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Week of workouts and what to eat

Hello!  We woke up to more snow!  February has pretty much been like January around here.  I was able to shovel my driveway first thing this morning for a pre-workout workout!

So, the other day a fit chick (Christmas Abbott) caught my eye on the Yahoo news page and I looked her up.  Of course she’s a Cross Fit girl.  I admire the hard work and effort it takes to stick to those workouts and strict eating.  Impressive.  I want her abs!


tumblr_m6tk41tkcp1rsqd7fo1_500-f9db85f3-sz500x534I’ve never really tried Cross Fit long term.  I do live in a VERY fit town.  We have several cross fit gyms along with a half a dozen regular gyms.  When spring and summer hit we have several great running and biking roads and trails.  I can’t wait to hit them!

I’m RARELY an excuses girl.  I have to say though that being a Mom of 5 kids at this stage in my life makes it pretty hard to keep up my “wanna be a rockin’ cross fit girl” physique.  Here’s to reality!  However, I do believe that one can achieve amazing results with sheer stubbornness and dedication.  We did this workout yesterday and all my friends were telling me how sore they were today.  Give it a try!

Hit it Hard Tabatas

20 seconds on and 10 seconds off of each exercise.  8 rounds of each exercise before moving to the next.


Dumbbell stiff leg dead lifts

RUN (2 sets of ladders in the gym)

Jump Squats

Ab twists holding a weight

RUN ladders

Push Ups

High Sumos

RUN ladders

Mountain Climbers twisting knee to opposite elbow

Reverse lunge with front kick

RUN ladders

Butterfly sit ups

Curtsy side jump lunges

RUN ladders


I have 1 week to lose 3 pounds.  Today I weighed 130 and that was before any workout.  I thought I’d share what I’ve been eating.  I don’t think you need fancy and complicated recipes to eat well.  This is what I’ve been loving lately.

BREAKFAST: 1 egg, 2 egg whites with veges and ham sauteed up or a protein shake.

LUNCH: Salad with cottage cheese, veges, chicken, EMERGE drink from MAX MUSCLE.

SNACKS: Cottage cheese and greek yogurt with stevia, cinnamon, and blueberries, nuts and raisins, ZONE bar, pear or apple.

DINNER: chicken and veges.

I found this pre-cooked chicken at COSTCO the other day and it is SOOOOOO good!  10 minutes in the oven.  So easy!


I like being strict and seeing results.  Workouts are more fun and I have more energy when I’m eating well.  Here are my workouts for this week:

MONDAY: 7 mile run

TUESDAY: Jamie Eason Live Fit Legs and Back workout

WEDNESDAY: Tabatas and 5 mile run

THURSDAY: Body Combat and Jamie Eason Arms, Abs, and 20 minute sprints

FRIDAY: Shoulders and 30 minute sprints

SATURDAY: 7 mile run and body combat

Does that seem like a lot?  Advice: Find what you love and do it!  I haven’t modeled any workout clothes lately so I thought I’d add a pic.  GOOD workout clothing is ESSENTIAL to me 🙂  This outfit is very comfy!

TOP: Albion 

BOTTOMS:  Lululemon

2013-02-20_12-02-03_455 2013-02-20_12-04-35_443-1

Hope you all have a Terrific, Magnificent, Beautiful, and Awesome day!  


ABS/CORE workout

Yesterday we had a GREAT workout with the 6 am crew.  Always nice to get a workout in first thing in the morning.  My abs are feeling it today!!  Here it is:


50 walking lunges

25 push ups

25 squats

10 burpees


Plank:  2o seconds on 10 seconds off.  20 SETS!! THE BEST!!!!

4 ROUNDS (10 reps each with 1 minute rest between rounds)

Prisioner Squats

Full Sit Ups


Walking push ups

Turkish Getups (5 each side)

Plank (KTE-knee to elbow 20 reps)

Side raises (10 each side)

Bent over rows


Back plank (alternate pulling knees to chest 20 reps)


Finish with 100 sit ups holding a weight and lifting it over your head when you sit up.  For added fun have your child stand at your feet and hold their hand up in all different spots.  As you sit up, touch the weight to their hand!!  


Prisioner squats




Turkish Getup


Plank knee to elbow

Side sit ups

back plank (hold this position and alternate pulling knee to chest)




In my AB searching I found a GREAT article.  Check this out!!!  It has about 20 different AB exercises with pictures and a few words on it’s really about the food you eat with how your abs look!  Here is another one!!  So good.  Changing up routines and finding new exercises will keep you motivated!!


To Failure Workout

Weights will change your body!

Weights will change your body!

When I first did this workout the phrase “To failure” came to mind.  It is mostly an upper body workout.  My arms were definitely spent after this.  Make sure you warm up with squats, pushups, lunge stretches, and running in place for 5 minutes.  Also, you’ll do a lot of reps.  8-12 lb. weights for women is recommended.  5 lb. weights for beginners.  Here it is:

100 walking lunges


Upright rows (1 minute)

Lateral raises (1 minute)

Overhead Press (1 minute)

30 second rest.  3 SETS

100 jumping lunges


Full bicep curl (1 minute)

Top half bicep (45 sec.)

Bottom half bicep (45 sec.)

30 sec. rest.  3 SETS

100 walking lunges


15 Tricep pushups

Head bangers (1 minute)

Tricep overhead extension (1 minute)

30 sec. rest.  3 SETS

100 Jumping Lunges


20 full sit ups

20 ab lifts right side

20 ab lifts left side

30 sec. rest. 3 SETS

That’s all.  Work hard and have fun!

100 Countdown Workouts-February 22, 2012

Hi there!  I have been a slacker blogger lately.  Here is the workout my class did this week.  It was great!!!

100 Walking rotation lunges with weight.  We did 50 holding the weight and twisting to one side with each step and then we did 50 cross over lunges holding weights.  When you step forward you cross the stepping leg over the other.  It is great for the butt!!

90 Deadlifts

80 Side Planks (40 each side)

70 One arm snatches (35 each side)

One arm snatch

60 Skaters 

50 Push ups

40 Jump squats

30 Mountain Climbers

20 Burpees

10 SPRINTS (We ran around the church 5 times)

100 Jumping lunges

90 High sumos (up right row)

80 Full Sit ups

70 Tricep kick backs (35 each side)

60 Biceps 

50 Bent over Rows (This got real tiring so I switched to one arm rows)

40 Frog Jumps

30 Push ups

20 burpees

We ran out of time or we would have ran 10 sprints again.  

Finish with 3 sets of 2 minute planks!  Tough!

I need to blog about a 4 day cleanse I did.  That will be next SOON!!

Oxygen Mag. Workout (Holly style)

This week I was looking through Oxygen Magazine and I found several exercises I liked.  I added a few of my own and put the workout in a 40-30-20-10 rep countdown which we all loved since the reps got smaller and smaller.  I think we continued to work hard because mentally it got easier!  Loved it!  I am definitely sore from the skaters!!  Here it is:

Complete 4 rounds of the following 10 exercises starting with 40 reps on the first round and then moving down to 30, 20, and 10 on the final round.  After exercise #5 do 10 SPRINTS (100 ft) on each round.


2-Bear Crawl

3-Tricep Extension

4-Jump Squat

5-Cross Punch

6-Sumo Squat with dumbbell

Mountain Climber

8-Bridge with weight

9-Bicep Curls


After we did the 4 rounds we had 2 BIRTHDAYS to celebrate.  We take an exercise and do the number of reps of how old the person is!  So, we did 31 AB JACKS (hold a plank and hop your legs out and in). and then 37 of each of the next 4 AB EXERCISES.

1-Plank with cross crunch

2-Situps with side rotation

3-Windshield wipers

4-Crunch with leg extension

That’s all for now!!  Hit it hard!

Workout add on!

Today’s workout I followed from Body Rock.  Check out the video on the post below this.  I added a few things.  Here it is:

1-Backward lunge kick up (25 reps each leg)

2-Walk over push up (50 reps)

3-Mountain Climber (50 reps)

4-Sumo Squat knee up with bicep (50 reps)

5-One leg bridge leg lift (25 reps each leg)

6-Side to side squat & leg lift (50 reps)

7-One arm tricep push up (25 reps each arm)

8-Star crunch (50 reps)

9-Diagonal touch down with weights (25 reps each side)

10-Side plank lift (25 reps each side)

11-One leg wall sit (25 reps each leg)

5 one leg squats on each leg (Great exercise to increase strength and tone legs and butt!)


We ended the workout with 5 ladders in the gym.  After each set do 10 burpees!


Complete 10 overheads, 5 burpees, and 10 situps in one minute.  Do 10 rounds.

2 minute plank!!

Everyone was hard core today and wanted to keep on going!  Geez…  GREAT CLASS!!  Thanks everyone for coming today!!!  LOVE IT!!



Killer Workout!

Friday was a circuit class at Gold’s Gym.  One of the fittest girls I know was the instructor!  Super great combination of CARDIO and WEIGHTS.  My favorite!  We set up 9 stations and completed each set 4 times.  The first 2 rounds were a minute and a half at each station and the last 2 rounds were one minute.  Here they are:

Our amazing motivator! She teaches at Gold's & Cross Fit

JUMPROPE (single unless you can do DOUBLE UNDERS!)


KETTLE BELL (25-30 lbs.)



GOBLET SQUATS (holding #35 lb. weight plate)




8-10 Broad jumps back to START. (Repeat 3 more times)

Here are a few demo PHOTOS:

Kettle bell swings

Jump Rope

Tricep pushup

Bent over rows

Hollow rock abs

Goblet squat

Box jumps

Side lateral raises


Broad jump


February 1st WOD

Hi everyone!  Our workout today was a strength and toning workout.  I got a lot of the exercises from a great website I found called toneitup.  We started with a 2 part warm-up.

#1 20 sets of tabata planks (20 seconds on and 10 seconds off) #2 30 strict push ups

30 step ups each leg

30 bicycle crunches

30 step ups


Step Ups

40 walking lunges with weights and a twist

40 deadlift to upright row

40 shoulder fly with leg extending out

40 tricep and glute kickbacks

40 side to side abs holding weight

40 mountain climbers

Hip Raises (20 both hips raise, 20 with one leg extended straight up (switch legs), 20 pulses

Side Plank with leg lifts (20 kickouts, 20 up/downs, 20 pulses) Switch sides and repeat


I’ll post the video from Tone it up so you can see how they do these last exercises!!  GREAT workout that I can feel already!