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To Failure Workout

Weights will change your body!

Weights will change your body!

When I first did this workout the phrase “To failure” came to mind.  It is mostly an upper body workout.  My arms were definitely spent after this.  Make sure you warm up with squats, pushups, lunge stretches, and running in place for 5 minutes.  Also, you’ll do a lot of reps.  8-12 lb. weights for women is recommended.  5 lb. weights for beginners.  Here it is:

100 walking lunges


Upright rows (1 minute)

Lateral raises (1 minute)

Overhead Press (1 minute)

30 second rest.  3 SETS

100 jumping lunges


Full bicep curl (1 minute)

Top half bicep (45 sec.)

Bottom half bicep (45 sec.)

30 sec. rest.  3 SETS

100 walking lunges


15 Tricep pushups

Head bangers (1 minute)

Tricep overhead extension (1 minute)

30 sec. rest.  3 SETS

100 Jumping Lunges


20 full sit ups

20 ab lifts right side

20 ab lifts left side

30 sec. rest. 3 SETS

That’s all.  Work hard and have fun!