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Hollified Diet

Happy MONDAY!  I’m going back to a real schedule here.  Monday will be FOOD day, Wednesday is WORKOUT day, and Friday will be FASHION day.  Alright then!  Today I’m starting my WHOLE 30 diet.  I’m changing it a little bit.  It’s now called the HOLLIFIED diet.  Here are the RULES and DETAILS!!

30 days.  August 4th-September 3rd.

No days off!

Weigh Saturday mornings.

No eating past 8 p.m.

No grains or dairy.

Huge salad every day.

Protein powder for shakes is o.k.

Protein bars are o.k.

Sweet potatoes and beans are o.k.

Diet will consist of eggs, fruit, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and legumes.  

Pretty simple and straightforward.  I’m on!  This should be a pretty easy month to follow this.  My big summer plans are over.  I’m going to enjoy the last few weeks of summer by reading books, getting organized, and working out!  I’m anxious to up my running game too.  After I successfully finish my 30 days (: I’m going to buy myself a new ipod.  I’m in dire need of one!  Or a new pair of running shoes!

ipod NVO9W2-1

My advice for eating this week is to COOK!  My cooking has been weak this summer.  I’ll be checking out WHOLE 30 recipes on Pinterest, finding new recipes in my Cooking Light and Oxygen magazines, and always always having my fridge stocked with healthy options.  Keep at it!!  Wednesday I’ll be posting a killer lower body workout I’ve been wanting to try!  Be happy!

1/2 marathon training and whole 30

All things fitness today!  I didn’t mention in my last post that I got a flu bug on the last day of our Lake Powell trip and I’m still not 100%.  It’s a great diet plan since almost nothing sounds good to me and when I do eat, my stomach freaks out.  Anyway, I was hoping to pig out today since tomorrow is AUGUST 1ST and I’m starting an almost WHOLE 30 diet!

I also need to get RUNNING!!  I have 8 weeks until my half marathon.  I’d like to run it in 1:40!!  That’s about a 7:45 minute pace.  I might need to get some new running shoes?  That always makes me feel faster (:  I came up with my own training program for the next 8 weeks.  This is not scientific or doctor approved.  I read that 25-35 miles a week is a good total for an intermediate runner training for a half.  My first few weeks are under that due to my lack of running and sickness.  I love plans and I’ll follow this to a T.  I haven’t decided about my weight training yet.  I’ll for sure train 3 times a week.  I’ll give a full review of this training plan in 8 weeks!

0001iD   Yesterday we had a great workout I’d like to post as well.  It’s one of my favorite style workouts.  Two exercises.  Start the first one at 50 reps and the second at 10 and then switch to 40-20, 30-30, etc…until you reach 10-50.  Make sense?  We were going to run bleachers after each set but they were wet so we did a few sprints.  We ran out of time and only completed one round of the last part.  That’s cuz we talk too much.


All my friends texted me about their soreness.  Mission accomplished!

O.K. Back to WHOLE 30.  This is pretty much paleo.  I have a problem with that because I don’t love meat but the more I think about it, I can handle it.  I’ll only have meat at two meals and load up on the veggies for the other meal.  My meat of choice is chicken, seafood, and turkey.  That’ll be all.  Tomorrow I’ll post all things FOOD.  Day 1…again (:  Lots of stuff on the internet to help with this diet.  One thing I did like is that you can’t weigh or measure yourself throughout the 30 days.  That will be an interesting challenge for me!  Gotta go!  Think Yummminess!!