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February outfits

Hi!!!  It’s the end of another month and I wanted to quick post the last 4 church outfits I’ve worn.  This month I had no color theme.  I think I’ll do that in March though, it was more fun!!  Cheers to GREEN for March!  Sorry if some of the pictures are whacked.  My favorite camera bit the dust and I’ve been using other methods that aren’t as good.


photo 3



I still need to post my 7 WEEKS TO BUFF program!  It will start on Monday and I’m looking forward to hitting it hard.  Several of my friends are going to do it with me too.  Just in time to get my arms in super sexy shape for short sleeves!  Check back Monday!!  I have lots of workout ideas and a HUGE list of smoothies and healthy treats to post!!  It was soooooooooo nice today that I had to vacumn and wash my car inside and out!  Today is the warmest it has been in a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG time!!!

Happy Dr. Suess day too!!  I LOVE Dr. Suess!  We’ll be reading several of his books today!

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