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Sore butt, legs, and arms! It doesn’t get better than that!

I LOVE this workout!!  I come home feeling weak in the legs and arms and tomorrow I’ll feel even better!  The after effects of our trip are haunting me lately.  Four of the kids contracted PINK EYE while we were gone.  Of course, I am immune to all childhood ailments!  Not so, yesterday my eye became yuckier and redder as the day progressed.  My alarm went off at 5:45 a.m. and I had to pry my eye open.  Gross I know but if you want sympathy, it works.  Everyone looks at me with a sad face like I’ve been crying.  I’ll survive, just like everything that comes my way.  I might even get a gig in the next TWILIGHT movie!!

On to the kick butt WOD!!!  I even took pictures!  It’s been awhile.  Here goes.  You have to think just a little bit.  I have 2 exercises that you swap back and forth.  Start with 50 reps on the first one and 10 on the second.  Then, do 40 of the first and 20 of the second.  30 of the first and 30 of the second.  Do you see where I’m going?  Stay on the first set of exercises throughout the following numbers below!

50     10

40     20

30     30

20     40

10     50



Squats and Overhead Press


Step ups and Push ups


Stiff leg deadlifts and Triceps


Scissor Lunges and Full Sit ups

We didn’t take breaks.  I use 12 lb. weights and on the step ups we counted 2 step ups on each leg as 1.  Half way through we did side step ups.  Once again, easy workout to do at home!!!  Oh and by the way, the mat I’m using is the best mat ever!  It’s from EVERLAST.  I got it at COSTCO several years ago.  SO WORTH IT!!  I can’t do push ups on my toes, GEEZ!

Over the next few days I’m following a BURST CYCLE diet.  I sensed a little disbelief in telling one of my friends my high hopes of getting to wear my HOT PINK SANDALS this week.  We’ll see!!!


Never give up!

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