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Riviera on the Rocks

One of the places we went to was Nice, France!  It is on the French Riviera.  We found a GREAT beach?  Doesn’t this look comfy?

Yes, I am sitting on rocks, along with everyone else.  The water was beautiful and warm.  We thought it pretty funny that everyone just lays out on the ROCKS!  This was also a topless beach.  We walked along one in Barcelona too.  It wasn’t that exciting, really.  My swimsuit is from TARGET.  Super comfortable and around $30.00.  Love that!!  Here are a few more of my THREADS FROM EUROPE.

Posing with my sandwich in the shopping section of Florence, Italy.

Florence was actually one of my least favorite places we visited.  Crazy I know, because everyone told me how great it was.  It was SOOOOOO crowded!!  We went on a bike ride through the city.  I don’t know how we survived with all the buses, scooters, cars, and tourists.  It was a mad house.  I felt like I was in Disneyland.  It was a beautiful city of course with amazing cathedrals, plazas, and sculptures.  TONS of shopping too!!!



We did eat at the BEST restaurant of the trip there.  Scrumptious rigatoni and melt in your mouth chocolate cake!!  Here we are with my new sweatshirt I picked up in Firenze (that’s how they say Florence in Italian).

This last pic. is my airport outfit.  My friend and I matched so we took a picture.  We’re in the Atlanta airport!!  So exciting!

Red Crops-Lululemon

Jacket- Lululemon

Red top- Athleta

That is all for today!!!  I have 2 workouts for tomorrow, an awesome treadmill one and a great boot camp!!