 5 of them still like to go sledding!  One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing the BEST movie that went along well with the theme of our weather.  FROZEN!!  Broadway style quality!  I even recognized one of the characters voices as Idina Menzel who played Elphaba in Wicked.  She is one of my FAVORITE singers!  Two of my kids weren’t with us so we’ll have to see it again this week!!  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and worth the money!!  My kids were listening to and singing the songs all weekend!  Here is one of the BEST songs from the movie.  Idina Menzel.

I need the piano music and it’s even a good running song.  I’d better get on with the day.  I have a lot to do this week!!!  Happy eating and working out.  NO EXCUSES!!!


Know your triggers

O.K.  My blog posts have gone down since I’ve been training!  That’s o.k.  I LOVE what I’m doing!  Right now I have 11 clients.  The most I could take on in my life is 20, but maybe I could squeeze in a few more (:  I’m good at over booking myself!

Recap of the week!  I worked so hard Monday through Friday.  Workouts were killer, diet was super strict, and then…I felt my brain telling me to eat things I shouldn’t!  This is called a TRIGGER!  In my own non-scientific terms, our brain is programed to remember habits that we do consistently.  Sugar is known to mess up your brain and send off feel good hormones when consumed.  Your brain remembers that sugar made you feel good so when something sets you off, you want to eat it again!!  Make sense?  Everyone has different triggers.  It’s important to KNOW what they are so you can COMBAT them and KICK them to the CURB!!  Saturday started off GREAT!!!!  Early in the morning we went on a trail run.  It went pretty much downhill from there.  I had multiple triggers hit me!!!!

  • Weekend
  • Not enough sleep
  • Too busy to eat
  • 3 happy events to celebrate: kids grades, new job, and championship football game

Frustrating…so I’m going to slowly get better!  This week we have a TRIP!!  Arghhh!  Another trigger!!  This past weekend I messed up for 2 whole days!  This week, I’ll have a 24 hour treat day over the trip!  Then, the next 2 weeks I’m only going to splurge one day a week and finally, I hope to get where I can have 1 treat meal a week.  Sound good!?  This will work for me for the body I LOVE and want to MAINTAIN!  Our weather is still amazingly good and I hope to get in some FAST runs along with my weights!!

Sorry that was a lot of reading!!!  Diet tip of the day:  MORE LEAN PROTEIN AND VEGETABLES!!  I’ll be working on that after I detox myself with water and smoothies all day (:

We’ve been putting together our basement this weekend.  My husband laid the wood floor down and now I need to get the mirrors and carpet ordered and design MY gym!!  Yay yay yay!  I’m so excited.  I’ll have to post about the BEST MUST HAVE equipment for a home gym!!  Here are a few before pictures!!!

securedownload securedownload-1

The gym is about 18×22 ft.  My daughter would like to use it as a dance room too?  We’ll see if I can get creative with how I place things and find equipment that I could move around easily.

Here is my funny quote of the day!  Sooooo many women I’ve been talking to lately think this.

thHave a BeauTiful Day!!!

Take two steps forward and one step back

Well…a childhood song comes to mind after this LONG fall break weekend!  “Take two steps forward and one step back…”  You can guess what that means.  Just as I start loving my progress and I’m doing well eating, I go outta town and decide to eat whatever, whenever.  Oh well, at least it’s not one step forward and two steps back!

I am on again!!  This week is absolutely beautiful!  I’m going to make this quick so I can get in a quick run before the onslaught of children!  We had an amazing close to home vacation last weekend.  Our friends invited us to stay a few days at their home in the mountains.  I might add it is a PARTY home!  We played basketball, foosball, air hockey, kickball, sang karaoke, hiked, fished, shot guns, watched movies, played games, made smores, hot tubbed…WHEW, did I leave anything out?  I’m sure I did.  I was in a small depression on Sunday after such a high…oh oh and I did get a run in on a beautiful country road!

Here are a few pics!

securedownload-1 securedownload-3 securedownloadOur families are trippin’ again in 3 weeks to St. George.  My friend and I vowed that we’d kick it in high gear with exercise and eating healthy until then of course (:  I really do love being healthy and once I make my mind up, I get back to my normal crazy eating healthy habits.  It’ll be GREAT!!!  I’ve been super busy since we got home.  I don’t have time to think about treats!  I do think about my reward though!

I want to share what we made for dinner one night that is now my favorite food!  Grilled pizza with delectable toppings.  My friend made a simple crust from Martha Stewart and grilled one side of each pizza, then we each loaded it up with what we wanted.  We had tomato sauce, pesto, fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, canadian bacon, pepperoni, and more.  Then you grill the bottom side while everything is stacked up on the top.  I’m making it tonight!!!  The BEST!

I gotta get running!  We had a great 6 am workout this morning with about 15 of us or so!!  LOVED IT!!!  I’ll share more workouts next time!!

Take a run through the leaves!!  Love the SUN!



Weekends happen

HELLO!  I over packed my life a little too much this weekend and I was seriously out of it all day on Sunday!  Saturday I ran a 65 mileish relay race in Park City, UT.  I have a few pros and cons of this race.

PROS: Beautiful fall weather, running atmosphere, good company, sweet t-shirt.

CONS:  Too cold and late in the season, too small (I was confused with the course and got off track one time), my life is too busy right now.

I have to say that I wasn’t looking forward to this run.  I jumped the gun when I said yes when really I should have been home.  It was a long 12 hour day!  I even had my husband pick me up before our last leg because I wanted to attend one of my closest friend’s 40th birthday party,  which was on the complete opposite side of the mountain range!  It made for a fun adventure and yes I’m proud that I fit it all in!  I didn’t take too many pictures.  When I’m with my usual friends I love taking LOTS of pictures.  We’re all funnly competitive!  I’m looking forward to running Ragnar with them next JUNE!  Here we are very cold at the first of the race and a shot of me in the cute shirt!


photo-39I have a yummer menu item to share too.  My job was to bring chicken salad for pitas.  I pulled out a recipe I hadn’t made in years.  I got tons of compliments about how yummy it was and how I cut the celery up super small (:  Sorry I don’t have a pic.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

3/4 c mayo

1/2 t ginger

1/2 t salt

1/2 t onion powder

3 c cooked chicken (I used rotisserie chicken)

1 1/2 c red grapes chopped

1 c celery chopped

3/4 c sliced almonds

Combine mayo, ginger, salt, and onion powder.  Add to chicken, grapes, celery, and almonds.  Mix up and eat!

I said last week I was going to post my weight and a picture each week.  I don’t have a picture of me to share, but I found a great one of Lauren Fleshman in my Runner’s World magazine!  

dfa5d29867343743a7bb8b307ee14f60She’s an amazing olympic runner and owns part of a new running clothing line called Oiselle.  I thought her body rocked and I’m now motivated to run faster and eat smarter.  I picked out a few things too!  I love love the long sleeve t with the birds on it.  On the back it has another bird on the shoulder and it says “fly”.  I’ll add these to the list (:

flyte-ls-bright-pink-f_3 lesleyindigomelange timeout-sweatsIt was difficult to eat super healthy when I was gone all day on Saturday racing and partying!  My weight this morning was 135.  Not my favorite number, but I can get it down easy peasy!  I think when I weigh myself everyday I have more control.  If you mess up, don’t fret over it.  Get back at it TOMorrow!!  Have a happy cozy day and RUN hard this week!!

Workouts and Heat

Two things that make me super duper happy!!  Workouts and Heat!!  I so wish I would have taken a picture of us sitting at our boys football game yesterday.  Torrential downpour and wind.  My core temperature slowly dropped as I sat on a wet bleacher for 2 1/2 hours.  Luckily, my friend brought a giant tent to cuddle under, but STILL it was pretty sad.  Another luckily, our son played several times and they WON!!!  I am NOT used to the cold at all!!  It took me hours to warm up.  I kept my coat and scarf on for the rest of the night and sat by the fire helping my kids with homework.  I didn’t warm up until I decided to take a shower in the steamer with my portable heater blowing out heat as well!  I’m pathetic and I’m moving to ARIZONA (:

Today, the rain is gone and the SUN is shining BRIGHT!!  I’m instantly HAPPY!!  Fridays are my hard day to work out.  I’m usually beat and would rather curl up on my bed and read a book!  That did not happen!  I made it to the gym and I had a GREAT workout!!

500 m on the rowing machine

The kettle bell and ab workout I posted 2 days ago!  SUPER AWESOME!!  Go heavy and fast!

15-20 minutes of SHOULDER exercises!  My favorite!!!

500 m row again!

That was it!!  I felt so much better after that.  I wanted to take off and run!  I didn’t, because tomorrow I’m running a relay race in Park City!  It’s 75 miles split between a team of 6.  Each of us are running 2 legs.  My first leg is 4.49 and the second is 3.99.  Both of them have a lot of uphill, but after my downhill marathon I’ll be in the mood for an uphill climb!!

I promised a few recipes today!!  A cute friend of mine at the gym has the best foodie blog.  It’s simple, healthy, and family friendly.  Her site will be my NEW cookbook!!!  LOVE IT!!!  She even has several yummy desserts too!!  This week I made White Bean Chicken Chili

P1080360and Shannon’s protein salad to go!!

P1080455Both of them were amazing!!!  My daughter especially loved the chili and said it’s her new favorite dinner now.  Her website is called soshantastic.com.  Check it out!!

Now, I really am going to go curl up a read a book on my bed until I fall asleep that is.  No matter how busy I get, I know how to stop everything and relax.  Here is another way to relax that I might try this weekend.  I found this on Pinterest!

6c879e0b0f9f8198e3f54683b4db4a75Once a week for 20 minutes, sit in a hot bath that contains a handful of Epsom salts, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, and a half cup of baking soda. This combo draws out toxins, lowers stress-related hormones, and balances your pH levels. 🙂

Have a heavenly weekend!!!



Well!  We had a FUN weekend!!  Saturday was especially nice as I was with my youngest scalawags for most of the day!!

securedownloadThe weather was so nice!  The day started out with my daughter and her friend running a 5k!  I do believe this was the first race she has done.  Later on that day she told me,”Mom, ya know, I really don’t like running.  I thought I would, running with my friends, but I really don’t.”  Ha ha!  I’ve told her many times that it’s o.k. if she doesn’t like to run.  She sees how much I like it and she thought she would like it.  That might change.  I didn’t really like to run at 12 either!

securedownload-1I didn’t run.  I cheered them along the race course and yelled as they ran through the finish line!  This morning however, I thought I’d give my 6 miler a go!  My body didn’t like that and my brain was remembering what I did a little over a week ago.  My heel started bugging me and my legs still felt rather weary.  I gave it a good effort, but I think I’ll be spinning and lifting this week.

I ate WAY too much this weekend and I am SERIOUS this time about not giving in on my goals!!  Only healthy eating for me.  I MIGHT give myself a 3 hr. eat whatever I want window on Sunday!  Here is the usual list (:

  • Write down what I eat
  • 5 fruits and vegetables a day
  • No eating past 7:30 p.m.
  • Jamie Eason weights 6 days a week

And of course NO SUGAR!!!  I want to keep this up till the last 3 days of October.  AND…if I do, I’m going to the GAP and buying myself a new outfit.  They have the cutest stuff right now!

Back to my fun weekend with the kids!!!  After our 7 am 5k, I hurried home to gather up my 2 kidlets and we went to brother’s football game, which they LOST!!  First loss of the season and the other team was super awful!  We had a yummy lunch after and then we went home for a bit.  I had to sit out back in the sun for a half hour or so!!!  We ran up to Lagoon a little bit later and had such a fun time riding the rides, walking around, and enjoying all the Halloween decorations!  AFTER Lagoon, we made a quick stop at a new shopping center close by.  Loved it!!!  I need to go back with my girlfriends.  We bought pumpkins at the grocery store!  We didn’t get home till dinner time.  The BIG football game was at 8:30 and we went over to the cousins to watch that.  Fun times with a bunch of little league football boys rooting for the wrong team (:  UTAH won (as usual)  Hee hee!

2 songs I LOVE today.  An oldie Bon Jovi-Always * and the funniest video my daughter showed me.  Makes me smile (:  Brave by Sara Bareilles.  Love it!!  Be BRAVE!!


Like fine wine and cheese

Happy Monday AFTER my race!!!!  It was GREAT!!!  I don’t know where to start really so I’ll say a phrase my husband tells me.  You’re like FINE WINE AND CHEESE!  Which means I get better with age!!   Lucky me, because I earned a qualifying spot for the BOSTON MARATHON!  I’m kind of in denial with that part of the race.  This is marathon #3 and here are my times:

2007-St. George, UT 4:10

2012-Ogden, UT 3:58

2013-Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT 3:42

 I really went into the day thinking, I’ll see how it goes and run as fast as I can.  I only have 3 measly photos from the experience, but I might post a few shots that were taken on the course later.  Here we are:

Day before at the expo!

Day before at the expo!

On top of the world!  I'm rockin' the Rocky sweats!

On top of the world! I’m rockin’ the Rocky sweats!

My twin and inspiration!

My twin and inspiration!

Here is the LOW down of the Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon!  Perfect weather!  It was iffy for days and even the morning of.  We ran in 50-60 degree temps with cloud cover.  Couldn’t be better!  The rain waited patiently for me to finish and then DUMPED a few hours after the race.  So grateful!  This is a FAST course.  The website says it’s a net downhill of 5300 ft. with minimal uphill and a 500 ft. net drop even after the canyon.  Sooooo, that combined with my awesome age helped me BQ!  My official time was 3:42:09.  I signed up for Boston this morning and I need to check back to see if I get in.  It’s so popular, you’re not even guaranteed a spot with your time!

The miles really did fly by.  My outfit was super comfy.  My shoes felt great!  I didn’t even damage my toenails.  Super hard on the quads and my right heel is hurting, but other than that, I feel great.  I kept my time in the 7’s through mile 16, kept it in the 8’s until mile 20, and then my last 6 were 9 and 10 minute miles.  Oh, of course I wish I was faster at the end!  I’ve never been more sore and I think my legs are pretty tough.  The next morning I seriously could not lift my legs out of bed and going downstairs is quite the treat.

It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.  If you like to run, RUN a marathon!!  The BEST!!  I love the energy and excitement from the other runners and spectators and the exhilaration of finishing!  I’m so glad my body cooperated!  My time is good for 2 years if I want to wait and run Boston in 2015.  I want my friends to qualify again so I’ll see when they want to run it, but I might be training again by January!  I’m a little nutso!

Once again, I have a busy week.  I sit down every Sunday night and fill in my weekly calendar.  It’s good to keep busy!  My house is going to pot since I can’t move so well, picking up all day is a daunting task!  I’m grateful to be healthy and live in such a beautiful place!  Cool. Run. Victorious. Uplifting!!!