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Funny Life and what day of the week should you weigh yourself?

I’ve had a great week!  I need to share a few funny stories.  First off, Happy Valentine’s Day!  I love the red and pink and seeing the kids have fun and I love giving my family little presents on Valentine’s morning and making heart pancakes (: (: (:  We celebrated this morning because who knows where everyone will be Saturday morning?  Here they are:

photo 1Our weather has been unseasonably warm this winter.  I’m not complaining at all even if I do like to ski now!  It’s felt like Spring for weeks.  This leads me to STORY #1!  We got a treadmill for Christmas and I’ve only used it a handful of times because of our awesome weather.  Well, I had an hour to spare the other day while all the kids were at school so I decided to run.  It has many fat burning programs to follow.  I found a good 20 minuter.  I thought I was a little better than a beginner so I chose intermediate level.  O.K.  here I am before my run (: so happy!  I did not take an after shot.  I about died.  I’m running merrily along at warm up speed when the treadmill jumps to 8.9 speed and 2 % incline.  That lasted about 10 seconds for me.  I tried to keep up but unfortunately I had to veer off course and lower my speed.  Then!  It alternated with a 7.0 speed and a 6 % incline. Who the heck decided this was intermediate level?  I felt like I was completely out of shape.  However, this has given me determination!  I want to start out on beginner level and conquer each level!  New goal for me!

photo 2

On to STORY #2!!  My life has taken a busy turn and most of that is due to the Elementary school play that I’m in charge of.  Sounds pretty mild, right?  No no no!!!  I’m the grand organizer on every level and we are down to one month left and I’m feeling a small panic beginning to come over me!  We have practices in the morning before school and I’m there Tuesday-Friday.  My family is on a pretty good schedule, everyone knows who needs to be where and when.  Well, one morning this week I was at practice and my daughter didn’t have to be there.  Everyone else had left for school and work.  She stays home to get ready and be with her little brother.  I leave a little early from practice to pick her up and bring her to school.  As I’m driving home I look at my phone and see a text from my neighbor that my 6 yr. old has knocked on her door.  He was scared because no one was home at our house?  I should mention he wanted to wear his sister’s purple and pink silky jammies the night before (: I figured he didn’t look for his sister.  When I walked in the door, I found her…sound asleep in her warm bed!  Oh lovely!  We were ready in 5 minutes.  I was laughing laughing.  I’m glad I live in a good neighborhood.

Since my life has been slightly hectic lately, two sweet Moms in my neighborhood told me they’d bring me dinner!  STORY #3!  I never say no to dinner and that’s probably the best thing they could do for me.  I’m a foodie myself and I love to make food for people.  So, when I heard my good friend and fellow director had a sick baby with RSV, I had to bring her dinner.  Hmmm…well, I decided to make a big pot of soup and rolls and bring dinner to her.  I felt a little funny making this dinner for her when my friends were bringing me dinner, but I didn’t want to tell them not to?  I tried to time it just right and get the dinner over to my friend’s house before my dinner came, but wouldn’t you know? As I was walking out my door with my arms full, the two of them came walking up my driveway.  I about died laughing again when I told them what I was doing.  Oh geez!!  Once again, what great people I live around.  They laughed too and didn’t mind.  Let’s just say the stress of meal planning has ceased for a few days!

I’ve run out of time and I need to go celebrate Valentine’s with my kids at school!  You’ll have to wait till tomorrow to hear about the best day to weigh yourself and I’ll include a super GREAT overall body workout that I gave my church group this week.  My whole body is sore!

Have a Happy Day!!  Be Mine xoxoxoxo!  Don’t give into the chocolate and treats over the weekend!!



Treadmill workout, best yogurt ever, music, and a new passion!

January is almost half way over, but I have to say this has been one of the best January’s we’ve had in a long time.  Our weather has been so nice!  My goals are in full swing.  January is one treat day a month.  I’ve wanted to drop 5 lbs. and tone up!!  What should you do?  CARDIO (:  I’m usually a weight lifting fanatic, but cardio burns the calories, especially HIIT cardio.  Tomorrow I think I’ll crank up the new treadmill and try this workout.  I tried half of it on Saturday at the gym and loved it.  Made the treadmill time fly!  I love sweating (:  I snapped this on my phone and I don’t know where I found it.  There’s a billion of them out there.  I think I’ll try 3 different ones this week!


Next, one of my favorite followers (: shared an amazing yogurt that she bought at Whole Foods.  I rarely eat yogurt because of all the extra stuff in them and the sugar.  This is an organic plain yogurt that she added berries too and she couldn’t say enough of how good it tasted and how it filled her up for hours.  I’m on this!!  Here’s a pic. I found on the internet!  I love walking though Whole Foods.  I wish we had one close to me!  P.S.  I almost forgot she adds a heaping spoonful of chocolate whey protein.  Now I want this yummy dessert!


My MUSIC today is a story about the BEST birthday present I’ve ever given.  This little gal of mine had a birthday last week!


Several weeks before Christmas an amazing thought came to my mind.  I should get concert tickets for Erika.  She has a birthday right after Christmas so I planned it to be a birthday gift.  She loves Taylor Swift and One Direction.  We’ve seen Taylor Swift twice and just recently she has fallen head over heels in love with One Direction.  I accidentally forgot to buy her their new CD for Christmas.  I got her a DVD however and as we watched it together she was screaming and crying about how much she’d love to see them in concert.  I had the hardest time hiding my secret (: Early in December I looked up the One D tour and sadly they weren’t coming to Salt Lake, HOWEVER, a close second was San Diego!  The wheels in my mind started turning!  My brother lives in San Diego.  I could get tickets for the two of us and we could drive or fly out there to see the concert!!  The July date was perfect and after a little persuasiveness with my husband, I bought the present!!  I put the tickets in the CD case and wrote a little note from Harry to her.  I loved it so much and she is soooooooooo excited!!!  Can’t wait!

Lastly, my new passion (like I need another one!) is skiing!  This year we got season passes to Snow Basin.  The kids love it and I love it!  I skied a little as a teen and I taught my 16 year old when he was 6.  I took many years off because my kids were small and it’s so much work.  It’s different now that the kids are older.  Once we get up to the mountain, it’s breathtaking and I love flying down the hill.  I’m taking lessons and both my instructors couldn’t believe I’d never had lessons and one of them asked what sport I played!  He said he could tell I was an athlete.  I love that compliment!  Here’s me and my little girl.  We had such a fun day together!

photo 3I think this post has turned into a novel.  Good thing I type fast (:  Have a wonderful night.  It’s been snowing today.  Time to get up skiing!  Enjoy one of my favorite One Direction songs.  Night Changes.  Work Hard…Always!

Kick it up December

Happy 12-12-12!  What a fun day to be born!  Today we had a GREAT workout with the girls at the church.  I warned them that I was feeling guilty from my overeating and that it would be hard!  I’m happy to say my friend came up with a new name for my class-BEAST!  So, I am now DEATH and BEAST!!  I love that!  Next week will be even better though.  It’s my birthday workout and it will be KILLER!!  Why do I like this picture?

tumblr_magh5t5WMf1rn92z6o1_500Here are TWO workouts.  The first one is my TREADMILL workout from yesterday!  I loved it.

5.5 Miles/45 Minutes 

1 lap warm up

3 Rounds between 6.5-8.5 speed (adjust to your level)

6.5 (2 minutes)

7.0 (2 minutes)

7.5 (2 minutes)

8.0 (1 minute)

8.5 (1 minute)

Easy 7.0 run to finish mile 4

15 Tabata Runs (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

Keep your speed up (9.0-10.0).  Run for 20 seconds, hold onto rails and jump

off and rest for 10 seconds.  BE CAREFUL!!



3 Rounds (50 reps of everything on the 1st, 40 on the 2nd, 30 on the 3rd)

Walking lunges with overhead shoulder press

Hand release push up

BURPEES (20 on the first round, 15 second round, 10 third round)

Alternating Bicep Curls (R L is one)

Tricep overhead extension


Stiff legged dead lift

Mountain Climbers


Bicycle Crunches

Side Planks

 We did some leg and butt lifts after each round too.  Same reppage (50,40,30)


This was a tough workout.  I felt so loved by my friends (:  

December is a hard month to follow the diet and exercise routine.  I usually give up through the whole month.  This year, I’m determined to stay on track!  I’ve realized I’m an ALL or NOTHING person when it comes to eating sweets.  I do better with giving myself treat days instead of small treats every day.  I have given myself extra days for December since it is MY BIRTHDAY month too!!!  SOOOOOOO, I’ll take the 20th, 24th, 25th, and the 31st off.  (:  YUMMY!!  I’m conjuring up several awesome NEW YEAR’S goals that I’ll post soon.  I WILL make up for all those days in January!!  Happy Holidays!  Enjoy friends, family, food, and exercise!!!

My little first born is not so little anymore.  The day has come that I never thought would arrive.  I am the MOM of a giant CHILD!  Enjoy the day!  Work Hard ALWAYS * 


Treadmill and Bootcamp KICKERS

Hi all!  I have a few minutes this morning to post a couple workouts I came up with on my trip.  I hope they are HARD.  Exercising in serious humidity made me feel like I was a MACHINE!!  I was dripping!  Here is the BOOT CAMP!!!

50, 40, 30, 20

Complete four rounds of the following exercises.  Start the 1st round with 50 reps, 2nd round 40, 3rd round 30, and last round 20 reps of everything!!!  You’ll feel awesome because you get the hard stuff in FIRST!!  It’s all MENTAL!


WALKING LUNGES WITH WEIGHTS (Double the reps.  The first half do straight walking lunges and the second half cross your front leg over the other leg as you step down.  This works your BUTT more).




DEAD LIFTS (Hamstrings)



Finish with 3 sets of 2 minute planks

There are NO cool pictures of people running on a treadmill!  Probably because it isn’t cool.  I don’t mind the treadmill.  I play little games with my speed to make it interesting.  It was cool to run on the cruise ship.  It felt a little funny, but the view was beautiful.  I felt like I was running on the WAVES!!!  Here it is:


Warm up for 2 minutes

1 minute at 6.0

2 minutes at 6.5

2 minutes at 7.0

2 minutes at 7.5

1 minute at 8.0

1 minute at 8.5

1 minute at 9.0

2 minutes at 7.5

2 minutes at 7.0

2 minutes at 6.5

1 minute 9.5


This should get you to about 4 1/2 miles.  Sprint the last 1/2 mile.  I ran between an 8 and 9.

I finished with a few weights (12-15 lbs):

Complete each exercise 3 X’s.

15 High Sumo

15 Lateral Raises

15 Front Raises

20 Tricep Dips

20 Situps

20 Side Ups (R)

20 Side Ups (L)

20 Supermans

That’s all FOLKS!!!  TIme to get REALLY motivated with my DIET, starting TOMORROW 🙂 Here’s a bit of MOTIVATION!!!


And, I just like this SONG *  Have a GOOD day!!