Hey Everyone! I’m excited to do another challenge with all of you! I hope you know that even if you’ve done my challenges in the past, it’s always good to do them again!! I love a challenge, a goal, and something that pushes me. This is it! So, don’t feel bad if you’ve done them before and you’re doing them again. Sometimes I’m re-doing my own goals on a weekly basis! AND, the more the merrier!!!! PLEASE JOIN ME! You will LOVE it!

Here are the DEETS:

Start Date: Monday, October 7

End Date: Monday, November 18

Cost: $40

Goal: Lose 5% of your body weight. Example: If you weigh 150 lbs., you’d need to lose 7.5 lbs. in 6 weeks to reach your goal! It is VERY doable!

The Plan: Keep track of points for food, exercising, and checking in with me!

Rewards: Weekly drawings if you check in with me every week!

Prizes: 1 winner for the most weight percentage lost and 2 winners for the most points!

How It Works: Choose between 3 workout programs:

Beginner (4x a week workouts/2 of those need to be weight workouts).

Intermediate (5x a week workouts/3 of those need to be weight workouts).

Advanced (6x a week workouts/4 need to be weight workouts).

Everyone will get an easy to follow meal plan that includes 10 different breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. You can also choose a macro based plan that I can help you with!

The only FOOD rule is to CUT out white sugar and white flour 6 days a week. You are allowed ONE treat meal a week, if you’d like! Choose foods that have less than 6 grams of sugar per serving. Protein bars, powders, and sugar free items are o.k., but REALLY try to make the bulk of what you eat REAL food!

AND lastly, you will get points for checking in with me and yourself EVERY week! You need to text me once a week with your weight loss and points AND you need to either weigh, measure yourself, or take progress pics once a week!

I think SIMPLE is better and really when it all comes down to it, EATING WELL and EXERCISING are what matter most! If weight loss isn’t your goal, you can still LEARN healthy habits and feel MUCH better by following my plan. I’ve created this to be a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE approach. I don’t believe in too much restricting or cutting out food groups! You do not need to do this. This is a plan you can follow for a lifetime and be successful!

Let me know ASAP if you want in!!!! We start in 1 week! LET’S DO THIS!!



6 Week Challenge coming UP!!

What can you accomplish in 6 weeks? This is an example from when I was prepping for one of my body building shows. This is a 6 week difference!

ALWAYS, the most important part of my challenges is that you develop long lasting healthy habits and to LOVE your body at every stage you’re in! Positive self talk goes a LONG WAY!!! My challenges will push you, but they are also lifestyle sustainable. I don’t believe in FAD diets at all. This is not a fad diet, but a way to give you motivation and accountability that will help you REACH and SURPASS your goals!!



Challenge will run for 6 weeks from Monday, April 8th to Monday, May 20th!

You will have daily points that you keep track of, these are the things that I think are THE  MOST IMPORTANT for success. AND I should note, everyone has a different 6 week goal. Many want to lose weight and tighten up, some just like the motivation to exercise more and make healthier food choices! Either way, from my years of personal experience, these have all worked the BEST for me!!!

These are the daily habits you will be keeping track of:

Water (80-120 ounces daily)

5 servings of protein daily (20-30 grams per serving)

45 minutes of exercise (weight training and cardio)

NO sugar or white flour*

2-3 starchy carbs daily (25-35 grams)  

Now, I put a star* by the sugar and flour one, this is everyone’s biggest problemo (: During my contest preps, I was able to have a weekly treat meal and sometimes more  and still see amazing results. You have to be 100% on the other days of course! I like to follow the 80/20 or the 90/10 rule in my life. Since this is such a short challenge, we will follow the 90/10 rule. SO, you will have 4 days completely OFF. You don’t need to keep track of anything and you can have your treat meal on this day. Please, DO NOT binge, I’ve been there and it’s not a good place to be! Think ahead about what you will eat and mentally prepare and then get right back on the next day!

Each week, everyone will PLEASE text me your total points for the week! I will send out an email to the group listing everyone’s standings. For this challenge, I’m going to have weekly prize drawings instead of one or two grand prizes at the end, that way, if you have a tough week, you can still get back in the game the following week.

You will also receive the BEST recipe and meal ideas compilation I’ve ever put together! You can choose a meal plan approach or macro and I will help you with both. You can even check in with me weekly at my house if you’d like! My most successful clients, see me personally once a week! Workouts at every level will be sent to you as well.

The cost for the 6 weeks is $60. If you have ever worked with me before, the cost is $50! PLEASE PLEASE share this with your family and friends. It’s more fun to have MORE people!!! I’d like to get at least 10 participants and 20 is my max. Right now, I have 3 on board, so PLEASE spread the word and let me know ASAP if you’d like to join!!!! You can email, text, or DM me on Facebook or Instagram. Let’s do this!!!!




O.K. Are you ready for it?? This 8 week challenge will run from WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2nd to THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH!! It will be similar to my past challenges. It includes:

Weekly text check-ins with me

20+ recipes and meal ideas

Grocery lists

Help with macro counting


Optional walk through of weight workouts and equipment with me at the gym!

I like to set my challenges up as a friendly competition, but even if you’re not the competing type, you can still join just for the accountability, which is HUGE in helping you stick with the plan. There will be daily points to keep track of and each week I’ll have you send them to me along with PROGRESS PICTURES. I’ll send a weekly email out to all the participants with everyones standings for added motivation! At the end of the 8 weeks, I’ll have 3 winners that will be decided by % of body weight lost and point totals.

Here are some of the things you’ll need to keep track of:

At least 100 ounces of water daily

45 minute workouts

Progress pictures

Limited sugar intake

Portion control of carbs

Something new this go around is PROGRESS PICTURES!!! You don’t have to be in a swimsuit either, shorts and a t-shirt is fine! Front, side, and back is preferable, but I’ll take just a front one if you’d like! I believe this is very important for accountability and motivation!!


The cost for the 8 weeks is $60. Part of that money will go in the pot for the THREE winners. The plans will be sent out by Monday, December 31. Everyone starts on Wednesday by texting me your first progress pictures and weight. I won’t email out everyone’s weight, just the percentage of lbs. lost and the weekly point totals and if you’d like to use a code name, that’s fine too!

If you’d like IN, you can PayPal or Venmo me. Please let me know ASAP if you’d like to join and INVITE everyone you know, the more the merrier! My last challenge we had 15 people and it was great!!!!

I’m constantly amazed with what I learn about the body and what it really is capable of!!! My goal is for everyone to develop healthy habits physically and mentally that can help you throughout your life! Let’s do this!





6 Week Challenge



Holly Barker’s 6 Week Challenge October 9-November 20

Hello my healthy friends!

I’m excited to share my fitness life with you! I’ll tell you everything you need to know about losing weight, leaning out, and following correct nutrition guidelines. I want you to look at this challenge as a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. This is NOT A DIET!!! Your success will depend on this mental approach. 95% of all diets FAIL!! Why? Most of them are fad diets, quick fixes, restrictive, and not something you can maintain FOREVER!! My plan will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to help you lose weight, maintain the weight, and even improve over time!!!! I have learned this myself through countless trial and errors over 25 + years in the fitness world.

After the plan is over, KEEP GOING! Do exactly what you’re doing. My hope is that the information you take away from this challenge will be one that you can turn into a habit and a lifestyle. That is success!!

Included in the program:

  • 5-6 day a week weight and cardio programs
  • Meal plan or Macro plan
  • Recipes
  • My Vitamin and Supplements list
  • The BEST food and grocery list
  • The BEST healthy snacks and healthy habits list
  • Accountability-Weekly Check-ins with me
  • Top 3 winners receive prize $$$ to Lululemon or Athleta


  • Set a realistic goal.
  • Take weekly progress pictures (front and back in a swimsuit or workout clothes) AND send them to me by EMAIL EVERY MONDAY!! This is where the prizes come in. I will pick the winners by your before and after pictures. This has been the greatest way for me to track improvement! It also helps you stick with the program by being accountable!!! I suggest focusing more on measurements and pictures instead of the scale.
  • WORK HARD and BE PATIENT. Take one day at a time. Give the program your 100% best effort. Do the workouts, stick with the healthy eating plan for the entire 6 weeks!

COST: $60

If you’re interested in one on one training, please email me to book an appointment. First session is FREE! After that, I charge $20 per session.

THANK YOU for participating and GOOD LUCK!! Health and Fitness is my passion and I LOVE sharing it with others!

Please email me with any questions!



IG: hollsfitlife






I did a Body Building Competition!


Hey hey!  Yes, I am still here.  I’ve simplified my life by putting everything on Instagram now, but I’d like to share a few extra details about my 10 week competition training that I  did!  Let me just say, I’ve loved exercising forever and over the years I’ve been enjoying weight training more and more.  When I was in college and my early years of marriage all I ever did was run (very little) and classes at the gym.  I overheard someone talking one time at the gym that the people that were in the best shape were not in the classes, but in the weight room.  That stayed in my subconscious I guess and I thought well I want to be in the best shape!

Years after years you see the same people at the gym.  Do they change their bodies? Not really, and maybe they don’t want to.  One of the most important things I have to say about this whole adventure of mine is that it was what I wanted to do.  It’s not for everyone.  It’s o.k. if I want to lean out and see how far my muscles can take me and it’s o.k. if someone else doesn’t want to be that way.  We all have different health and fitness goals and we shouldn’t compare ours with someone else.  There is also a time and a season for intense exercising.  I had 5 kids over a 10 year span.  I could NOT have done this 10 years ago.  I ran with my baby jogger, did videos and the treadmill at home, and went to the gym maybe 2-3 times a week and I was happy with that, but fitness has been my passion for a long time and I wanted to see what my body could do and get in the best shape of my life.  So, here goes:

I’d heard of a well-known trainer in my area.  Both him and his wife train people for competitions.  They were known as being the very best.  I had a few changes in my life over the summer and I needed something to strive for…a new CHALLENGE, the biggest one I’d ever done.  So, I looked up my calendar and realized a local NPC (national physique committee) show was in a few months.  I only had 10 weeks.  Luckily, I was already pretty fit.  I’d already been running and lifting weights for years so I figured I could do it.  I was looking forward to following a plan and being held accountable, and for seeing what my body could do!  I paid for a 16 week program.  I filled out a questionnaire about food and exercise and my trainer Shane customized a diet and exercise program for me to help me be ready for a competition in 10 weeks!  I can’t really disclose the exact program since I feel that wouldn’t be right, but I’ll give you the basics and what I learned.  First of all, him and his wife Tiffany are seriously the very best at what they do.  They win.  Testimonials after testimonials are written of people’s successes.  It was not easy.  It took a lot of determination, drive, patience, and HARD WORK.  I’ve heard Shane say several times about the work involved with this kind of training and that not many people can do it.  That of course made me want to succeed even more!  He’s big on communication.  He never trained me one on one.  It was all done by texts and emails.  We did meet several times as a group to go over posing and other things that were very useful.  The diet and exercise plan changed three times over the 10 weeks.  The other thing is that Shane has to give you the go ahead about whether or not you can even compete in the competition.  Training with him is being on a team.  I think I was 2 weeks out when he gave me the go ahead with still a big emphasis on leaning out more.




Day before the competition

The first plan I received told me to lift 6 days a week and to do cardio for 30 minutes 6 days a week.  Lifting should be slow and controlled, heavy, and to failure with each rep.  Cardio was 2 minutes at moderate pace and 1 minute fast.  I trained shoulders and legs twice a week, abs every day, and did a glute exercise every day.  My workouts took an hour and 1/2 the first 4 or 5 weeks.  The cardio kept going up from 30 to 40 to 60 minutes during the last 3 weeks.  The time involved was the hardest for me.  It was 2 plus hours 6 days a week.  The food plan wasn’t too bad to follow.  The greatest secret to my success were sending in weekly pictures.  I knew I had to send in pictures so why would I mess up the eating?  The first few weeks I followed it mostly thinking a few substitutions here and there were o.k. and then I was told the diet had to be 100%.  So I got crazy and really did follow it 100%.  I ate 5 meals a day and drank at least 128 oz of water a day.  In the beginning, I ate more whole grains like whole wheat tortillas, rice, potatoes, and oats.  Protein was a huge factor.  I ate protein with every meal: turkey, chicken, fish, shrimp, protein powder, egg whites, and tuna.  I realized it was pretty low fat as well.  It didn’t allow meat with much fat.  Dairy was o.k. in the beginning, mostly yogurt, but was taken away near the last few weeks.  The whole plan was very simple.  I would make sure I was stocked with my protein, veggies, fruit, and fat and then just rotate around what I ate.  Fruit was o.k. in the beginning too, but that was decreased near the end.  I felt great.  I wasn’t hungry.  I had tons of energy.  Yes, I still had cravings, but if I kept on top of my eating, they went away.  I have a HUGE sweet tooth and once a week I was allowed a treat meal.  For about 1/2 of the time I didn’t even have a treat meal, but when I did, that’s where I caved.  I know I ate WAY more than I should of.  That was my biggest weakness.  I only did it once a week though so it didn’t throw me too far off.

The diet can either be a meal plan or macros.  I chose the meal plan since I don’t know much about macro counting, but I’d like to learn more.  My 5 meals were listed out by ounces.  I also took daily supplements that I think only help when you’re exercising and eating well.  I never counted calories or turned in my weight although I lost about 7-8 lbs.  I love how I look and feel right now.  All my clothes fit great and are even too big and I have tons of energy.  My next goal is to improve in some of my weak areas.  I want to lean out more, work on my legs and glutes, improve the quality of my cardio, and be better with my sugar attacks on my treat meals (:


One week out

The day before and the day of the competition were insanely hectic and stressful for me.    Minutes before I was to walk on stage, I thought to myself that this was not something for me and that I would not like this.  I’d never been more scared in my life.  I smiled the whole time, flexed my entire body, walked up tall and faked that I was confident.  My lips were shaking.  I was lucky to have been the first one to walk out in all three of the groups I entered because I didn’t have much time to worry about it.  I have to admit though, after the first walk on stage and hearing my number called out in the first call outs, I was hooked.  I loved it!  I wasn’t nervous for the other 3 times I went on stage and I enjoyed everything about it.  I met so many wonderful people and enjoyed the entire day.  I’ve never felt such an amazing feeling of accomplishment, not even from running the Boston Marathon.  Many people can say they’ve ran a marathon, but how many can say they’ve done a body building competition!  I’m hoping to do it again in March and take what I learned from the first go around and be even better, like 1st place! (:


If you’re interested in training with Shane I highly recommend it!!!  He trains people all over the country.  Look him up online under Team Heugly or contact me and I’ll give you their number!!

Work Hard Forever!


Back on Track

Hello!  I’m back!  Here I am on Day 1 of my Back on Track plan!  Not that exciting and kinda a bad pic, but at least it’s recent since it was taken 5 minutes ago (: I’ll be better at posting more of my favorite workout clothes and fashion stuff in the near future.


So far this summer has been a whirlwind.  The last 3 weeks I’ve been on vacation and at girl’s camp.  My exercise routine hasn’t been happening for about a month.  I’m not too worked up over it.  It’s o.k. to take a break from life for awhile.  Sometimes it’s just the motivation you need to get back on track.  So, when I received an email that Jamie Eason was doing another DietBet challenge, I jumped all over it.


It starts today and goes for 4 weeks.  All you do is pay $30.  Then you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight.  For me, that is 5.5 lbs.  If you achieve this, you get your money back AND then some.  The grand pot is divided up among the participants.  Last time I did it, I got $50 back.  So, it’s not a money issue but more of a commitment issue.  Jamie’s challenges are even better than anyones because she sends out a 4 week workout and meal plan!  It’s amazing.  I’m excited to get started.  Check it out and JOIN me!!!  Click HERE to go to the challenge!

She also sent an email about how many calories you should be eating to reach your goal.  To do this, multiply your goal weight by 10 to get your resting caloric expenditure (RCE).  This is the number you need if you don’t move at all.  For someone looking to lose weight you would typically add anywhere from 300-400 calories.  So, my goal weight is 130.  I multiply that by 10 and get 1300.  I’m going to add 300 to that and so my daily caloric intake should be 1600.  I’m pretty active and it said you could even add up to 600 calories if you’re extremely active and looking to build muscle.  I want to build muscle, but I need to lose a little too so I’m going to keep my calories at 1600.  I’ll be pluggin everything into MyFitnessPal to help me out with that!

Sorry I’ve been pretty flakey lately with my posts!  I’m here to say that I WILL be posting more often!  I’ll be giving updates on the challenge and sharing parts of the workouts and meal plans.  I’m also ready to train for another 1/2 marathon in September.  I’m putting together a 8 week training plan that I’ll share SOON!!  Running has been put on the back burner in my life right now.  I still really enjoy it, but I’ve grown to love weightlifting more.  My body likes it better too.

Today I’m going to get organized with everything!  Check back in a few days and I’ll give you more details of what I’m eating and working out.  I’m so excited to get back on track and lean up my muscles.  Endorphins are my favorite and I need them in my life (:  I’ll end with a few of my favorite pictures from the last two months (:  Alaska was one of the places we visited.  These pictures do not do it justice.  I really need a real camera!!  Everyone should see Alaska.  It’s the most beautiful place I’ve seen.  I loved it!


Still In It Challenge

Hey there!

Anyone up for an 8 week Sexy to Summer challenge!!  While I was on vacation I received an email from about an upcoming challenge that fit right in between two of my vacations!

IMG_1557I’ve been wanting to get seriously strict lately with my eating and fitness and this is the perfect time for me.  I’ve always toyed with the idea of competing in a body competition and I’m taking this as a trial run to see if I have what it takes to stick with it!  The challenge starts on Monday, April 25 and runs through June 19!  I’ve invited many of my friends and family to join me!

Here are the details and my official “rules” that I will be following:

  1. 100 oz. water a day
  2. 7 hours of sleep each night
  3. At least 30 minute workout 7 days a week
  4. Keep a daily food diary
  5. No eating past 8 p.m.
  6. No white sugar or white flour

I’m also asking everyone to ONLY weigh themselves at the beginning and at the end. I am honestly going to tell my husband to take the scale out of the house.  I think it’s great to take before photos and progress photos along the way as well as measurements.  Seeing a dumb number on the scale can be a downfall to progress.

Also, many times I let myself have treat meals or days and with this one, I will be having ZERO cheat days or meals.  I am a sugar addict and to get where I really want to be I need to cut out SUGAR and WHITE FLOUR completely.  I’m also suggesting that everyone choose 1 0r 2 other personal goals that they’d like to work on as well during the 8 weeks!

I’ll be checking in LOTS more often over the next 8 weeks!!  Let’s do this!


Lower body love

Hey!!  We just got back from a long Spring Break!  I always love the time off from school and having the kids home, but I love schedules and order too.  We went to St George.  It was colder than normal and very crowded (: We still got in some beautiful hikes, a little time by the pool, a few great workouts, and we ate at an amazing new restaurant!



The restaurant we went to was called Viva Chicken.  Their specialty is Peruvian rotisserie chicken.  Best chicken ever!  I got a salad with kale, romaine, quinoa, mango, edamame…etc.  I need this place by me!!



Best salad ever!


At my gym in SG

Next up!  Lower body workout coming your way!  I love working legs and butt.  It’s harder than anything, but if you want to see results you MUST train lower body.  You will burn more calories, up your metabolism, and strengthen your knees and core!  Win, win, win!  I combined two workouts I found.  Over the next few days ever angle of my legs and butt were sore!  I’ll be doing this again this week!!  Here ya go!  I added a few pictures to help (:

Lower body barbell circuit #1  I’m using dumbbells in the pictures since I was at home.  At the gym I use a 50 lb. bar.

1-Sumo Deadlift

2-Back Squat

3-Curtsy Squat

Complete each exercise for 5 reps (each side).  Set a timer for 8 minutes and see how many times you can go through it.  Do this for 3 rounds.

Lower body circuit #2

SUPERSET: 5 SETS (Yes, 5!!)  I use a 40 lb. bar.

Dumbbell or barbell step ups-10 each leg

3 Jump Squats and 3 Push ups

One leg dumbell or barbell squat-10 each leg


P.S.  I added an ABS exercise at the end of each round in both circuits.  I did in and outs on the bench and bicycles.  Killer!  Make sure you stretch after!

O.K. That’s all for today!  Time to sit with my little girl who’s home with strep today ):  Keep working hard.  Set goals.  Exercise. Eat for fuel.



Motivate myself

Hey!  Spring is in the air.  I’m hoping to recommit myself to what I love and believe about exercise and fitness.  I’ve been off on my blogging for quite awhile now and last night after caving in on the Easter candy, I once again decided I needed to get my butt in gear.  I looked up my own blog for motivation!  I’m not even close to knowing how to make my blog look all sweet and professional, but I know how to find stuff by typing in key words or remembering when I did something.  About a year and a half ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long) I did a super strict 21 day Les Mills Grit Challenge with my good friend.  People may say this is a fad diet and too extreme, but as I reread my posts and feelings about how I felt, I couldn’t believe I did it!  It makes me happy to do something hard and achieve it.  So, for the next 21 days, which happens to be how many days I have until my trip to Key Biscayne, I’ll be following this program to a T!!!  ABS will be my goal (:  To stay on track and for my own reference, I’ll check in often to post workouts, recipes, and more.  I can’t wait. DAY 1 starts tomorrow!


Love your body

O.K.  I did not fall off the planet.  As I look back on the last three months, I realize there is no way I can recap everything!  Here is a quick summary since December 18.  I had a birthday!!  I love birthdays and I hope to always be happy and not care about my age with each passing year.  Live it up!  Here we are on my birthday run to Sunshine Cafe.IMG_9933January was long, cold, and snowy.  My sweet sister came out to stay with me for 2 1/2 weeks with her 3 kids while she had a surgery.  I was Doctor Holly for awhile.  Her 7 year old was recently diagnosed with diabetes and that made everything a little more complex, but I loved having her visit.  She lives far away in Connecticut! IMG_0296 I’ve skied, but not nearly enough.  Here are a few pics. from a trip with my brother and another with friends!  Love to ski (:


IMG_0541IMG_0543Then, my 10 year old daughter has been in several too many cheer competitions.  One of them taking us to the beautiful city of Portland!  We had such a great time.  A few of my friends came with their daughters too.

IMG_0820IMG_0830IMG_0739IMG_0742We saw many sights including Pittock mansion, Old Town, Portland LDS temple, and my favorite, Multinomah falls!  We ate at wonderful local restaurants trying everything.  I should have taken pictures of the food!  We had gourmet salads, sushi, curry, thai, mexican, italian, and of course we had to try the famous Voodoo doughnuts and the best ice cream store in the world, Salt and Straw.

We even made time to teach a HIGH class and go on a dreamy, rainy run!  It was tough to go home! 

Right now, I’m keeping busy with kids plays and activities.  Hopefully I’ll be more consistent on posting from here on out!  Spring is in sight and has given me new energy.  My healthy topic for the day is this:


A friend of mine sent this to me and said it reminded her of me.  I’m so glad!  This is why I work out.  Of course I have my own body image issues, I think everyone does, but focusing on the positive is always my motto.

Quick story!  My heart just broke in a million pieces this weekend.  I came home Saturday night and went to talk to my 15 year old daughter in her room.  I could tell something was wrong.  This week we decided to start a healthy challenge together with some of our friends.  We made many wonderful goals and rules to follow.  Some of them were exercise 30 minutes every day, no eating after 8 p.m., 3-5 fruits and veggies a day, and no junk food such as cookies, candy, chips, etc…Well, when I asked my daughter what was wrong, her eyes filled up with tears and she said, “I just want to eat what I want, when I want, and not worry about it.”  Oh my complete sadness to hear her say these words!  Our precious daughters are in a world of high body image ideals and expectations.  Media and people all around them tell them they need to look a certain way and what they should be doing to look prettier, be skinnier, and have everyone like you.  How I hope and pray she continues to grow up with confidence and happiness when it comes to her appearance.  We had a good talk and both cried and I told her to stop the challenge right then and there and that we would modify it to fit her needs.  I’ve been doing things like this for years and I didn’t realize that it would be too much for her to take all at once.IMG_0176  Remember as you embark on your own fitness journeys to make a plan just for you and only you and to set realistic goals.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  If and when you mess up, do not beat yourself up about it.  Start fresh the next day and keep going.  I’m a pro at starting and restarting (:  If you can find one small thing to improve on each day then you’ve made your goal.  Love your body.  Eat.  Focus on the positive.  Never give up.  Smile.  You are unique, beautiful, and perfectly perfect just the way you are!