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Happy Day 14

Hi hi!  I am waiting for the windshield guy.  Not happy with “we’ll be by between 9 and 1”  Really?  Not that I don’t have PLENTY to do at home (:  Of course I want to write for a few minutes and then I’ll get busy!  Today started out wonderfully with my favorite 7 mile trail run.  Our numbers were few today because some of my friends need to rest up for the marathon.  So, here I am with one of my besties.  We glory in the fact that we live right below this beautiful place that so many enjoy.

securedownloadI have a fashion shot to share too.  But first a quick success story of my own.  On my trip last month I bought a new Lululemon skirt.  Here’s a picture in boring black.  Mine is a cute multi striped blue.  Anyway, I don’t have a picture yet.  I’ll get one next week.  So, I bought my usual size without trying it on.  I got home and attempted to put it on.  Whoa…this style is a very different cut and much tighter than the other Lulu skirts I’ve worn.  I could barely get it over my hips and then it looked awful.  Too tight everywhere and too short.  I thought I’d have to give it to my tiny petite friend.  However, a week and a half into my 8 week challenge I tried it on for Zumba AND it actually fit, so much better that I even wore it!  Amazing I know!

LW8388R_0001_3I think what’s helping me the most is the increase in fruits and vegetables.  I also don’t do any white flour or white sugar.  It’s not as hard or as bad as it sounds.  I make healthy treats that satisfy my sweet tooth.  I still stop for a KEVA juice and a big slice of whole wheat bread now and again.  Diet is not a bad word.  I also close up shop at 8 or 8:30.  No more eating after that hour.  I was extremely tempted by a pan of lemon bars I made this week.  Oh  YUM!!!  I didn’t snitch at all and I told myself they will always be there and I’ll eat them later.  That reminds me, I actually froze a few of them.  I’ll be pleasantly surprised one day when I find them (:

Well, enough chit chat.  Keep pluggin’ along.  I need to work shoulders and then I’m heading outside to work in the yard.  I need SUN!  Here’s my fashion shot of the day.  This top is the most comfy and cutest thing ever.  My husband picked it up at the Sundance Outlet.  I love a great pair of white shorts too!  I should have taken this outside with better lighting.



Sandals-Famous Footwear

securedownload-1Have a beautiful weekend!

Breathe and Keep Moving Up

Happy Summer Morning!!  Today we were at the track.  It’s always nice to see so many people out exercising in the summer months.  I wish I could run more with my friends!  We run all winter and through the school year just waiting for shorts weather and then everyone is out of town and running kids around.  It’s hard for all of us to get together.  I’m glad we have the track each week and the trail!  Here they are this morning.  AWESOME!  I love this picture!!!  I had them sprinting a lot this morning.  Usually I do the workout, but today I held the watch and then went and did legs at the gym (:

photo-7HERE is the WORKOUT!!!  I hope I can explain it well.  It would be a fun one for the kids.  Gotta get all that energy out!!


Warm Up

One set of easy bleachers.  100 m high knees, 30 jumping jacks, 30 reverse lunges


  Start a minute timer.  From the goal post, run to the 30 yard line and back.  Do as many KETTLE BELL SWINGS as you can in 1 minute.

Every minute on the minute you have to run to the 30 yd. line and back and continue doing KETTLE BELLS until you reach 150.

Continue in the same pattern with the following exercises:






AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) in 10 Minutes

20 Tricep Kickbacks

20 Bicep Curls

20 Overhead Presses

20 Mountain Climbers

I know people don’t believe me, but I feel like a slacker lately in my diet and exercise.  Not so much with exercise.  My weakness is EATING HEALTHY ALL THE TIME!!!  I stayed up last night and wrote a few goals down for the next month.  I want to get to 125.  Here is the plan:

Eat ALL healthy ALL the time (:  No white flour or white sugar.  1 gallon of water a day.  No eating past 8:00 p.m.  Eat every 2-3 hours.  Keep a Food Journal.  Weigh once or twice a week.

I think what’s hard for me is planning.  I need to know what I’m eating every day AND get my butt to the store a little more often so I’m well stocked.  One thing I want to ALWAYS remember in my strict dieting is to NOT cut out any food groups.  Even dairy is getting a bad rap these days.  I think string cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, plain or greek yogurt are probably GOOD for me!  I’m o.k. with drinking almond milk instead of regular milk because it’s WAY lower in sugar.

I have a (: reward for me at 129 and when I hit 125 I’ll be running in my booty shorts!  I forget sometimes that I have a goal and I rationalize in my brain that I can take a break and I’m not going to do that for JULY!!