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Cut out these 2 things to shrink and a HIIT workout!

Hello!  Time to mix things up again.  I’m always looking for new and different variations of workouts.  Lately I’ve been working out with my friends.  We decided to do 30 days of NO SUGAR AND NO WHITE FLOUR.  I have to say I’ve been nailing it!  Today is DAY 9 and even with a trip to St. George and 2 family Halloween parties over the weekend, I’ve stayed STRONG!!  My one mess up was buying a bag of kettle corn at the gas station on the way home from our trip.  I’m notorious to fall asleep the second I get in a car so since I was driving for 4-5 hours I had to munch on food almost the entire ride home.  After the carrots, apples, nuts, and protein bar were gone I opted for a Diet Coke (which I don’t really like anyway) and kettle corn.  Not so bad!  Everything really is about FOOD!!  I saw this funny quote on Instagram today.  Ha ha ha ha!


When it comes to weight loss and muscle gains it’s about what you put in your mouth!  After that it’s about killer HIIT and weight workouts.  Here’s one I’m going to try with my friends this week!  Can’t wait!

Workout #1  This is weird.  I guess you have to click on it to open it up!  Makes it more fun that way.  My binge problem has been fine.  Challenges keep me motivated.  Along with my 30 days of no sugar I want to start a 4 week eat clean plan on Monday that Jamie Eason is hosting.  What better time to get rid of the garbage right before Thanksgiving (:  Next week I’ll post about all the GREAT food you CAN eat.  Sunday night I was looking for a snack and I cut up a pear and had some sweet potato chips with guac.  The pear tasted like candy.  Real good food tastes better when you take out the SUGAR.

Alright!  I’ll end with a couple pics. of my trip.  We saw this rainbow as we turned a corner and it was so bright and perfect.  A little gift of happiness for me to see (:  Have a good one.  Work Hard Always.


IMG_8884 IMG_8902 IMG_8905

3 basics for losing fat and building muscle

Hello!!  Today is a gorgeous FALL day!!  This morning we went on our favorite trail run!  I set my timer.  Each week I want to get faster and be able to keep up with my friends.  I hope the weather holds for as long as possible.  The leaves are perfect right now!  We made it up in 42:42 and down in 30.10.  Next week, 40 and 29 (:  Great way to start the week and day!!

IMG_8777 IMG_8774Well, my Oxygen Challenge ended and I’m a little upset at myself because I didn’t eat the way I should have!  I saw my normal results when I go strict for a short time.  I need to work on maintaining my strict bod for longer (:  My friends and I decided to do NO SUGAR OR WHITE FLOUR for 30 days!  Surprise surprise!  We talked again about how nutrition is about 80% of the results.  Soooooo, starting today until November 10th.  I’m on.  It’s more fun to do it with friends!

This will be an amazing 30 days.  I’m still sticking to my 12 week weight lifting program.  I decided to do Amanda’s Month 2 workout for the first 4 weeks and then hop over to Jamie Eason’s for the last 8 weeks.  The next 4 weeks will look like this, but not necessarily in this order.

Monday: Lower Body

Tuesday: Shoulders, biceps, triceps, cardio

Wednesday: Amanda’s better-booty workout

Thursday: Lower body, abs

Friday: Back, chest, HIIT

Another thing I’m going to work on that I’m not too consistent with is taking supplements.  I read an article from Samantha Ann Leete on bodybuilding.com about supplements.  I like what she recommended.


This might look like a lot of craziness, but I’m going to experiment and see if it makes a difference.  This is what I’ll be taking on a regular basis.



Vitamin C

Vitamin C





Krill or Fish Oil

Krill or Fish Oil



Protein Powder

Protein Powder





In a nutshell, most of these supplements will assist in fat loss, support a healthy cardiovascular system, increase immunity, support brain function and nervous system, provide joint support, help manage inflammation, preserve muscle, reduce body fat, and help build, sustain, and recover.  Whew!  Miracle workers pretty much.  I purchase these at Max Muscle, GNC, or bodybuilding.com

I’m set!  The top 3 basics for losing fat and building muscle are: Nutrition goals, workout plan, and supplements.  I’ll keep up with my posts on how I look and feel.  As always I love a challenge and setting goals.  Now get to work work!!  (:


Running, Amazing Shoes, and a 12 week keep the holiday weight off fitness plan

Hello!  Happy October!!  Love this month.  O.K.  it has almost been a week now since my latest 1/2 marathon!  Sorry for the delayed report.  I was slightly nervous for this run because of my injury and I felt like I wasn’t in the best running shape.  The  weekend turned out perfect except for I could have been about 18 minutes faster (:  I finished in 2:00!  The course was beautiful, weather was perfect, and I loved finishing!  I was a little sore for a couple days, but I jumped right back into my normal workout routine on Monday and I feel great!

This week I started running with my 14 year old daughter!!  I’m so happy about this.  We ran 3.2 miles.  We want (or I should say I want us) to run two days a week!  I also ran my favorite trail with my friends!  One thing that’s good about me is I’m stubborn and ultra committed.  I’m going to take one of my runs every week to be my improvement run.  I’ll do the same distance faster each week (:  I also want to work on hills more.  Here are the photos from my latest runs!

Before the Huntsville 1/2

IMG_8550 IMG_8584 IMG_8602

Next up!!  My favorite shoe to report on!  I stubbled across this shoe from someone else who bought it.  I did a little research and noticed people were raving about it.  The best part is you can buy it on Amazon for as low as $28.00 right now.  Click HERE to see all the color selections!! It’s called the PUMA Women’s Pulse XT Geo Cross-training shoe.  I do a lot of high intensity jumping and moving laterally and these are the comfiest shoes with the perfect amount of stability and cushioning.  I’ve already bought two pair!  Here I am looking rather sporty in them (:

IMG_8464 IMG_8633Well!  My 12 week Oxygen Challenge is coming to an end so normally I say to myself, What’s next!  Well, major improvements is what’s next!  I was good with the workouts, but the eating was another story!  I follow and read about so many different workouts and fitness that it can get overwhelming in my brain at times.  As with everything, I need to simplify!  Here is the official 12 week plan!!

Start Date: Monday, October 12.  I’m not off the wagon right now, I’m just starting it on the 12th because that is 12 weeks till the end of the year!

Diet: Healthy, clean eating.  Small portions.  Fruits/Vegetables.  Protein.  Supplements.  Tons of water.  No white flour or white sugar.  Once in awhile I’ll eat a little white flour.  I’m reading labels and nothing over 6-7 grams of sugar per serving.  No eating after 8:00 p.m.  I’ve done all this before (: nothing new.  Here is the NEW twist!!  I’ll eat this way 9 out of 10 days.  I’ll pick 1 day in 10 where I can eat treats!!  Only on this day will I eat whatever I want guilt free and then the next day, I’m back on 100%.  The rewards are definitely worth it!!

Exercise: Throughout the Oxy Challenge I kept looking at Jamie Eason’s 12 week Show Me The Weigh program.  It’s on bodybuilding.com HERE.  The best thing is she posts every exercise in video on Instagram!!  Like this:


So, I’ll start with week 1 and not miss a day (:  I’m going to keep track of weight and measurements once a week too.  The biggest thing I want to stay true to is the 9 on 1 off eating approach.  100%  I’ll keep you updated!

Well, I gotta get going!  Time to run with my daughter and her motivation is waning!  To end, I follow this girl on Instagram.  Her bod will be my goal (:  She leaves motivational quotes all the time too.  This one is good, but my favorite one she said recently was, “A lot of people wake up on Mondays with a sense of I have GOT to get myself together.  By Wednesday, they can’t wait for the weekend to engage in the things that made them hate Monday!  Don’t let this week own the rights to your motivation!  You dictate the terms!!  Have a GREAT one!!  WORK HARD FOREVER!


Never never give up!

O.K.  Time to get serious here.  I have a few clients that are eating healthy all the time and exercising every day.  Why are they not losing weight?  Today one of them even said something like I’M READY TO GIVE UP!!  Ouch!  That hurt my ears! (:  I typed in NEVER GIVE UP on Pinterest.  My favorite sayings popped up!


There are multiple influences on losing weight.  What works for one does not always work for another.  Everyone has opposite views on weight loss.  It’s dizzying!  One thing for certain is losing weight is NOT EASY!  If it was, everyone would be doing it! 🙂

I’ve summarized one of my favorite fitness icons program for exercising and losing weight.  Jamie Eason Live Fit.  This is killer and it you follow it and I mean FOLLOW IT to a T, you will lose weight and gain energy!  I asked my girls what the hardest thing was about losing weight.  First answer: PATIENCE.  Second answer: FOOD.  I asked some others what their tips were for losing weight.  After the stress and flu, I got portion size and clean eating.  I can’t stress enough that DIET is everything in losing weight, second is WEIGHT TRAINING.  As you age, you lose muscle mass, stop burning as many calories, and put on weight.  Keep building your muscles and feeding them clean food and protein.

Alright, off my soap box.  Here are the workouts I’ll be doing for the next two weeks.  Jamie Eason Phase 2 weeks 1-2 .  Here is her nutrition plan.  Print it, stick it on the wall, buy everything you need and do it!!

0001ls 0002IL 0001Q9We had a great workout today at the church!  Lots of sweating goin’ on.  I’ll post it on Wednesday!  Happy eating and exercising.  You can do it!  No matter what!



NYC and recommitment to WEIGHTS

Hello there!  Today was bless-ed!  It’s been a LONG time since I haven’t woke up early on a Friday or Saturday for a LONG run!!  I slept in, read a little, made bacon and eggs for the kids, and hit the gym for ZUMBA!!  I can still feel a run down feeling in my legs!  Another thing that makes me happy is cleaning my house!!!  It is all perfect right now and that feeling is right up there with my exercise high!  I love my house!  Everything is turning green outside and I have lots of windows.  Beautiful!

Anyway!!  I got an email from a friend of mine that I don’t see too often.  She invited me to join a fitness challenge for 8 weeks.  The timing couldn’t have been better.  I’m so excited!  It starts May 3rd through June 27th.  I’ll fill you in on the details ASAP.  I do much better with these challenges when someone else is in charge.  I’m looking forward to Monday and a re-start on my weights.  I’m going to start Phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program.  Here are my workouts this week, HOPEFULLY!!

Monday-Jamie Eason 9:15 a.m. (Back and cardio)
Tuesday-Attack 7:00 p.m. Jamie Eason 8:00 p.m. (Chest, Abs, cardio)
Wednesday-Jamie Eason 9:15 a.m. (Legs) Zumba 10:30 a.m. Possible Grit at 6:00 a.m.
Thursday-Jamie Eason 6:30 a.m. (Arms, abs, cardio)
Friday-Jamie Eason 9:15 a.m. (Shoulders, cardio)
Saturday-Body Combat at Gold’s 8:00 a.m. Jamie Eason 9:00 (Legs) Skills

I’ll share my diet tips later!  Nothing new, just cuttin’ out the crap!  O.K.  I’ll add a few photos here from the rest of my trip!  Such a great time with my lil’ sis!  We took her to Lululemon and helped her pick out her first lululelmon outfit.


She already sent me a pic. of her in her new favorite outfit and has received tons of compliments.  I really need Lululemon to pay me (:  We spent some time in Connecticut.  We shopped, went to the beach, and ate a lot of yummy food.  We spent the day in NYC too!!  I was singing “Start spreading the news…I’m leaving today…” as we drove in.  We parked at a super cheap lot near Central Park (I LOVE Central Park)  It was a little windy and chilly, but not too bad.  We walked to my sister’s favorite restaurant, Serendipity and visited the ultimate candy store!  The only candy I allow myself is dark chocolate and I tried a sea salt carmel dark chocolate!  Oh my!  Sea salt anything is my favorite lately.

securedownload-5Then, we spent some time at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art).  A tad bit overwhelming.  So giant, but it was great!  We thought about going to Canal street to find purses, but we spent too much money at Lulu, so we hopped on the subway to Times Square instead.


I LOVE Times Square too.  Crazy busy place!  I saw Hard Rock, so he headed there for dinner.  I’m a Hard Rock fan!  Not that I’ve been to a million, but I love the music and the fun environment.  Here we are!

securedownload-7We went through the Hershey’s store, M & M store, and Disney!  It started to get dark and cold so we returned to our car and headed back to CT.  The GPS system on cell phones is amazing.  Wherever we wanted to go, we plugged in the address and up popped the directions instantly!  On our last day we spent some time in Hartford.  We went to the Mark Twain house.  Super cool!  I love history and real people stories.  That was about it.  Sadness to say goodbye.  I hope some day my sister moves back.  I told her she could live in our house!!  I definitely love to travel, but I’m looking forward to relaxing.  No big trips in the near future!  Only SUMMER just around the corner.  That’s all for now!  Have a HAPPY day!

Hee hee!  I think that's me!

Hee hee! I think that’s me!

Go up in a swing and drink lemonade


Tonight I’m writing.  This is for Wednesday.  How to stay emotionally fit?  I think I’m a person that likes to be in control, that keeps emotions to myself, and one that struggles when I  can’t figure out the solution to something, or have what I want.  I’m a little sleep deprived as I write and in a few short minutes I’ll be dreaming.  Not to vent or anything, but when you stay up most of the night with a sick child and watch them suffer and you can’t do anything about it, your heart breaks.  My heart hurts.  Exercise has been my happy endorphin, my peace , and a boost for my emotional health.  I’m a little broken too.  The BIG gombu has hit our house, some getting it worse than others.  My ribs are sore to the touch from coughing so much.  I’m better now, but I need to wait out the soreness.  I tried to run tonight and couldn’t accomplish what I had expected and it frustrated me and made me sad.  SOOOOOOOOOOO…..what to do when life gets you down?  Ohhhh, you make lemonade.  Being injured is never fun!  But of course my favorite college quote comes to my mind….this will all be but a brief moment.  And it will.  Happiness is a choice of course.  Here is my impromptu How To Be HAPPY LIST when you are injured!!!










My Mom used to sing me a song when I was little that was passed down from her Mom and that I sing to my kids.  Too bad I can’t sing the melody on a blog, but here are the words:

How would you like to go up in a swing?

Over the ocean blue.

Oh I do think it’s the most wonderful thing

ever a child could do.

Oh, up, up in the sky

over the hill

till I can’t see no more

Higher and higher and higher you’ll go 

over the ocean blue!!

967abe7c915b10abf39f4fe998aca3d7For all you NON injured folk, I came across something GREAT on bodybuilding.com.  Check it out HERE!!!!

female-training-bibleIt has everything!!  I will be using this for sure.  Lots of basics on nutrition, weight lifting exercises, meal plans, and workouts.  Jamie Eason is my fav. and I’ll use a lot of this information with my own personal training!!  Time to sign off.  I hope I hear no coughs tonight.  This is a busy time of year.  All good times and wonderful learning experiences to grow from.  Lift Heavy.  Work Hard.  Smile (:

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Motivation to BEAT yourself!

Alright!  I told my husband this morning that from now on I am being “seriously strict eating girl”.  What does that mean?  That means I am going to weigh 127 by March 1st.  Let’s see…that is 18 VERY short days.  Can I do it?  Yes of course.  Today I am starting my 8 week Jamie Eason training again!  I will not miss a day.  I will also be doing super fast interval work on the treadmill.  I miss being HOTTTTTT!!!!!  The thermostat in our house is out of wack and has a mind of it’s own.  I guess I could do lunges and jumping jacks all over my house while I clean and do laundry to stay warm?  I’ll be patient and in the mean time envision a HOT trail run with the sun beating on me as I fly up the mountain and do the ROCKY cheer at the top.  Ohhhhh, one blessed day PLEASE get here SOON!!!!!!  BTW, 40 degrees C is 104 degrees F.



O.K.  back to my weight.  I still LOVE my scale goals.  I don’t care if the “healthy weight police” say it’s bad to set goals on the scale.  I’ll be FINE!  I’ve said what to eat a billion times, but to remind myself again, this is what I will eat:

Smoothies!!!!!  I found 3 great examples at this awesome website HERE.  BLEND together in an amazing blender like Blendtec!

Pre-Workout Fruit Smoothies

  • 3/4 c apple juice, 3/4 c almond milk, 1 banana, 1/2 c frozen peaches, 1 c frozen strawberries, 1 scoop protein powder, handfuls of spinach or kale

  • 1 orange, 1/2 banana, 6 strawberries, handfuls of spinach, greek yogurt, ice, water

Recovery Shake

  • 1 c almond milk, 1 frozen or fresh banana, 1 T. peanut butter, 1 T unsweetened coconut flakes, 1 T agave, 1 T wheat germ, 1/2 T cocoa, ice

I will also eat lots of salad and veges, veges, veges!  For protein, I’ll eat chicken, cottage cheese, and egg whites.  Here is another YUMMY looking recipe from the same website.  It’s called discoveryourhappy.com.  I have to make this!

Spaghetti Squash Alfredo


1/2 spaghetti squash

1 wedge of laughing cow cheese

1 T parmesan cheese

Salt and Pepper

optional: sautéed onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms 

You can cook spaghetti squash a few different ways but I prefer to nuke it microwave.  Cut squash in half and take seeds out.  Turn upside down and put in microwave safe dish with 1 inch of water.  Cover with plastic wrap and cook for 7-10 minutes.  While cooking saute your veggies in a pan with 1 t. or olive oil for 5 minutes. Once squash is cool remove with fork.  Add laughing cow cheese and heat in microwave for 30 seconds.  I usually break the wedge up a bit so it is distributed evenly.  Add parmesan and salt and pepper and and other ingredients.  Enjoy!


Wish me luck!!!  I’ll keep you updated on the progress, along with my workouts and healthy eats!  Here is one of my most favorite motivational quotes!  I’ve posted this before and it’s the most popular post on my blog.  Someone looks it up every day.  Carpe Diem!  


What are you on?

Someone asked me once, “What are you on?”  It was said with a slightly negative connotation.  I wasn’t bothered, BUT I don’t credit my fitness results to SUPPLEMENTS.  I DO think they help, but mostly it’s mental.  When I’m consistent on taking vitamins and supplements I eat better and workout more.  It’s counter productive if you don’t.

Almost always, what you EAT is when you get the most success.  Next, I would say WEIGHTS and lastly, CARDIO.  It’s taken me several years to figure this out!  GENETICS only plays a SMALL role in the whole equation.  Another fun challenge for me is to get my body where I want WITHOUT CROSS FIT!  Everyone is so CROSS FIT hyped.  I think it’s fine and all, but I can get just as strong and fit without paying 100+ dollars a month to a trendy gym!

When I started following JAMIE EASON’S weight lifting program, they advertised a supplement and vitamin pack to go with it.  I thought it was a GREAT deal!  This is what I got for $53.00:

 Go to this WEBSITE to read more about each one.  The goal for this pack is to LOSE FAT!  I also recently started taking a drink from MAX MUSCLE.  We have a local store in my town.

I like it.  It comes in about 10 flavors and I water it down a TON!  Much better than sipping diet coke all day.  This is what WORKS FOR ME!! 

Better than supplements though is HEALTHY alternatives to the NOT SO HEALTHY food selections out there.  Here is a website I LOVE: Chocolate covered Katie.  It’s a healthy dessert blog and everything I’ve tried tastes GOOD too!  Today, I invited a friend over for lunch and made her something called GERMAN CHOCOLATE FUDGE BITES.  Click HERE for the recipe.

I was curious when it said this, chocolate fudge brownie.  No one will ever guess that such fudgey chocolate balls could possibly be 100% free of sugar, butter,and flour.”

They were DELISH!!  I DO know how to make VERY rich and indulgent foods as well.  We have friends coming over for dinner tonight and it will be a NO HOLDS BARRED meal!  Mostly though, I’m the crazy Mom always trying to give my kids NEW and healthy creations.  This video makes me LAUGH so HARD and it is SO ME!!!


The “I’ve never been more sore in my LIFE” workout!!

Today is usually not a post a workout day, but all I can think about is what my LEGS workout did to me because I can barely walk!  I thought I’d post it while it’s fresh on my mind and BODY!!!  I’ve been following Jamie’s workouts for several months now.  She has an amazing 12 week program!  It’s divided in 3 phases, progressively getting harder.  The workout I did was DAY 57 (Day 1 of Phase 3).

I’ve done this lower body workout many times.  I hadn’t done it for several weeks though and I went heavier.  I did it on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday I was a little sore and when I woke up Thursday morning it was KILLER worse!  I still LOVE being sore and I’m sure every gym rat feels the same way.  So, I’m happy to SHARE!  I suggest doing this workout at the gym unless you have a pretty sweet set up at home.  I only rest 30 seconds-1 minute between sets.  When it says active rest, I don’t rest at all.  Here it is with a few alterations (in red) and side notes on what I did exactly:


  • Leg Press Leg Press

    Leg Press (shoulder stance) I put two 45 lb. weight plates on each side.

    3 sets of 15 reps

  • Freehand Jump Squat Freehand Jump Squat

    Freehand Jump Squat Make sure you squat LOW!

    3 sets of 15 reps

Working Set + Active Rest:


  • Barbell Lunge Barbell Lunge

    Walking Barbell Lunge I used a 50 lb. bar.

    3 sets of 20 reps, 10 steps down, 10 back

  • Long Jump Long Jump

    Long Jump  Killer, squat low and jump far.

    3 sets of 20 reps, 10 steps down, 10 back


  • Leg Extensions Leg Extensions

    Leg Extensions I set the weight at 80 lbs.

    3 sets of 20 reps

  • Lateral Bound Lateral Bound

    Lateral Bound (side-to-side single leg hops) I do 40 side curtsy jump lunges instead of this.

    3 sets of 20 reps

End of superset; resume normal sets

  • Smith Machine Squat Smith Machine Squat

    Smith Machine Squat I don’t put weight under my heels and I used 25 lb. plates on each side.

    3 sets of 30 reps, place a plate under the heels to emphasize quads

Working Set + Active Rest:

Working Set + Active Rest:

           Rope Jumping

3 sets of 1 min

I’m supposed to work legs again on Friday and at this point I don’t know how that will happen!!  In a couple days I’ll post my results from my body fat test and weight.  I don’t know if I’ll make 129 by the 20th.  I might need to run 20 miles tomorrow!  We’ll see.
I do have ONE Thursday thought!  I saw a quote the other day at a restaurant that reminded me of my political and life values.  I am not a political guru but of course my mind and everyone else’s is on the presidential election right now.  I wish Abraham Lincoln was running for office or Galt and Rearden.  If you don’t know who they are you are missing out!  Read ATLAS SHRUGGED.  Good quotes to remember:

You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.  

You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence.

You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.


~~~Abraham Lincoln


Who do you think I’m VOTING for?  ONE candidate believes this same way!

Arms/Abs and Total Body

As I look through workouts and photos on the computer I think some people are a little bit over PSYCHO on their physiques.  Whenever I think I’m a little crazy, I needn’t look far to find a WHOLE lot of people crazier than me.  I like a lean muscular body, but serious overkill muscles on men and women is NOT attractive.  I don’t even want to post example pictures.  You know what I’m talking about!  I’m sure some people think the photos I post are still too muscular.  So whatever, do what you like as long as you take GOOD care of your body!!  Yesterday I had a GREAT workout at the gym I want  to post and my WEDNESDAY WORKOUT.  First of all, I love this:

For years I was a CARDIO fanatic.  Recently, I’ve gotten into lifting weights and it has made me LOVE my body more now than when I was 20.  Weights will change your body like nothing else.  I love running, but so many people run and run and run.  FOR WHAT?!  It won’t get you anywhere.  Add weights and cut back on the running and you’ll be MUCH happier and healthier!!  Enough chat, here is a killer ab and arm workout I did thanks to JAMIE EASON.  I tweaked it a little and then ran 5 miles afterward (:  Hee hee, I still like to run, just not HUGE miles!


3 SETS OF 12

Wide-Grip Barbell Bench Press Wide-Grip Barbell Bench Press

Wide grip barbell bench press

Bench Dips Bench Dips

Bench Dips


Pushups (Close and Wide Hand Positions) Pushups (Close and Wide Hand Positions)


Cable Crossover Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover


Smith Machine Incline Bench Press Smith Machine Incline Bench Press

Smith Machine Incline Bench Press

Jackknife Sit-Up Jackknife Sit-Up

Jack Knife sit ups or Leg Lifts holding weight plate above head


Pushups Pushups

Side to side pushups

Exercise Ball Crunch Exercise Ball Crunch

Exercise ball crunch


Cable Crunch Cable Crunch

Cable Crunch

Mountain Climbers Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

My arms were shaky and sore and my abs really felt it.  I think the cable crunch was what got them.  Doing something different will get you every time!!  I have LOVED Jamie Eason’s workouts!  She has a 12 week program I have followed sporadically.  I just recommitted myself to do the last 8 weeks of the program again AND (big KEY here) FOLLOW THE DIET!!!!!  I even took before pictures to help motivate me!!  I’m 3 days in!  I have a goal to have my body fat tested too, so with that in mind I WILL stick to my 8 weeks.  NO SUGAR is really all I need to remember!!!  O.K.  Here is WORKOUT #2

8 EXERCISES AT 1 MINUTE EACH FOR 5 ROUNDS  (My workout friends like to talk.  I had to remind them to push hard, keep going, and to move to the next exercise fast.  We didn’t take breaks.  Only quick water breaks if needed.)









I ❤ ABS more than any exercise.  Legs are a close second.  We did a great AB BLAST at the end.  Complete 2 times










We discussed stretching too.  Some of the girls are having injuries and I told them how important it is to stretch, especially AFTER working out!!  IT HELPS A TON!!  Here is a chart I found that is very informative.

Last but not least, strong chicks.




Bring it!!