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The sunniest day!

I am planting a small garden today!  I have a spot in the front on my house that has been an eye sore for too long.  It’s a nice flower bed encased in a brick wall.  Some of the tops of the wall are falling off.  It needs some help and will look so beautiful with many different plants and flowers and cascading flowers over the top to cover the falling apartness!  I need to spend some play time with my kids first and then I’ll be off to the garden nursery.  My goal will be to post the before and after shots TODAY!!  I love this perfect yellow flower in the rain*  Happy First Day of Summer!!!

th-1I also want to install flower boxes on a couple windows at the front of our house.  Here is one I like.  I’m going to do the research and even learn how to do it myself!  That ought to be a funny site to see me on a ladder taking a drill to my newly painted house!

MG-Z0543-Parisian-Window-Box-Blk-035-WBCAND….my last decor item of the day is to color my front door!  It has cucky brass handles that I don’t like, so hopefully we can swap those out.  I want to do an orange shade.  This front door is Benjamin Moore rust.  Pretty.

Diet update this week.  I had a hectic week and found myself skipping meals and not eating enough.  Being stressed out makes me want to eat treats.  Sticking to a diet is not easy.  I don’t like the word diet.  Sticking to healthy choices is not always easy.  I still feel a little weird and not quite myself from the shingles.  I don’t like that word either.  I do like the words smile, warm, flowers, air, run, fresh, and smells (:  I’ll be honest, I’m going to have a short 24 hour break from strict eating this weekend and get back at it Monday.  I’m not done with my 9 weeks and I have a happy reward when I hit 129 again.  I will be there SOON!

To end on a healthy NOTE, I found a low calorie treat that is heavenly.  I will survive if I can have one of these a day!  SOOOOOOOOO  good!!!  Have a GREAT weekend.