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Awesome fast workout and pics!

Hello!  I have a minute, so I’ll write.  I never know where my extra minutes will be!  I had a great workout this morning so I thought I’d share.  I’m a huge fan of mixing things up!!  I could never do the same workout day in day out.  Yes!  I have my favorites, but I love to try and learn new things such as SKIING!  This morning the mountain was so beautiful I felt as if it was a gift from heaven.  The instructor said something about it being a “precious place”.  That couldn’t be more true!  Anyway, back to my workout.  I’ve been liking a 6:00 a.m. boot class lately with one of my favorite instructors!  I think everyone has been reading my mind lately because she mentioned the need to get rid of the mom butt.  I’ve been focusing on that in my workouts lately AND my new Oxygen magazine had my favorite Jamie Eason sampling several butt exercises.  Yay!  This is a simple and short workout.  You could add more!  We loaded up a heavy barbell.  Heavy so it was hard and made you breathe deeper.  Most people don’t lift heavy enough, me included!  We did 5 rounds at 3 minutes each.  We rested 1 minute between rounds.  During the 3 minutes we did 3 deadlifts, 6 push ups, and 9 jumps over the barbell and we repeated that until the 3 minutes were up!  I’ll try to find pictures.  Just a minute…

th th-1 Female athlete jumping over barbellDoesn’t sound too hard, right?  It was (:  I want to do this again and make up a few more.  Think of a leg exercise, arm, and cardio and make up your own.  Why do these things make me excited!  I’m crazy!

Another new adventure I’m going to try this weekend is to teach my favorite HIGH FITNESS class.  All the regular instructors are out so they get ME and one of my BFF’s too.  She’s taught it a few times before so we’re going to go over and over it till I get it perfect.  This is good for my brain (:

Lastly, a few photos!  First one is me and my comfiest outfit.  Top and bottom are Lululemon.  I love the tops because they stick to you and are long.

photo 1Next, me and my friend showed up to class in similar twinsy outfits.  I’m not really a fan of let’s be twins but hey great minds think alike!!  I LOVE these tights too.  Nike pro combat.  They have a soft lining inside and the sweat does not show through.  The best!!  I didn’t even get too hot and yet they are great for running out in the cold too.  Go figure!

photo 2Well!!  I’m super excited for this weekend.  Our kids have two days off school!  I’m doing my favorite workouts for the next 2 days, playing with friends, skiing, being with family, and more.  Have a wonderful winter day!!  I love all these words!  I’m grateful for nice people!  Be kind.


Working out and the biggest 2015 fitness trend

HELLO!!  I’m ready to start a great December week!  I mentioned in the last post about leaning out in December.  I’m still on board, but I forget each year the outta control partyness that goes on all month!  I’m not going to be as perfect as I wanted to be this month, but I’ll be close.  I’m lookin’ ahead to Jan. for my serious push!  Here are a few tips to stay on track!

Drink water!!!!  Especially a big glass before a foodie event!  This will calm your cravings and appetite.  And if you do splurge, drink water again!!  You’d think I’d drink a lot of water, but I have to remind myself to drink sometimes because I get so busy that I forget!

  • Plan your week out!  Consciously think about your schedule and what parties you have and then eat super healthy all around them so you can relax at the party.
  • Plan your workouts!!!  I told my friends during our run today that I honestly LOVE sitting down and scheduling my workouts for the week.  Weird I get excited about that (:
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you have a mess up day.  Get back at it the next day!


O.K.  Fitness tread for 2015…drumroll… It’s one of my favorites for it’s simplicity and old schoolness.  BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES.  Think squats, lunges, pushups, planks, maybe burpees (:  This is how I roll!  Kinda funny that it’s nothing new.  2nd place is still HIIT workouts.  Another favorite of mine.  Personal training is number 3!  Love that.  Spinning and Zumba are going out the window.  So, don’t think you need too much to get in shape!  Here’s a quick and simple one you can try anywhere:

4 ROUNDS (25-20-15-10 reps)

* Do 25 of everything on round one, 20 on round two, etc…

Prisoner Squats

Hand Release Push Ups

Sit Ups


Side Lunges

Mountain Climbers

Side Planks 

Switch Lunges

And!  I just made that up!  I know that’s not that exciting (:  I’ll have to try it out with my workout group this week.

I’ll end with a few of my favorite workout clothes these days.  Think Christmas gift ideas of course.  Lulu shorts are my fav. after trying MANY.  In fact, everything in these photos are LULULEMON.  You can’t go wrong.  Comfy and great for any workout!

photo 1-4

Tank-105 singlet. Shorts-Run times short. Bra-Energy bra

photo 2-9 photo 1

Tank-cool racerback.  Shorts-Run times short

Tank-cool racerback. Shorts-Run times short

My shoes are Nike Vomeros!  My favorites for running too.  Well…I have a sick kid that’s acting like Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  He’s 16 and he wants to snuggle (:  Delirious?  Have a great week and Work Hard Always!!

2 week countdown

One post before we take off for Florida tomorrow!!  I have a few 2 week goals that I REALLY want to keep!!!  I haven’t been as committed with my nutrition or exercise believe it or not!!  Sooooo…this is it!


  • Sleep 7-8 hours every night.  This will be #1!!  I think my sleep deprivation effects my running more than anything else.
  • ONE treat day.  This Thursday night in Florida.
  • Run 4 days a week plus my Jen Jewell workouts.  I miss my weights and these are some of my favorites.
  • Healthy clean eating and lots of water.

Sound easy enough!!!  YES!!  Here are the workouts I’m doing.  My running will be heavenly since this is taper time.  I’m also going to work on a super nice tan too!

0001as 0002as

Also, two pictures to share for the week!  The first one is me with my daughter and a friend at a wonderful church meeting and the second is a SWEET gym outfit.  ZUMBA day!!  Keep working hard!  Stick to your goals and be HAPPY!!!

securedownload securedownloadOH!!  P.S.  I have a new song to add to my playlist for my RUN on the beach!!!  Love it! (:


Workout wears and upper/ab shred

Alrighty!  I put together a workout this week that seemed a little busy but it was AWESOME!  5 stations.  10 minutes at each station.  As many rounds as possible.  I brought some kettle bells and a stability ball too!!!  I BIG must for an at home gym!

Unknown-1 Unknown

Love these!!  You can do a gazillion things with them!!  Here is the workout!!!

10 minutes at each station


Cheer Press 20

One Arm Dumbbell Row 20 each side

Exercise Ball Pull in 20

Press Jacks 20


Bent Over Row 20

Jack Knife sit up 20

Kettle Bell Swings 20

Burpees 20


Mountain Climbers 20

Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl 20 each side

Bench Dips 20

Plank to Rows 20


Thrusters 20

Narrow Pushups 20

Walking Planks 20

Switch Lunges 20


Tricep Extensions 20

Bicycle Crunch 20

Push Ups 20

Tick tock abs 20 each side

The exercise ball pull in was the best.  If you have not done these, I challenge you to do 1!  Here is an example.  I think I need to do 100 of these a day till my birthday!  New challenge I just thought of!  Super great core, abs, and upper body strength.

142On to another LOVE of mine!  Exercise clothing!  Lately I’ve noticed I’m grabbing the same tops and bottoms to work out in.  I thought I’d post my FAVS and MUST HAVES for your gym attire!  From top to bottom!  Lots of these are Lululemon.  I can’t help myself (:  They are the best.

Fly Away tamer Lululemon

Fly Away tamer Lululemon

Bitty Bracer

Bitty Bracer

All Sport Bra

All Sport Bra

Energy Bra

Energy Bra

My favorite workout style is a bra and tank top.  I’m not a fan of built in bras so much.   Here are my favorite tank tops!  I’m tall and I like longer tops.  All of these are perfecto!

Lululemon cool racerback

Lululemon cool racerback

Nike pro combat tank

Nike pro combat tank

Athleta Stride tank

Athleta Stride tank

Lululemon is always my favorite for bottoms.  They make anyone look and feel good!

Run for fun crop

Run for fun crop

Run Inspire II

Run Inspire II

Pace Setter skirt

Pace Setter skirt

To keep me warm I love long sleeved stuff from Lulu and vests!  Super duper WARM!!

Won't stop vest

Won’t stop vest

Star runner pull over

Star runner pull over

That’s all I got today!  Off to get my preschooler.  Happy exercising!!!  Stay warm.  Hydrate.  Dedication.  Lift.

To workout or not to workout

Do you work out when you are sick?  What if you have a marathon in less than 3 weeks and you REALLY want to do well?  What if you feel soooooo much better on drugs?  Are you really better?  (:  This is the boat I am in.  I’ve got a head cold or maybe a sinus infection.  I don’t like to take time off.  I want to run fast this week.  I have an 8 and a 12 miler to run  and I’m hoping to keep my pace at an 8 or under for most of it.  Nutrition and wellness are key here.  SO, I will be eating VERY healthy till the race and striving towards at least 7 hours of sleep each night.  I’m also hoping my order at bodybuilding.com will help keep me fueled with energy.  I was in need of protein powder and vitamins and I found this awesome deal!

image_prodprod220034_largeImage_X_130_whiteIt includes 5 lbs. of chocolate coconut whey protein, 2 lbs. casein, 60 multi vitamins, and 30 servings of essential amino acids for energy!  You can pick between tons of flavors.

I was talking with my friends today at the park and one of my fastie friends just signed up for the marathon!  Now, I feel pressure to keep up with her (:  She wants to have a goal for the month of September to go off Diet Coke.  I’m going to do it with her, except I’ll go off SUGAR for the month!  30 days sounds better than 100!  Baby steps here.  For the rest of the year I’m going to try a different one month goal.  We’ll see how it goes.

We were also talking about what to wear for the race.  That’s a big deal you know.  We have twinner red shorts and I think we’ll purchase matching tops!  So far there are 4 of us signed up and I think one more will join us!  PARTY!!

Here are the lululemon shorts we have:

199e890a-3f86-40c2-801e-7e82e181e240-LW7413S_0847_1-mediumMy husband gave me a gift card to Athleta and I think I’ll use it for the top!  Which one should we wear?

I know this is green but I like it (:

I know this is green but I like it (:

I gotta see if this is the same red.

I gotta see if this is the same red.

This one looks like the best one.  I don't love black, but it does go with everything!

This looks like the best one. I don’t love black, but it does go with everything!

Looking through the website, I found out Athleta sells TONS of running accessories too such as sunglasses, water bottles, reflector vests, socks, and headbands.  Love that!

Keep moving and plugging along!  It’s all worth it.  Time to go clean my fridge out and figure out dinner before the CREW comes home!


Sassy skirts and Forever 21

I haven’t been taking as many pictures of my overflowing workout wardrobe.  One of my friends mentioned she’d like to see all the running skirts I own!!  So, I dug them out.  I wear each and every one of them and LOVE them all!!!  I counted 8.

I feel like this is an EBAY ad or something!  I’m sure they’d sell well.  My favorite skirt is the black one on the bottom and the hot pink!

BOTTOM row:  Lululemon

MIDDLE row (L-R): Zella, Nike, Albion

TOP row (L-R): Albion, Gap

The cute light colored skirts are great but I prefer the dark ones because the biker short underneath is dark too.  I feel more comfortable in them.  Skirts are the BEST for running!  I did find a picture from the summer of me and my sister!!  She tried a ZUMBA class with me and LOVED it!!  Good thing I had something for her to wear!

Orange striped top: Nike

Skirt: Lululemon

Flower top: Stella Athletics

Pants:  Under Armour or Lululemon

Finally, I heard that Forever 21 has a workout line.  I checked out the website and they are CUTE and super cheap.  I don’t own any yet, so I don’t know the quality, but this is what I would have picked out!

Click HERE to go to Forever 21 Fitness.

Today I had a great run with my friends in the RAIN!  We ran hills and were going pretty fast.  My friend was surprised because she knows of my strict diet.  I felt fine and had lots of energy.  She had a hard time keeping up with me which RARELY happens.  I’m NOT the fastest!!  Hope you have a great day, grab a skirt and go for a RUN!!!

What to wear in the COLD!

I am very much a cold person.  Every year as the temperature drops I have to remind myself that I like running, even in the cold.  I have plenty of gear to keep me warm, it’s just a little more time consuming setting it all out the night before and then walking out the door into the cold darkness.  Not quite as much fun as pulling on my shorts and tank top and heading out into the SUN!!  Here is a pic. from our run up Elephant Rock this last Saturday.  Can you tell which one does not belong?  Yes, that would be me in hunter orange!  I like COLOR if you don’t know that yet!

Me and Rainbow Dash

Besides the top, you can’t really tell what I’m wearing in this picture.  ORANGE TOP-NIKE

Here is another winter outfit in my awesome pose!

This is my running attire in 55 degrees.


VEST-PEARL IZUMI (reversible with hot pink.  Love it!!)


Besides my hands, I got a little too toasty.

Here is a handy chart I just read in my Runner’s World.  You can click HERE to read more about what to wear.

50 degrees F and UP

BOTTOMS-Longer short or capri

TOP-long sleeve 

35-50 degrees F

BOTTOMS-Capri’s or long tights or pants

TOP-Layer two long sleeve or one long sleeve and windproof jacket

Gloves and headband near 35 degrees

20-35 degrees F

BOTTOMS-Brushed pants or tights, wool underwear.  Wear socks high enough to cover skin.

TOP-One warm top with a warm jacket

Don’t forget a hat or headband and thick gloves.

I really wouldn’t want to run in much colder than that, but if you do, keep LAYERING UP!!  Add a scarf or gaiter around your neck.  At this point I usually give the treadmill a whirl!


What a CUTIE!!!  He’s a little confused as to what sport to play however!!!  Grant is turning 10 today!!  Happy Birthday!!!

The Best of LULU

My phone has been acting weird lately and I’m having a hard time downloading pictures.  Here is an outfit I found from a month or so ago that I never posted!

Two of my favorite brands.  The TOP is LULULEMON and the shorts are STELLA.  You can’t go wrong with either one!!  Many of you know I have a LOVE of exercise wear.  I’m trying to cut back and that is really one of my NEW goals.  No more workout clothes for a VERY VERY VERY long time!!!

Lululemon is everyone’s favorite these days.  When I first came across the brand I saw them listed on EBAY.  I was intrigued by the fact that they were so high priced for used clothes.  I researched a little and tried a few and realized why this is so.  They are BEYOND the BEST and make EVERYONE who wears them feel like a ROCKSTAR!  So, since I’m not buying any more for a VERY VERY VERY long time I will just look and show off several of my favorites!!  I have tired most of these and I give each one a 10+

Favorite bra-Energy Bra

Swiftly tech racerback

Run:Swiftly tech long sleeve

Studio crop

Run:Fast and Free Crop

In Stride Jacket

Run:Bright at Night Short

Run:Pace Setter Skirt

Now you can all go shopping for me and look completely FABULOUS!!!

Riviera on the Rocks

One of the places we went to was Nice, France!  It is on the French Riviera.  We found a GREAT beach?  Doesn’t this look comfy?

Yes, I am sitting on rocks, along with everyone else.  The water was beautiful and warm.  We thought it pretty funny that everyone just lays out on the ROCKS!  This was also a topless beach.  We walked along one in Barcelona too.  It wasn’t that exciting, really.  My swimsuit is from TARGET.  Super comfortable and around $30.00.  Love that!!  Here are a few more of my THREADS FROM EUROPE.

Posing with my sandwich in the shopping section of Florence, Italy.

Florence was actually one of my least favorite places we visited.  Crazy I know, because everyone told me how great it was.  It was SOOOOOO crowded!!  We went on a bike ride through the city.  I don’t know how we survived with all the buses, scooters, cars, and tourists.  It was a mad house.  I felt like I was in Disneyland.  It was a beautiful city of course with amazing cathedrals, plazas, and sculptures.  TONS of shopping too!!!



We did eat at the BEST restaurant of the trip there.  Scrumptious rigatoni and melt in your mouth chocolate cake!!  Here we are with my new sweatshirt I picked up in Firenze (that’s how they say Florence in Italian).

This last pic. is my airport outfit.  My friend and I matched so we took a picture.  We’re in the Atlanta airport!!  So exciting!

Red Crops-Lululemon

Jacket- Lululemon

Red top- Athleta

That is all for today!!!  I have 2 workouts for tomorrow, an awesome treadmill one and a great boot camp!!