Stay on Track for Weekend Happiness

Does anyone else have a hard time sticking to good eating habits on the weekend?  I hate to admit it, but I’m an emotional eater.  I won’t ever let it beat me, but I know when I’m stressed or I want to relax, I like to eat yummy and mostly unhealthy food.  So, how do you Stay on Track for Weekend Happiness?  Here are a few tips:

  • Keep a schedule.  When I don’t have plans, I fill them with eating!  Make a list of what you want to get done for the day and get after it.  You’ll find yourself happier and won’t be thinking about food.
  • Exercise.  Of course I’m going to say that.  Slacking in the exercise department leads to falling off the healthy eating wagon.  
  • Stay hydrated.  Drink water.  Many times our brains mistake hunger for thirst.  Always drink a big glass of water before every meal.
  • Do other things that bring happiness.  Read a book or magazine, take a NAP (yes, I love that one!), work on a project or hobby you enjoy.
  • Make and eat healthy alternative foods.  The web is full of healthy options.  I like to make recipes from Oxygen, Runner’s World, and Cooking Light magazines.
  • Keep produce stocked.  You’ll be more likely to go for the greens and fruit if they are fresh and there!

I do have a couple “cheat” foods that I go to.  If I’m in a munchy mood I’ll pop popcorn.  I really like kettle corn and it’s not as sugary as you might think.  I like my ZONE bars too.  I have one every day.

Most of all, remember how good and happy you feel when you are being healthy.  It’s worth it!  Save a splurge after you’ve reached a milestone or you have a special occasion to celebrate.  Sometimes that’s everyday for me (:

This weekend I’ll be purchasing a few items for the home.  I really like Ballard Designs.  This would be for over my stairs.


And this one will be over my kitchen sink!


Every day and week we get closer to a finished and complete house.  I still need to paint several interior doors and set up my kids lockers!!  I’ve been dying to do that one!  I’ve been looking at a few pillows for my great room too.  I NEED color.  I found Pier1 to be the BEST!!!  They have so many I like that I’m having a hard time narrowing it down.  Here are a few I LOVE.  One can never have too many pillows, right?

2653690_1 2670657_1 2670839_1 2670540_1 2669806_1I’ll stick to my 127# goal weight all weekend and post where I’m at on Monday.  Just saying that will keep me on target.  Hope everyone has a relaxing and fun weekend.


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